Are you so sick of losing your concentration and wasting a lot of time?

Maybe you still don’t know why you can’t get off your phone. 

How on earth the first and last thing you do every day can be checking your FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, whatever? 

It immediately enslaves you when you wake up and make sure you are still a slave before going to bed.

Admit it, you are controlled by it, and you hate the feeling of being powerless.

It is such a pity how we made ourselves so addicted to it, we can’t even spend a second without touching our phones so often. 

It is the only activity we do whenever we have free time. 

I can easily see how it makes people feel anxious when they could not reach their phone. How can they even focus on anything at all?


Building business, studying, researching, thinking… These are all jokes for the millennial people. Their attention span is lower than ever and their memory is getting worse every day.

They get depressed by seeing everyone posting nice pics and having such a “great life”

It’s such a burdened feeling of being stressed for not finishing a day’s work properly. Procrastination is not a problem, it’s their habit now.

Their mind immediately drifts off when they start working on anything meaningful.

When it’s time to work, they are interrupted by a phone ring and find themselves in a vicious cycle of checking whatever falls into their main page for hours. 

When they are in that virtual world, they are bombarded by negative feelings. They hate themselves because their “friends” exclude them in their shared pictures.

Why did they not invite them at all?

They feel frustrated when those friends did not reply.

Loneliness hits because they have already forgotten the real friendships they had in real life. Social media made them stupid while they were sleeping in the virtual world.

When you quit social media, you open your eyes to reality. You find out who your real friends are, which is hardly any of them because you actually did not even share a moment with most of the people on these social networks.

You are just another number and another way to relieve boredom.

The strongest drug that exists for a human being is another human being.

Social media knows this very well and use this fact against you.

Checking our notifications is the new cocaine.

The need for attention such a powerful human need. Social Media is a mental game of seeking attention and validation.

It’s such an easy way to get addicted when we addicted to those likes and comments. While we are chasing that instant gratification, we forget what’s happening in the background of our head.

We constantly question ourselves whether we are being judged, liked, loved or hated. We lose our emotional stability to impress people we don’t even care about.

Here are 6 deadly reasons why social media is ruining your life and makes you less human.

1- You Lose Your Ability To Think

Social media programmed us to think, focus, and question less.

Instant information triumphs over thinking because thinking requires our focus and energy whenas social media is delivering quick pleasures. 

We just outsource the ability to think by using other tools. Thinking is too demanding compared to finding millions of search results less than a second by just clicking a button.

I don’t think people grasp the importance of this huge problem. Every time we are on social media, we give up on being human by keep feeding our instant gratification animal.

Is it possible that an amazing idea strikes you when you are in the news feed? No way.


Because you are in the loop of consuming and you are waiting for them to feed you with new ideas. You take your mind to rest like it’s a useless piece of meat.

You treat your precious gift as it’s nothing. What’s the result? You lose your power. They make you powerless because you accept being so. 

You can’t even understand what happened because you already lost your mental faculties. Can you see how pathetic this situation is?

You become less than an animal, as a result, you lose your creativity.

2- You Become Less Creative

Creativity requires pure thinking.

How can you create something while you are busy with fulfilling toxic needs?

People are driven by a desire to get attention on social media and that is the ultimate roadblock for creative fulfillment.

They are programmed to “take” not to “give”. To create something, you must be willing to share your gift.

Have you noticed that the most creative ideas come to your mind when you are taking a piss? Why? Because you’re focused and you respect the moment.

How many people are willing to spend some time alone? Nobody can bear the power of silence nowadays. They don’t want to stay with themselves.

To see things clearly, you have to get rid of useless distractions. It is not possible while you are constantly checking your phone.

When you are free for 5 minutes, social media is the worst option for your creativity.

3- You Become Less Productive

What the hell are you doing on social media?

Let me tell you. Just unproductively refreshing a timeline and hoping to catch something interesting.

That kind of passive purposeless entertainment slowly cripples your mental faculties. It’s such a huge dopamine resource for your brain and there is no way to fight with it.

Producing something is not nearly rewarding compared to the release of dopamine.

Your brain will deny working because it just doesn’t care about what you’ll produce. 

It only cares about one thing…


With social media usage, you program your brain to work against yourself. You can’t be in flow while you are bombarded with highly stimulating notifications.

The best flow is attained when you don’t care about anyone or anything.

Using social media also brings a lot of unnecessary emotional baggage. In many ways, craving attention is “taking” and paying attention is “giving”. You can’t give when you are so busy taking everything.

4- You Feel Bad About Yourself

Social media is also a fake world of perfection.

People don’t share the reality, they share how they wanted it to be. Nobody is willing to share the downside.Therefore, it is so easy to be caught up on the feeling of inadequacy.

When you constantly feed your brain with what a perfect life people are living, you end up questioning yourself. You become more judgmental and ungrateful for what you have and who you are as a person.

Comparison is already toxic, but the virtual comparison is deadly poison.

Your brain can’t comprehend the difference between “online” and “offline” life because it only sees the online part. What’s the result of comparing yourself with unreal people?

You constantly seek validation.

You tend to post something more happy and beautiful in order to get as many likes as you can. So, you become popular among your friends or peers.

This is a vicious cycle that social media wants you to be in. If you get in it, you will work for them more. Meanwhile, you lose your sanity and dig yourself into a huge hole.

5- Social Media Drains Your Will Power

Once you step in the zone, the options of social media are limitless.

You can

  • stalk people
  • read comments
  • write comments
  • leave a like or other emojis.
  • watch videos

What do you do when you are doing these? You always make a choice. Whenever you make a choice, you lose your willpower.

Maybe you just wanted to see a picture but you are not done there. Now, the social media tool is showing you similar pictures or videos to take your attention.

There will always be recommendations on the side. You click one and one and one…

It’s such a horrible way to spend your time without being aware of it. What’s wrong with it?

We have only limited willpower energy and we waste most of it to choose a stupid cat video. When it’s time to do important stuff, we can’t find any energy left. 

6- You Lose Your Emotional Stability

The human mind was never designed to keep in touch with hundreds (or even thousands) of people on a personal level, especially on a daily basis.

We are only evolved in a way to care for small communities. What happens when we ignore this fact? It brings anxiety, jealousy, loneliness, inadequacy, loss of concentration within our lives.

The happiest people I know have zero social media accounts, yet they are incredibly successful.

I saw it with my eyes. Life is so peaceful and meaningful without social media. You have less to care but more to enjoy.

You learn to like yourself first rather than what other people share.

Social media is forcing you to follow other people’s lives which is none of your business. When you quit, you become happier because you are living it rather than recording, sharing, or posting about it.

No unhealthy comparisons, no checking of others, no simulated social relationships, no wasting time consuming toxic information that you don’t need to know.

What are you left with?

Just real present moments and the wholeness of a full experience which is not posted online for the people you went to school with million years ago.

Social media useful if you use it as a business.

There are only two types of people on social media; suckers and winners.

If you have been in a room for a while, and you still don’t know who the sucker is, you’re the sucker.

Smart people use social media as their personal brand. They use it as a marketing tool for promoting their products by advertising.

Some people try to be interesting by sharing their life. They believe it is the only way to create an audience, but they forgot one important piece of the puzzle…

The successful “influencers” were mostly already in successful positions before social medias amplified it, or they at least had something they were passionate about and then used it to share with the world, not the vice versa. 

They did not try to be interesting, they were interested.

Too often we’re trying to “prove” we have good lives, while not really believing it ourselves.

If you do not have a positive influence on social media (95% of people do not have it!), then you can’t use it to spread your message.

If you’re not one of these people, forget about social media and try to make life valuable enough to share it first. 

The social media might only become a great place if we can stop competing for attention rather looking for finding collaborators. 

The first step is keeping our hands off from it because we gotta learn to love ourselves first. When you appreciate who you are and what you offer for the world, you won’t be seeking social validation.

You’ll look at social media from a different perspective.

What About Youtube?

I haven’t quit Youtube because it is such a powerful place to find information. When you use it wisely, it’s such a powerful tool.

But, but, but…

Youtube is like a pit bull. If you know how to control, it’ll defend you; otherwise, it’ll turn back and bite you.

You must use it in a way to educate yourself. If you solely focus on entertainment, you experience the same negative effects.

Here are some tips.

  • Know what you’re looking for. Open it with an idea in your mind. If you are searching for a topic, that’s perfect. Don’t let the youtube algorithm dictates what you are going to watch.
  • Don’t binge-watch. Once you are complete watching a video, do not immediately jump onto the second. Pause a moment and remember if you are on a task. Finish your work first.
  • Use restrictive times. Especially, do not use any kind of social media in the early morning. Also, do not expose your eyes to blue light at night.
  • It’s okay to use it for fun. Optimal entertainment is the key to success. If you have been working enough that day, you have nothing to worry about.
  • Keep your phone in flight mode when you are working. It will eliminate your urges to binge-watch.

At the end of the day, social media is just a tool, we make it beneficial or nocuous. Like every addiction, you must keep yourself away from it until you gain your freedom back.

Social media fasting is necessary to reset your system.

You won’t feel amazing all of a sudden but I guarantee after 2 to 3 months, you will experience some changes in yourself.

It’s liberating to focus on yourself without worrying people judge you. You will feel more content with your life and become happier than ever before.

You will taste the beauty of spending quality time with your loved ones without distractions.

All this will happen because of a reason, and the reason is…

You quit social media.

Don’t let it ruin your life, quit it and reclaim your time.

Earn your freedom back.

Let yourself live your life, man because you deserve it.

Do it or not, it will only affect your life, not mine.

I just show you the way, you either walk the walk or just walk away.

Choose wisely.