Working out is the foundation of being a human.

It is how we evolved since ancient times.

We were blessed with an amazing body and we had to use it.

There are basics in this life and you can’t live as they do not exist.

Working out was one of the biggest links in our life chain.

But we always chase the path of least resistance.

We wanted comfort.

That’s why we built many things to make our daily life easier.

Machines, elevators, closets, cars, planes, gadgets, chairs, fast foods…

Everything had to be faster and easier.

However, we could not see the danger behind it.

The Conformity Trap

Our environment stopped demanding any physical work.

We always had a tendency to save energy, so we accepted becoming lazy for our survival strategy.

What is the result?

We lost our essence.

We forgot where we came from.

The links of the chain are broken.

And… We started to pay the price.

I don’t believe in working out.

Yes, I wrote “working out” in the title but I don’t believe it at all.

The human body is designed to do physical work.

It could be anything simple as walking, climbing, jumping, running, carrying objects…

Nowadays, we call it “working out” because physical hustle is not part of our daily life.

We go against our nature and put ourselves in a cubical.

Are you a student? You sit down in a class for hours.

Are you a 9 to 5 employee? You sit down at the office for hours.

Even if you are physically weak, you can survive and continue to do your job.

To compensate for our wrong livings, we had to make up some extra term as “working out”.

We had to build gyms to break a sweat.

One day, there was construction near my local gym.

In my rest time, I look outside the window and get some fresh air.

A worker saw me and I said to him “They pay you to lift, I pay them and I still lift”.

He looked at me and smiled. Then we had a small chat.

In today’s conditions, we must work out.

It is not a luxury, it is a must in today’s world.

There is no way to improve without giving your body what it needs.

Nature always wins.

If you go against it, you will always suffer.

You can’t succeed shit without taking care of your body.

It is your #1 instrument in the game of life.

What does happen when you take care of it properly?

Here I tell it with 10 amazing effects of working out.

1) You Get Rid of Toxins

Life rule: Sweat at least once every single day.

I don’t care how you sweat but make it happen.

Working out daily is a great way to do it.

The chemicals/toxins accumulate in the body and we must get rid of them.

When in doubt, just sweat.

I often found myself skipping a day without breaking a sweat.

Later I realized it caused a huge mood decline.

The body cannot release those positive hormones (serotonin, dopamine, etc) without breaking a sweat.

Sometimes the reason is so damn obvious, but you are too blind to see it.

Many people rarely break a sweat and they try to figure out where they have done wrong.

They try to solve everything by thinking.

Thinking leads to waiting and waiting is the opposite of taking action.

They think too much and that causes extra stress.

2) No Stress

There is no way to feel stressful after a good work out session.

You damn know that you did a great investment for yourself.

It’s the way of your body says “thank you” by making you feel good.

You feel ready to attack all of your problems.

The things you thought were stressing seems like easy obstacles.

Rather than being stuck in your head, you start creating solutions.

You find out new ways to deal with them.

The problems are still there but you have more power.

It wakes your inner power up to kill.

When you have that inner drive, everything becomes much easier.

3) Self-respect

When you know you are taking care of your body, you automatically feel proud.

This proud does not come from imaginary egoistic reasons.

There is a solid physical proof of what you have done.

You see your effort and sweat, you look better in the mirror and that feels great.

You gain self-respect when you actually invest in yourself.

Health is one of the best investment options.

We only understand when we lose how important our health was.

Without health, the rest does not matter.

You can be the richest person but it means nothing if you are confined to bed.

Most people work so hard to gain more wealth and most can’t even get it.

Even if they could, that causes them to lose their health because of their sacrifices.

Now, it is time to spend millions on doctors and drugs to get their health back.


If you have the health, you have the wealth.

I have a pity on people sacrifice their health for having more things.

Ignoring health is an obvious symptom of ignorance.

Always take care of your health and be proud of yourself doing it.

4) High Hormonal Levels

Working out boosts hormonal levels.

You feel more powerful, happy and abundant.

A guy with high testosterone levels will be more manly.

He will be more fearless and have control over his actions.

Women immediately sense this vibe and they can spread their femininity easily.

What if he lacks testosterone? Then he will become a walking vagina.

Relationships are reciprocal.

So, if you have more testosterone; you will hike everyone up to your level.

You will have more value because of this aural energy.

The energy you gained from your workouts will support you all the time.

5) Discipline

Discipline is the by-product of working out regularly.

To have certain results, you need consistency in your workouts.

You need to push your limits repeatedly in every session.

When the bitch inside start talking, you learn to shut it up.

You show who is the real boss.

When you learn these valuable skill sets, you can apply the discipline in every aspect of life.

You gain a solid base for your success.

Whenever you check the mirror, the proof will be there.

6) Healthy Friendships

The gym is a great place to start healthy friendships.

Some people still will have lame motivations, but still you can catch some goldfish.

Someone who built a great body deserves respect.

People who work out regularly have passed some point in their life.

You expect them to have a broader vision than an average Joe.

Especially in the gyms where you practice martial arts, this chance will increase.

It is natural to start a conversation and become friends immediately.

When you circle your environment with healthy people, you will become healthier.

7) You Love The Pain

You accept pain as a truth of life and an indicator of growth.

When you ignore it and go for what you want, you get better.

You witness that pain just comes and goes but the results stay with you.

You also learn how to deal with it.

After the pain, there is always a relief.

It’s such a pleasure to feel the pain for a greater purpose.

You also see the life and the gym is similar.

Average people quit when they see any obstacle immediately.

You know there will be some treasure after those hardships.

If there was no pain, there would be no life.

Even when babies are born, how do they test their liveliness?

They slap them in the ass and see whether they cry.

If you feel the pain, you are ready for life.

8) You Sleep Better

When I was a little kid, I was going to a local football school.

One day, we were exhausted after a hard conditioning session.

I said to coach: “Coach, I am death, can’t breathe anymore…”

He replied: “Good, then you will sleep like a baby tonight”.

He was right, I slept like a baby.

When you are physically tired, you deserve to sleep better.

For my whole life, I did not have a single problem with my sleep.

If you have sleep problems, working out will most likely solve it.

If you sleep well, you do well during the day.

9) You Progress

If you would ask me to define happiness with one word, I would say “progress”.

Sometimes even a tiny bit of progress is enough to feel happy.

Every person should chase progress in their life.

It could be the progress in the gym, business, social relationships…

When a skinny boy started lifting weights, he witnesses to his progress.

He was deadlifting with an empty barbell, now he does them with 315 lbs.

Your body does not stay the same when you improve your lifts.

You gain muscle, you get bigger, and you look a lot sexier.

Your constant progression makes you addicted to success.

After a bad day, you can still say “At least I worked out and took care of my body”

You feel the peace in your heart because you know you are better than yesterday.

10) You Control Addictions

Addictions are the manifestation of a weak mind.

When the mind is weak, it needs to fill the gap with unhealthy habits.

Even those habits make you miserable, you still want them.

Why? Simple, because it feels good.

You become a slave of your emotions.

When you start working out, you channel your energy for positive engagement.

Your mind starts to become sharper and you make better decisions.

You realize that you ultimately don’t need any of those bad habits.

If you have a poor diet, it affects your workout performance.

If you smoke, you don’t last long in running.

You see that and say “Holy shit, I must quit this habit”.

You gain a better understanding of how these addictions make you miserable.

The list can go on

If I continue to write the benefits of working out, it would take me to death.

The best advice I can give you is “Just fucking do it”.

Work out and make yourself better.

The rest is up to you, my friend.

For now, I am out.