It sucks to be a wage slave, I agree.

A paycheck has never made anyone rich.

Entrepreneurship seems very alluring when you solely focus on reaping the benefits of it.

Three endless affections the entrepreneurship delivers:

Freedom, time, and money…

Who would happen to deny having of all three?

Everyone wants to be a champion until it’s time to do what champions do.

Nobody wants to break out, rebel and or go against the rules by leaving the illusional security a job provides.

Who will do a ton of work by dealing with anxiety, pain, and stress every single day?

However, in a warrior’s code, the question of “Is it hard?” has no place at all because everything has a price in this world.

The better question is, “Is it worth it?”.

And if you are here, you already know the answer.

To open the path of the heavens above, there are roadblocks in hell that you need to overcome.

1- Fear of The Unknown

We fear what we don’t know.

In entrepreneurship, you don’t know how much, when, or how you are going to get paid. Or most significantly, you don’t know what to do on a daily basis.

Let’s just face it.

You have always been told when to come into work, what time to leave and what exactly to do. You don’t want to make those hard decisions all by yourself, do you?

You do a massive amount of work before you earn a dime at the beginning. Again, I repeat because most people skip this part. You do the work hopefully first and let the time decides the rest.

Yes, you become free and time/location independent, but that’s valid only after you made it. First you pay the price of earning the deserve it factor.

Entrepreneurship requires being responsible for every decision you take. It takes balls to take control and decide everything by yourself and that is why it is not for everybody.

You design your life, your working hours, your work ethic, and pretty much everything. If you do it wrong, you pay the price. Nobody guarantees you a paycheck at the end of the month.

This is the first important paradox you have to overcome in your entrepreneurship journey.

2- Unwillingness to Take Action

Most people have a million-dollar idea within them, but they are all broke.

Very few people can actually see the money come from their idea. You know why? Yeah, because only a few of those people are willing to take action will make it happen.

People often get paralyzed by the pressure of making the perfect decision. You can’t let perfectionism get in the way of making progress in entrepreneurship.

If you’re not willing to be a fool, you can’t become a master.

If failure freaks you out, you’re probably not cut out for being an entrepreneur. You are going to make mistakes over and over again. Remember, a fool who persists in his foolishness will eventually become wise.

You might spend days, weeks, months, even years investing your time into a project and you would have no idea whether it is going to hit or not once you release it.

All of your hard work can go right down the drain and become a blessing in the sky. Or perhaps you spend 1 hour on an idea and it can hit hard and go viral.

The thing is…

You don’t know.

You are dealing with the unknown all the time. What happens when you don’t know?

Anxiety hits you.

You gotta know how to remain calm and positive in the storm. You gotta stick to your ideas by protecting your self-belief. This is not for everyone.

If you are a scared and weak bum who always to prefer comfort over hardship, entrepreneurship will crush you. Maybe it is better for you to take orders from masters because somebody has to be a slave.

I don’t know, you choose between to be a master or slave, they both have different consequences.

They say “looser is not someone who comes in second place. A looser is the one who is so scared of failing, that s/he doesn’t even try.”

And I have never wanted to be that type of looser. I always chose to be the winner who always tries, follows through and never gives up.

3- Not Knowing What You Want

There has been always an authority in people’s life who told them what to do.

Their parents told them to go to school, graduate, have a safe job and these people just followed the orders. Their teacher or boss gave them the tasks to use them as a part of their plan.

How can anyone know what they want in this scenario?

You just happen to be too busy to go within and ask yourself.

People don’t know who they are or what they want because they never ask themselves.

The Master and Apprentice

Once upon a time, a master was walking with his apprentice on the way of climbing up a mountain.

When they were going by a village, he said to the apprentice “I got thirsty. There is a beautiful fountain at the center of this village. Just take this pitcher and pour some water into it. I will be laying down under the fig tree.”

The apprentice left his master and started to look for a fountain to follow his order. He took a tour around the village and finally found a fountain.

While waiting in the line, he noticed a beautiful young lady and immediately had a crush on her. Later, he started following her to have a little chat at least. She was very shy but she also fell in love with him.

She said, “Okay, but first you have to talk to my dad to get permission for our marriage”.

He says, “Alright” and talk to her father. The father liked the bravery and honest attitude of the young fella and he let them get married.

He started working as an apprentice near a carpenter who is the brother of his father in law. Later, his beautiful gave a birth to 3 nice kids and he became a father.

Years passed by like a blink of an eye and one day his father in law died off a heart attack. His kids got married and left home and he stayed alone with his wife.

Later, his wife got cancer and she also died. When he was all alone by himself, he remembered his master. “God! I forgot my master under the fig tree. I had to bring him some water!”

He immediately found a large jug and poured some water from the fountain. Then, he went back to where he left his master by running rapidly.

The master was still there breathing hard and he told him “Where have you been, son? I was also nearly dead.”

I believe that the master represents ourselves in this story.

When did the apprentice forget that he was on the mission of bringing water? When he entered into society and become a part of it. He engaged in earthly affairs and pleasures by falling in love, getting married, finding a job.

He remembered his master when everyone and everything left him all alone by himself.

You remember yourself when you are alone.

When we first open our eyes, we see the face of our mother. Later, we start seeing other people. We first know “You”, later we discover “I”.

What do we forget when we dived deep into earthly affairs? I am not going to say that we forget religion or God…

We forget ourselves.

When you remember yourself, you pay attention to what’s going on inside you and eventually discover what you love. You discover what your gift is.

If you have no idea, kindly ask for it and start to listen. The answers faster than you think.

Without discovering your gift, you’ll be pissing in the wink. If I were you, I would get on my knees and pray to God, so he would guide me to find out.

4) Taking Advice From the Average

Entrepreneurship requires being insane because any sane person would listen to what others say and end up having an ordinary life.

It is completely unnatural to close your all senses to your surroundings and be deaf to 99% of advice.

Nobody admits their weakness, everybody claims that they know all about the truth. They inject their poisonous ideas as the ultimate truth.

Do you think that people will say that “Okay, we are wrong, we fucked our lives by being slaves.”? Hell no, they will all rationalize why they ended up being a slave as a self-defense mechanism.

They’ll try to spread the toxic seeds into your brain. And if you are careless and nourish those seeds by accident, voila! You kill yourself just like them.

People love your dreams and desires until you start acting on them.

When you ask them “Should I follow your dreams?”, they will all tell you “Yeah, you should, you should…” That’s not “support”, it is negative shit.

When you actually act upon a journey to follow your dreams, they will try to stop you as “Are you crazy? No! Don’t do that, it is too dangerous.”

People can’t put up with seeing you better than them.

If your friends and family do not see you as a threat, you are about to live a very boring and ordinary life.

Success Rule: You CAN’T take the advice of people haven’t done what you want to do.

If they haven’t been there, they don’t know the path and they can’t give you the directions. Do you think people are wise enough to shut their mouths?

People are arrogant, man. They never stop talking even if they have no experience on that particular subject at all.

Have you ever heard “That’s impossible”, “What if you fail?”, “Oh no, that’s too dangerous” before?

Success and failure are both contagious. If they are poisonous, they’ll do anything to spread their toxicity without being aware of it.

If you ask for help from the average people, all they give you back is going to be more negativity. Those people can’t even envision success for themselves, let alone envision it for you.

What are you going to do?

Be deaf to all average and open your all senses to extraordinary.

You don’t find extraordinary people all the time, but when you find them, follow their advice to a T.

Choose your advice wisely.

5- Having Low Self-belief

Most people don’t even consider the possibility of creating something out of nothing.

They can never see the potential in them because their past life experience tells them to keep their standards low.

Let’s analyze the opportunity process from a high achiever and average.

Someone: Can you learn how to drive a helicopter?

High achiever: Well, I’ve never done that but I achieved other things that I haven’t done before, so why not?

Average: Oh no I can’t because of blah blah…(Tells about the past failures)

If you believe you can do it, you are right; if you think otherwise, you are still right.

The attitude determines the chance of success.

And it is directly related to your self-belief.

Self-belief is also self-created because we never think positively or believe in ourselves unless we actually succeed at something. Our brain needs success cornerstones which can be formed by getting small victories.

Belief comes through results. After you achieved small victories, you have a solid proof to be in hopes of reaching the bigger victories.


There is no secret formula. There is no book or person with all the answers. Therefore, you must go and find them out.

Waiting for something to happen is a waste of time. I guarantee that will bring you nothing but more regret.

You don’t need a perfect idea, high self-esteem, a huge inspiration to start.

The muse never visits you until you start. You earn your energy, spirit, blood and soul after you start. That’s the paradox you will never able to understand in your whole life.

Just fucking start and find the answers in your journey.

I do believe that some of you guys out there reading this article are born to be entrepreneurs. Just follow your heart and take the leap of faith.

It won’t be easy, but it will be yours. There’s no easy way out, man. I guarantee, whoever tells you the otherwise is 100% scam.

The devil will try to hold you down, you will feel the resistance penetrating into your bones every single day. You will hear the whispers in your ear as convincing you that your idea is stupid and not worth to follow through.

Well, it is damn worth it.

You will learn to ignore the evil voice. Any worthwhile success in life does not come easily. I must encourage you to take the risk because you have only one shot in this life.

And some things are worth fighting for in our short span of time. If you don’t want to fight, you don’t understand life.

There is nothing more brilliant than deserving it through sweat equity.

Here’s one takeaway from this article. Just think about the thing (idea, project, goal) that you’ve always had in your heart.

Take one small step (even a tiny) and do something about it today. Maybe writing it down, making a phone call, investing a tool that you need to carry on your idea…

Just grow some balls and do something before it is too late.