“What else do I have to do?

I already work hard, intensely, non stop…

I am already too busy…”

You probably hear these words very often in your daily life.

People keep telling themselves “I should be working harder because If I work harder, I get richer.”

But for some reason, they have no results.

They just can’t get what they want, even worse, they can’t stop the deterioration of their life.

At the end of the day, people end up getting poor at a faster pace.

Let me ask you this.

What if you are working to become poorer?

Is it possible?

What if your all efforts are taking all the wealth away from you?

Then, wouldn’t working hard make you poorer? Maybe, it is not about hard work but it is about the direction of our work.

Maybe, we should change the way we work and make sure we are working for our wealth.

Actually, nothing is complicated.

If you are a slave, you make someone else richer. They get the biggest share of the cake and let you play with the residuals. If you have the slavery mindset, it does not matter how hard you work.

Slavery Became Normal

Do you think there is no slavery anymore? If you think so, you are either so naive or you have been living in a cave for 40 years.

There are lots of people salivating to become a slave. This is why the slavery is the cheapest workforce novadays.

It seems safe, comfortable, and easy.

Nobody questions the slavish behavior, contrarily they support you for slavery.

Every year, millions of students graduate from colleges. They are more than ready to apply for soul killer 9 to 5 jobs.

They have been indoctrinated by the evil public education system that kills their uniqueness. While they were too busy with disconnecting from their soul, What do you think capital and company owners were doing?

They lay back and wait to choose from the millions of slaves.

You are not happy with their offer? Who cares? There are millions of others waiting for the line, you have no value because you are easily replacable.

They ask silly questions to test if you ready to get buttfucked.

When you start experiencing life, you understand that there is nothing guaranteed. What they tell you as “guaranteed path” is a fucking lie.


Are you great at what you do? It is not guaranteed that you have a promotion. They just prefer people who have intimate relationship with them. Or they might just want people who can they easily have control over.

If you are great at your work, there will be many so-called teammates who wanna tear you down. Your executives delibaretly ignore your success due to the conflict of interests.

Inadequate middle-class managers undertake the rights of your great work and they present it as they are the one who did it.

Especially if you are not working in a corporate job, moron employers encourage you as “You are great at this!” to make sure you do more work than necessary.

You suddenly find yourself in the middle of tons of task that you have no experience at all because they want to make more profit by having less workers.

If you are hard-working one, lazy dogs always make sure they do nothing because you can handle the most of their work. Nobody respects your work ethic or your efforts, they only care whether they can suck your blood or not.

There is no hope for them. They have no identity or morality to define their actions.

If they see enough motivation behind any action, they can do anything. They can suck your blood forever if you let them.

Many young people went to colleges and they got a “great education”. They think every door will be wide open for them after graduation. They believe they can fly after doing some internship.

When they face the truth, they run into a stone wall. Stone cold reality slaps them right in the face.

It was not a problem for some of them. Those people are ready to put up with any dishonor for their goals. They only want the money, status, or any materialistic illusional goals.

Those people wake up one day and realize the tradegy. They might earn good amount of money (Most of them barely make a living), but for what?

For continue to live a life they hate.

How could time fly so fast? They were already 40 years old. How could they fall asleep for such a long time?

I worked in a 9-5 job for one year. It was the fastest year of my life. Time’s kind of escaped me that year. Every day was the same. I was dragging myself to get up from the bed every single morning until I asked to myself a miraculous question: “What the fuck am I doing?”

After that, I started to find the answers.

Here’s the situation.

You get richer for the equivalent amount of your service.

Excellent! Let’s serve more and get rich then. But wait, how do we provide a great service? It is only possible through creative work.

The value of your work determines your wealth.

“You get paid in direct proportion to the difficulty of problems you solve”

– Elon Musk

“Ahh work again, I got bored of working very quickly. Also, you just said we should not be slaves, right? How do we become free and work at the same time?”

In slave jobs, you get paid in direct proportion to the limit of your freedom.

Talk to all modern slaves, they’ll tell you that they work so hard. Ask them what they have produced, the answer is nothing.

What do we work for? To produce something meaningful, right? Our souls crave for producing high quality work. Perhaps you have never noticed that, have you?

If we produce nothing, then why do we bother to work? Would you plant the seeds on concrete? No, we want to work for a cause or to create a product.

There is nothing more fulfilling than creating something from scratch. It is the most humane action for any human being.

We enjoy consuming high quality products but think of how creators enjoy while working for them.

Animals breathe, talk, eat, shit, fuck, too… But creating something from nothing is like doing magic. It requires pure will power and a strong mindset.

What do you want? Respect, appreciation, fulfillment, status, friendships, money?


The work is the most important piece of the puzzle.

You just can’t randomly pick your work and expect to achieve your dreams. It is strange how people still can’t see this fact.

A wrong work image is installed in our subsconscious by the mass media. We watched people on TV doing nothing at work.

Just open a random series, what do people do at work? You never see them actually working. They are too busy with relationship dramas. This is not the real life.

Screens are only illusions

Screens are nothing but a theatre, they are only alienation from the reality.

Kids watch a heroic hollywood fire fighter story with amazing effects and they want to be a fire fighter. You watch an impressive court scene from a charismatic actor and you dream of becoming a lawyer.

In real life, people don’t live like that.

Also, what you watch in movies, series, youtube vlogs are highly compressed footages. They show you a 10 year story in 1,5 hour in a movie. A youtube vlogger edits 20 hours of footage to make it 10 minutes.

These highy compressed and edited fiction delivers a high amount of pleasure when extreme events happen very fast.

If you consume this pleasure regularly, it becomes addictive. People who are addicted to screen tends to take less pleasure from life.

In real life, things happen in their own rhythm. Success comes after a long road. Life requires you to be patient because hardships do not end quickly.

You must expose yourself to real life more than the illusions of screen, so you don’t forget the reality. Otherwise, living becomes such a burden.


This is the most misunderstood concept among the key concepts of life.

You must work because you owe it to other people. It is not about love or enjoyment.

As long as you are living, you get into debt every single day. Why? Because you constantly have to consume something and other people are serving for you.

The clothes you dress, the food you eat, the technology you use, the house you live in, the transportation you use…

Behind everything you consume, there are thousands, millions of people putting their time and effort to it.

People are working to make your life better and more comfortable. You have no chance but giving something in return and your work is how you pay your dues.

Do you think those people enjoyed and loved their work all the time? Hell no, they did it anyway.

If you can find a way to do what you love and make money out of it, great! But, don’t worry if you haven’t found it, yet.

Life works reciprocally, if you break the balance, you always suffer.

If you only consume, consume, consume and produce nothing; eventually the life enslaves you and you end up paying your price as a slave.

But if you pay the price by creating great work, you become free to consume the goods of world. You work and create, the world is more than happy to pay you back.

Let me tell you a secret, everyone on this earth is actually a slave.

Smart ones only choose what kind of slaves they are. They figure out their slavery agenda by finding out the best way to serve for other people.

You know it anymore and you can’t live like you don’t know it. You became one of the members of lucky minority.

There will be many quitters, losers, and whiners who will complain as “But… I can’t create anything… I just don’t have this or that. I am not capable of…”

Stop lying to yourself, bum.

People are afraid to dare… To conquer more…

Anyone knows something, anyone can do something.

I bet you are absolutely better than others in certain areas of life. I am sure something comes to you easily while others are struggling so hard. Maybe you never understood how people can’t do that thing as you do.

It is your duty to share with us. You must share your gift. Share and cleanse your soul.

You do not have to be the best right away. Excellence requires time and energy.

It is not all about the results.


You remember?

When you know your direction is right, the rest does not matter. You might not get it immediately but absolutely and definitely it is yours.

What happens when you are on the right path? You work all day but you don’t feel like you are working at all. You work 7/24 but you never work at the same time.

I had an Italian friend “Chris”. He was financially free due to his investments in real estate. He was a former boxing champion in Italy.

Once he told me that he was going a club to teach youngsters how to do boxing. Sometimes later, the owners of the club offered to pay him a decent of money. They told him, “Look, you spend a lot of time here and making our athletes better, we owe you this money, please take it”. He said, “I just do it because I enjoy doing it.”

He was contributing by not giving a damn about contribution, he was just having fun.

When you make peace with your selfishness and learn to have fun all the time, you become a money magnet.

The most trending purpose in young generations is “I want to make a contribution… I want to change the world”.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”


The change cause a chain of reactions. When you change yourself, you start changing your surroundings.

The most powerful way is “practicing what you preach”. Do not tell your kids to read book, just read and let them see you are reading. They will automatically copy what you do.

We must go against the nature

I have some bad news. Change and improvement is against our nature. Your body does not want you to succeed, morever, it does not even give a damn about that.

We are programmed to survive, not to succeed.

The environment is not our friend (and it never was).This is true for all creatures by the way. Think about the terrifying vulnerability of a newborn baby bird in the wildlife.

The nature is just the way it is. The weather can be deathly cold or hot like a desert, there might be a heavy rain or a storm. Perhaps, there is no food near at all. Nothing has to support the life of that bird.

There is always scarcity. Even if there is abundance, reproduction rates increase and population grows; so there is more consumption. When there is more consumption, again you have scarcity.

That is why we are always on “power saving mode”.

Think of yourself as a heater. You stoke yourself every day to survive. One of the best ways to survive is living with minimal energy.

If you don’t open the heater too much, that is better for your survival chance. That is why our bodies are adapted to live by spending the least possible amount of energy.

We all have sources that we can use right away. They are ready to be used by us anytime. Why do we have this capacity? Because in near past, we demanded it.

We regularly walk, climb stairs, carry a suitcase etc.

That is why our body forecasts that we might request it in near future and it stores a required capacity to perform those actions.

The problem starts when we started doing something out of ordinary. For example, in life or death situations our body can release more adrenalin to lift a damn heavy rock.

That means you actually have the potential to be that strong. Our body is a crazy adaptive organism. It evolves into what you do or don’t do.

The question is, do you need to evolve?

When you get out of your comfort zone, your body send signals to understand how serious you are about this action.

When you start exercising, you feel soreness in your muscle next day. Your body speaks to you as “Look, what you have done yesterday was not normal. You used the heater more than necessary. Do we have to do this? Because we could live very well without doing it so far.”

Those signals might be anything such as tiredness, laziness, unwillingness etc.

This is installed in our software as: “If it is not necessary, cut it down”.

The body tests you because you could have done it just because of fun or curiousity. If it is so, you’ll give up and turn back to your normal state. Otherwise, you need to be crazy to keep doing that.

Why would you feel the pain all the time? You keep doing only if you really need it to survive. When you really need it, you don’t care about pain, laziness, or any hardship at all. You keep pushing against all those hardships and make the deal.

“Shit, this guy is still doing it, we better give what he needs”

The environment can be a powerful force to trigger our improvement. That is why we need people who demand more from us.

We get out of our comfort zone to keep up with the tough conditions. If people around us expect us to achieve more, we have no chance but pushing our limits. It could be patience, focus, taking action, fighting better, running faster; it does not matter. You reach that potential when you really need it.

To be born is to be attacked

A newborn infant cries because of the pain when the air attacks to its lungs. The cold and hot weather attacks.

Hunger, diseases, fears, difficulties; they all attack and we survive against all of them. To be alive is nothing but making war.

One day we breathe our last breath and we successfully beat off the first attack. The war is finally over.

Ask Something From Me…

Maybe you feel the pressure of finishing the school, finding a job, or maintaining a family now. Maybe you are tired of feeling this pressure.

Maybe you don’t wanna deal with any problem anymore. You are just not aware of what an unbelievable blessing this is. You must cry for other people ask something from you.

We desperately need for more responsibility, especially in this age; because we only dare to achieve more than we can imagine only if somebody requests something from us.

People just don’t request anything great from us, this is the core of our problems. Their requests are limited by the social norms.

They have shitty requests but they are the ones who blame you about why you haven’t achieved a massive success, yet. Did they show you a way or help you at all?

We need a vision, a dream to lead us for a greater cause that will keep us busy for long years; not average Joes, slave makers, dead souls…

When we follow their advice and have a guaranteed job, get married and have kids; those people suddenly disappear.

They never care about you, they are too busy with their shitty life. They are already in pain and insensitive to their surroundings. It is not possible for them to spread any light because they are already bogged down to the abbyss of darkness.

What else should you experience to understand they are all fake?

Fuck them, I have a request from you. Be the best you can be and live your life to the fullest, and…

Don’t forget to ask something from me.