Martial arts has always been an essential discipline since ancient times.

Every culture developed a unique way of training their mind and body together.

People had a strong dedication because there was a fountain of wisdom behind martial arts.

It was a philosophy, a way of life, an ultimate path to self-mastery…

Nowadays, people don’t really know the importance of practicing martial arts.

Young kids are such weaklings because of wrong parenting strategies. Nobody guided them in a way to become sufficient for themselves.

They assume martial arts is a violent sport and they need to stay away from it. Hence, the truth is the right opposite.

They follow by social biases.

But, you…

You still have hope because you are reading this article.

Here are your 13 reasons to train for martial arts.

1) Martial Arts Teaches Warrior Lifestyle

“The truth is that strength lies in the interior of the warrior; in his heart, his mind, and his spirit…One must make the warrior walk his everyday walk.”

-Miyamoto Musashi

What makes a warrior a true warrior is nothing but its mindset.

Life is a process of constant war. You must learn the rules to fight and win.

You gain the mindset of a warrior through martial arts training which has vital importance in every part of life.

Any endeavor you embark on will require a strong mind. If your mind is strong, you can achieve any goal.

Every true martial artist is a true warrior from the heart.

When you dig in the background of high achievers, CEO’s, managers, etc. , you often find out they come from a martial arts background.

Is that a coincidence?


These people come from the right mindset that is built by a strong foundation. They are habituated to go forward, become better, face challenges and overcome them.

These powerful mental habits just reflected in their business life.

Business is war where you must fight or die.

The market is the most ruthless place where you can show no weakness the same as in the ring.

When you bleed in the ring and facing your demons, again and again, you automatically evolve as a person.

When you train for a fight, you train for life.

Your training is not segregated from your life; it is an integral piece of your life.

It is not something like mind-muscle connection bullshit, but deeper, way deeper from the core, from your spirit.

When you are connected and become one like that, you have no chance but evolve and break through boundaries. It is not you are doing the workout or going through motions.

You become the workout.

You learn how to behave correctly in every situation by having control over your emotions.

When it is time to become aggressive, you let the inner beast out. If it is time to chill, you become the most chill person on earth.

2) Martial Arts Train Your Masculinity

Martial arts supercharge your man spirit.

You never see an experienced martial arts practitioner walks like a weakling bum. That is because they develop a true masculine character with relentless hardcore training sessions.

Modern life devalues masculinity. You are constantly pushed for becoming more feminine. Men started to act, talk and walk like women.

When you express manly traits, feminist types immediately get triggered and they attack you. They simply cannot resist seeing a strong male figure.

We can complain about the retrograde change of circumstances, we can cry all day long… However, I suggest you fight for what is belong to you.

Roar against the scumbags who cannot accept your dignity as a man.

Martial art is an amazing contributor for any young fella on his path. It is the best platform where you can build great manly traits such as honor, integrity, courage, and respect.

You witness a huge synergy where many desirous warriors put their spirit into such a discipline. The masculine energy in the air changes your character in a positive way.

Let the martial arts become the savior of your manhood rather than rotting in a feminine culture.

3) You’ll Learn Self-defense

You don’t learn martial arts to act violently but to be able to stand against violence.

Only morons consider martial arts training as an act of violence.

Violence is the truth of life.

You can’t predict what is gonna happen to you. It is always best to be prepared rather than milling around.

Have you ever encountered people who criticize governments for they are investing in the military more than education?

Their argument is that education must be a priority rather than wasting money on war. These people have zero knowledge of life. They walk through life in a daze.

If the governments did not invest in the military, their citizens would not get their education safely.

You must arm yourself because some people want WAR.

If you don’t, they are willing to kill and take everything from you. Is that too harsh? This is a fucking reality, open your eyes.

Martial arts give you a great skillset to defend yourself in any physical situation.

4) You Get Disciplined

You are at point A and you wanna go to point B. Between these points, there is a bridge called “Discipline”.

To become better at martial arts, you have no choice but to discipline yourself. You must learn a particular skill set which may include kicks, punches, blocks, etc.

These skills require a high amount of concentration and strict attention. You learn how to become patient and focus on your goal by going after your goals every single day.

When you learn the rules of discipline, you can use this skillset in every part of your life. You will carry over the art of discipline into your life and eventually become more successful.

5) Martial Arts Keep Your Body In Shape

Me after a kickboxing session

Martial art training is a kick in the ass because the nature of fighting requires toughness.

How do you become tougher? By hardcore training sessions.

Martial art training can help develop overall strength and muscle mass by providing well-rounded cardiovascular health at the same time.

You become an overall athlete with a better balance, flexibility, aerobic capacity, and more. After those intense training sessions, your body has no chance but get in shape.

Why modern life created bear-belly and fat ass Joes? Because modern life demands nothing from your body.

You are allowed to become lazy all day and feed your stomach by one click. Is this a correct way of living for a human being?

Martial arts demand you to push the limits of your body.

Blood, sweat, and tears…

This is how you get it, just like in real life.

If you want something, stop wishing and start deserving. How do you deserve it? By paying the price of it.

“But it’s too dangerous :(( I don’t wanna get hurt.”

Then stay near your mom and learn to make some cookies, it is perfectly safe.

“Okay okay, but is it too hard?”

This is not a question you should even bother yourself.

A winner always asks for “Is it worth it?” If it wouldn’t, why would I write this article at all? There is no better feeling than giving your everything in a hardcore training session.

6) You Learn to Express Yourself

”To me, ultimately, martial art means honestly expressing yourself.”

– Bruce Lee

Expressing yourself honestly is as hard as hell.

We fear.

Fear from society, being judged, being humiliated by others…

That is why we often lie about why we should act in certain ways. To please others.

Martial arts design your software altogether again. It is an evolution of your character.

You don’t stay as the same person after such a long discipline. An authentic way of being forms in your character.

You don’t care much about small things, you don’t fear to speak the truth, you don’t fear to get in a fight.

The external circumstances cannot bother you as before, because your character becomes stronger.

What does happen to you after training for martial arts?


  • Learn not to bow down to any authority.
  • Become braver and more courageous in your acts.
  • Are not scared of showing your true emotions.
  • Become more clear in your intentions.
  • Become bold enough to speak up for your opinions.
  • Realize all external shits have zero influence on who you are.
  • Detached yourself from everything to go deep within.
  • Realize when you can go deep, you can go anywhere else.
  • Become free.

There is nothing to be ashamed of expressing who you are. Those are other people, they have their own opinions.

They may like or hate you, this is none of your business. What you should focus on is expressing yourself honestly regardless of circumstances.

Martial arts give the codes of self-expression to save yourself from slavery.

7) You Keep Your Blade Sharp

You have to keep your blade sharp at all costs.

There is no tolerance for any weakness in the life of a warrior both mentally and physically. Martial arts design a beautiful environment for a healthy competition.

Competing is the most natural and fun way to grow better.

When you are too busy beating up an opponent, you gain a lot of skills. You keep your mind and body ready for any possible case.

Do you have to run 10 kilometers? It’s okay for you.

Do you have to fight for half an hour? No problem at all.

Do you have to discipline yourself for one year for a specific goal? Consider it done.

You are ready for any spontaneous strike of life.

People are getting more depressed and having more mental problems because they are weak. They don’t train for life at all, they have zero preparation.

As a result, they melt under pressure like snowflakes.

A martial art practitioner is always busy developing a thick skin to embrace chaos and uncertainty.

8) Martial Arts Is A Great Stress Reliever

If I stop training for a week, a smoke cloud covers my mind, I suddenly start feeling more anxious for no reason.

The problems start appearing bigger than they are. I tend to become more aggressive and lose my temper easier.

That is because the aggressive energy piles up inside me. It is true that fighting releases aggression.

After you completed an hour session of training, when you totally sweat in blood, fatigued and sore as hell, there can be no room available for stress.

You are just happy to be alive, eat your yummy meal, and go to sleep. Problems are still there but you feel strong enough to overcome them.

9) Martial Arts Teaches Honor

Honor is an indispensable character trait for any man.

Honor is the most important value of true martial arts because it speaks directly to an individual’s core morality.

Honor is made of a combination of key values such as respect, duty, loyalty, integrity, courage, and selflessness in everything that we do.

To live your life with honor means always striving for giving your absolute best in all aspects of life.

In martial arts, you always aim to become the best at your art and reach your fullest potential.

There is a reason why they bow before they start fighting and that is showing respect and honoring the presence of your opponent.

10) You Gain A Better Self-Control Mechanism

It is hard for an outsider to guess how throwing kicks and punches can have such a high impact on your character.

Martial arts teach you what you are capable of physically and mentally that is the key element for developing a healthy self-control mechanism

You exactly know what you can and cannot do.

You may hear many professional athletes involve in a bar fight in the news, but you never hear a martial artist create such chaos in any place.

True martial artists are wise enough to calculate the risk and reward ratio.

You learn the basic rule of life “cause and effect”.

You can beat up those drunkards, but will it solve the issue? What will be the consequences?

A guy talking trash on you on the traffic, should you get out and beat him in front of his wife/girlfriend?

99% of the time fighting is not the answer. Animals solve their problems through fighting, humans communicate.

You have nothing to prove because you already train with a badass group in your training sessions. You don’t need to feed your ego by beating up a street bum.

Well, what if someone insults my girlfriend near me? The jaw is a great place to break.

The sub communication solves the issue most of the time. They feel it deep inside that you are someone they should not fuck with.

Your eyes and behaviors speak for you. They feel that you don’t fear and that gives a clear message in their subconscious.

This is part of a software martial arts install inside you.

11) You Learn The Importance of Brotherhood

Martial arts teach you how to become a real family.

It is a platform where you can build true, strong, deep relationships.

You sweat, shed blood, wrestle, have a fight together. You share high and intense moments together.

There are no pussies in the martial arts arena. You will find many go-getters who are ready to kick some ass. Those will be the people who talk the same language with you.

You don’t only share the ring, but you will support each other in life, too. It gives you such a big satisfaction to know there are solid people who are ready to have your back in hard times.

12) You Know Yourself

Martial arts training leads to have a deeper understanding of yourself because your true character comes to light in your journey.

All of your weaknesses and strengths are in front of your eyes. Are you too anxious, impatient, physically weak, or slow?

You have no chance to hide them.

In the process of your growth, you keep learning more about yourself. You see that you are not badass as you think, but you are not fragile either.

It is all about becoming better and better each day striving for greatness.

You have what it takes to become better than who you were yesterday.

There will be mistakes and that is alright. You realize it is all about how fast you can correct your mistakes.

13) Women Love It

Women love to be protected and they all are programmed to choose the strongest guy.

If you ask a woman whether she likes martial arts, she might say “Oh, I hate fighting. That is too violent”.

She lies, she loves it.

Women prefer violent men rather than nancy boys who are afraid of their own shadows. If a man is able to confront a violent situation, that is attractive.

You cannot blame them because they want to feel secure, it is in their DNA. (This scene from an episode of Louie summarizes the subject very well. Note: She decided to end the relationship after this event)

Bonus: Martial Arts Is Damn Hard

Look, you can still get fit, become attractive, build nice relationships, get disciplined, etc. without training for martial arts.

These are just bonuses. You don’t have to spend 2-3 hours of high-intensity training sessions. You can go for a run or lift weights. 30 minutes of resistance training a day is enough to get you jacked.

For self-defense, just buy a gun and learn how to use it. It is a much easier and more effective way of protection. The core reason behind following a martial arts discipline is because it is damn hard.

Well, it sounds weird first. Why would anyone want anything hard at all? Because we only grow when we overcome hard challenges by continuously getting out of our comfort zone.

Martial arts is hard, man.

It is hard to start because you don’t know what is going to happen. You are not sure how they will treat you in the first session.

Maybe they will consider you a weakling and break your nose on the first day.

You have milestones like starting out, having your first match, winning your first tournament, etc.

These all include the unknown fear element. You get better at dealing with your fear and excitement.

After you overcome such difficult challenges, your threshold for fear skyrockets.

Going for public speaking becomes a joke, starting a new adventure becomes much easier, expressing your feelings in conversations becomes much easier.

You are someone who survived while a very strongman trying to choke you to death. You went beyond the limitations of your mind countless times.

Even in a video game, it becomes too boring if the game is easy. We want hard enemies that will challenge us.

That is exactly you’ll choose martial arts.

2nd BONUS: Martial Arts Humbles You

Have you ever noticed that the more experienced the martial artists, the humbler they become?

The most silent and modest guy probably is the most dangerous fighter. There is a logic behind this.

Your experiences make you humble. You practice countless hours in your training, you think you are badass now. However, one guy comes up and beats your ass easily.

You know no matter how good you think you are, there are always better people than you. Arrogance does not provide any good for you.

What makes you better is being humble, letting other people teach you what they know and finally growing better each day.

Alright, if these 15 pieces do not hype you up for training martial arts, I don’t know what else will.

Keep your blade sharp and your light bright.

I will catch you next time.