Modern people like to think that there is nothing dangerous about sex and that is the stupidest thing you could ever think of.


Because everything about sex is a possible threat emotionally, socially, and healthwise.

Emotional Damage of Sex

Sexually active people reported they often felt “used,” guilty or regretful after having sex.

It gets harder for people to build deep and meaningful relationships after such a sexually traumatic event.

Humans have a complex set of emotions, we need meaningful connections and support from men and women to thrive.

That’s how we were designed. If we minimize and trivialize our true essence, we suffer as individuals and as a society.

Due to the negative effect of “hook up culture”, common sense has gone down the toilet.

Most people laugh at you when you tell them the truth:

“Sex is a sacred soul connection to the person you love”

Boys are emboldened to having sex with too many women as a symbol of their masculine honor.

Hence, women had to suppress their sexual desires for a long time in history. Now, with Modern age, they consider it their incontestable right” to hook up with more men.

Sex is symbolized like their victory and declaration of their freedom.

Nobody, literally not even a single person educates young people about the dangers of having sex. Not in school, not in church, not in the family, not in the mosque…

Where do these young people learn the basic rules of life?

From mass media.

Tv, social media, movies and series…

After the first TV broadcast in 1926, the percentage of children born out of marriage increased from 2% to 40.6%…

People forgot what they know and started applying what they see on the screen. Sexual content became normal and everybody loved watching men and women having sexual intercourse on TV.

Have you noticed the patterns of men and women with too many partners?

Women become more bittered and angry if they sleep around with too many men. Why? Because women connect emotionally with every man they sleep with.

The story is told wrong from a man’s point of view, too. You don’t become a king when you sleep with a lot of women, my friend.

Men, with too many partners, are more likely to not be able to commit or love a woman properly. So, you lose the chance of building a deep meaningful relationship with your partner.

Pure women feel the dirt inside of you because your aura is fucked up by multiple sexual relationships. It reflects on your behavior and your vibe. Women have very strong antennas to detect that.

Even if you marry, you never care as much to please your wife and make her happy. When you divorce, you’ll rebound quickly to fill her gap. But, you’ll always crave that for your whole life.

So, both genders suffer when they don’t treat sex as something sacred.

At the moment sex might feel great like all addictions, but afterward, you usually feel like shit. How do you tell whether it was good or bad for you? The hollowness you feel afterward…

It’s just so empty and superficial, vapid and meaningless…

There is nothing beautiful about waking up depressed and feeling guilty, trying to remember who the hell is next to you.

Mixing energy with the wrong person can cause a lot of emotional pain that you’ll never be able to heal again. You start carrying the diseases, emotional trauma, aural problems of the other person for a lifetime.

An Interesting Story

I had a friend who has always been great at picking up women.

A few months ago, we had a chance to meet and talk again. He slept with a lot of women in his life and he was always proud of it.

However, this time he was different. He confessed to me his true feelings.

He said, “Sex always left me feeling empty and wanting a more proper relationship. I made a big mistake by considering every woman as a sex object. Now, I am left with zero meaningful relationships and I crave it so bad.”

He also told me a very interesting story.

He was in a bar again and hitting on a girl again. It went well, they hooked up and went to her home and slept together that night.

They were both very drunk and when he woke up, he was very surprised. He found himself in the middle of a very luxury house.

He told me: “I was observing around and everything seemed very expensive. Later, I saw a calendar and there were some numbers on each day like 12, 15, 25, 21, 17…

When she woke up, I asked her what those numbers actually meant. I was shocked by her answer. Those were the length of penises of each guy she slept with…”

I said: “Come on dude, maybe she was lying about it, how do you know?”

He responded, “The bitch wrote mine right”.

Can you guess how desperate he felt afterward? How can you heal these emotional damage? You can’t…

He got chewed up and spit out like a worthless piece of shit.

“A chill ran down from my back. It was the most miserable moment of my life. Later I was worried if I got AIDS or other diseases from her…”, he said.

AIDS approximately killed 35 million people so far. That is serious. As of 2017, approximately 36.9 million people are infected with HIV globally.

Pleasure is temporary but regret is permanent

Everyone I know who hook up a lot in their 20’s is miserable and single in their 30’s.

All the people I know who have casual sex and hookups are constantly paranoid about STDs and possible unwanted pregnancies.

The lives of those people are full of drama.

The hookup culture got into their brain, they took it and now, they pay the heavy price…

What’s the building stone of society?

It is family.

The hookup culture is out of control and the family unit is under threat because of sentiments like this.

Your child grows up seeing mommies revolving bedroom door, and never learn to develop healthy relationships with the opposite gender because they learn to see the others as disposable.

They never know how to build deep and healthy relationships.

Porn is also very harmful because it massively devaluates the pleasure you’ll get from sex.

Sex inside a committed marriage is bliss.

It is like a wine that tastes better and better with age. A beautiful and powerful gift from the universe…

Sex outside of marriage is a way of chasing a precious reward without paying its price. You don’t commit and dedicate yourself a deep long-term relationship but you desire to receive fulfillment and pleasure.

The more you do it, the less magical it becomes. Like all addictions, the more often you do it, the less pay off there is.

Everything has a price on this earth. You can never break the law of nature and get away with it…

Would you share your valuable materials with a stranger? Would you share your house, car, or your wealth?

Of course no, why? Because that requires a high level of trust, right?

How much money would you demand trading your one leg? 1 million dollars? Maybe 1 billion dollars? Still, no?

When you have sex with a stranger, you share your sacred body and eternal soul with that person…

Think about how huge it is…


Once, I met a girl and she told me that she has never kissed a man in his life. That was a HUGE turn on for me.

I remember this scene from the movie “Rodger Dodger”, check out how it turns those women on when he told that he was a virgin.

Rattlebrained morons always try to humiliate virgin people because they ENVY them.

Because they can never get what virgin people have, it is priceless. It is so easy and cheap to become a worthless scumbag like them, but they can never become virgin again.

What do you think they will do?

They will force you to feel ashamed of upholding your honor.

We live in a world where we forgot the common sense. People are desensitized from their own nature. They don’t even know what they have, they just chase bullshit dogmas.

People are running towards the brink of the abyss.

They are willing to waste their life for the materials they don’t even need. Open your eyes before it is too late.

Why Marriages End So Quickly Now…

Quite a while ago, one of our family friends’ son got married.

He was coming to our house and we were playing video games.

That night, he wanted to stay overnight, so we could keep on playing the day after. My mom told him “Do not leave your wife at home alone, you can play later.”

He was pissed off and he never visited our home again after this event.

My mom said to me “I don’t care if he never visits us again. I always tell the truth. You should never leave your wife alone for the sake of entertainment.”

A few days later, we met at his house to keep on playing. We played for a while and we both got hungry.

I asked him what food they have. He said, “There is no food at home”. I asked him “What do you eat when you are at home?”

He replied, “I usually order a takeaway, fast food generally”

I told him that I don’t eat fast food. His wife was working at a bank and she was about to release from work. He told her to hang out with her friend because we were going to play video games.

I said, “Why don’t you call her and maybe she prepares some food and we eat together?” He accepted my offer.

His wife came home and cook some chicken for us. We ate it together. The meal was delicious, she was a good cook.

She said to me “You are right about not eating fast food. It is like you are his elder brother (he was actually 10+ years older than me)”

We were drinking tea on the balcony and he went to the bathroom, so we were alone with his wife for a while.

She admitted to me some truth.

She said, “He is so unhappy with his life. Every night, he was playing some stupid online games… I can’t believe how much he changed after marriage.

The game you play with him at least demands some high IQ, but he wastes his life with stupid games. I swear to God, this is a reason to get divorced…

I was shocked because I did not expect her to use the word “divorce”. If you can use the word, there is a high chance of you make it happen…

Later, he texted me to arrange a day to play video games again.

This time, I told him that I was busy with my work and I had to work out. Maybe we could play at night, otherwise, it would be too stupid to waste our day by playing a stupid game.

Guess what happened? He did not even text me back. Apparently, that resented him.

My father and mother have been married for about 50 years.

I asked my father about why marriages end so quickly at this age.

He told me “They don’t love each other, son. It is “lust” that keeps them together. When you take the sex out of the equation, their relationships are empty. Your partner must be your best mate in everything, not just for having sex.”

I agree with him. When I talk to my most friends, they admit that they put up with their girlfriend just because of having sexual intercourse.

If you see women as sex objects, you cannot blame them when they only see your wallet.

Okay, these are great but there is a problem. How will you deal with lust if you are single?

If you believe you have the right partner and your conditions are convenient to build a family, you should marry.

If the circumstances are not in your favor to marry, then you have to be patient. Sexual desires are real and you can’t sweep them under the carpet.

There will be a part of you that misses the intimacy of a relationship when you are single for a long time.

How To Deal With Your Lust

1- Fast regularly

Fasting is the ultimate way of taking the edge off your desires. If you can’t marry, fasting can help you tremendously to take control of your lust.

When you are seriously hungry, you crave nothing but food and water.

I listened to the winner of “Survivor” games and he was asked of whether they had sex on the island. He said, “You don’t even have the luxury to think about that, we were so hungry.”

You don’t have to starve yourself every day, but fasting 2 to 3 times a week can make magical changes in your overall health.

2- Keep yourself busy

You know how they say…

“An idle brain is the devil’s workshop”

When do those sexually stimulating thoughts visit you the most? Probably when you were idle and wandering around without a purpose.

Whenever you are done with the work, immediately find a new one. Keep yourself busy with something all day long.

When you have the speed, negative thoughts lose their power.

3- Never masturbate

Masturbation is the self-stimulation to orgasm or climax.

It is a tragedy that I have to write an article about why you should never masturbate. It is a bigger tragedy that families and schools suck at educating young people about the devastating effect of masturbation.

Masturbation never solves the problem in the long run and it becomes habitual. You keep sucking your precious creative energy in return for nothing.

It produces guilt and shame.

More importantly, it contradicts the God-given design of your natural sexual desire. We crave fulfillment through personal union and self stimulated ejaculation contradicts that purpose inevitably.

When you have those sexual fantasies in your mind, you go through a strong contradiction with the real world. Your mind keeps questioning yourself because of the total opposite feedbacks you got from the real world.

You create more complex and deeper personal issues for the long term through masturbation.

4- Do not seek sexual gratification through physical contact

Everyone knows that intimate touching is the prelude to and preparation for sexual intercourse.

Even if you manage to stop yourself going further, you feel frustrated to death and wind up in masturbation.

You basically turn the body of other people into a masturbation device. No commitment, no intention to build a meaningful relationship…

Your heart still will cry out for permanence because you are designed that way.

5- Keep your mind clean

Avoid everything that causes unnecessary sexual stimulation.

Porn, movies, series, books, magazines…

Literally anything can trigger your sexual desires and make it harder for you to resist. Don’t make things harder for you.

What is the best way to keep your mind clean?

Keep your eyes clean!

Never allow your eyes to dwell upon pornographic material. Do not look at any visual that triggers sexual stimulation.

Other than that, do not use external substances that hinder your cognitive ability such as marijuana, alcohol, etc.

You have to keep your mind sharp at all costs.

6- Ask for help

Even if you never attempt to look at anything that includes sexuality, something can pop out of nowhere.

It might be a webpage, a billboard, a scene in the movie suddenly appears. Those can easily plant the seed of sexual desire in your mind and it moves through your body.

What do you do then?

Stay calm and immediately perform a very conscious act of transfer to God. Pray to God to give you an increasing strength to get over this situation.

It has a remarkable liberating effect like greased lightning.

7- Don’t spend too much time alone

Surround yourself with good intended people like you. Share your struggles and temptations with them and let them share theirs.

Support them and let them support you in the hard times.

Never let evil people plant their negative seeds in you, if they somehow did, never nourish them.

8- Sleep early

We make a lot of decisions and do a lot of tasks during the day.

At night, we are prone to cheat because our will power is already drained. It is harder to say “no” to our desires.

If you are on a diet, you are more likely to have a cheat meal at night. It is clear that you won’t produce any great work when you have 0 energy.

The sooner you sleep, the better for you.

If you stay awake and binge-watching videos while surfing on the internet, the chances are you are fucked.

9- Don’t eat sugar

When I used to masturbate, I remember eating sugary foods right before doing it.

Sugar fogs the brain and it puts you in a mindless consumer state. You ignite the fire by eating sugar and the fire just wants to get bigger with masturbation.

Once you said yes to your animal instincts, it is harder to say no later. Why? Because you have already lost control.

10- Respect other people’s chastity

How would you want other men to treat your wife, husband, sister, brother?

The woman you talk to is a sister, mother, possible wife for someone… Just respect them as you would expect from other people.

It might be hard but you must clean out all the evil thoughts in your mind. Strive to think of all people, especially people of the opposite sex, in relation to eternity.

These were my 10 pieces of advice.

Some people might wonder as:

“Well, how will I able to satisfy my future partner if I had no sexual experience before?”

Nobody would appreciate an experienced whore but everybody wants purity.

Do not worry about that, sex is instinctual, you already know it.

Other than that, celibate people have wet dreams regularly. Your subconscious preparing you for future sexual intercourse with your partner.

Everybody is so concerned about how they will find their partner in this chaotic world. Nobody cares about what they are actually doing.

If you are able to steady yourself on the right path, the right people will find you. When you are positively charged, you will attract those people into your life.

It is the law of nature.

Do not worry about other people, worry about yourself.