Have you ever thought about how your life could end in a second?

Maybe you have and it took 0.28 seconds to turn back to your old rhythm.

People think they are going to live forever.

There is one word to describe how we live our lives.


We are consistently at the edge of existence and we have zero respect to that.

It is not part of our routine.

Some people are living in another part of the world by tasting the bitterness of death every single day in Africa, Philistine, Syria, Afghanistan…

And we are just so busy to be swarmed with our bullshit problems like we are the center of the world.

People are devastated when they see a Java upgrade on their computers. They get insanely mad when the shopkeeper gave a candy instead of change. They are out of their minds if the cafe has troubles with Wi-Fi connection.

I always witness to wastage of food in restaurants while there are about 9 million people who die of starvation each year.

How did we become such insentient creatures?

What did conduct us away from ourselves? Our minds are diverted, possessed by the devil. How is it possible to live so far away from our nature and reach fulfillment?

Our ancestors had a strong opinion about what is good or evil, unlike today’s humanoids.

They were experiencing life by living in nature without mass media, internet, ad exposure. If they would have seen you jerking off while looking at porn, they certainly knew it was evil.

Common sense was still making sense for them.

Now, we live in a great time. The availability of information is preposterous. Every opportunity is wide open waiting for you to get them.

Yet, people lost the guts to go after anything at all because they are lost. A generation of pussies has been raised with wrong parenting strategies.

Look, I know this is a cliche, but you got one shot in this life.

If this is the way you want to live, why the fuck are you on this blog now?

You can lie to yourself, but you can’t lie to me.

I know something is missing and that’s alright. Just don’t pretend like everything is great.

I know people are wearing a mask smiling all day and crying like babies when they return home. The worst suffering comes when you sell your soul. It happens when you hide the truth or act like it is not real.

There is no greater glory than fighting to find the truth.

Whatever is you are seeking, there will be lots of challenges. And whenever you are dealing with a tough challenge, you need a sharp competitive mindset.

You must be locked in a vision. You must see the light and keep seeing until you reach it. No questions, no noise, no distraction, no nothing…

It is done, there is nothing to talk anymore. That’s your drive, that’s your passion, that’s your everything. Critics don’t matter, this don’t matter, that don’t matter.

It does not matter if you have support from others. No excuse, you still gotta push forward.

You are going to learn how to give your all, okay? Your all is a lot more than you know, there is so much inside you to give.

Stop selling yourself too short like those bunch of pussies out there. They are too scared to go after any idea they have. Most people in society will never understand you because they never had a passion for anything.

They are… They are just normal people. Only people who are serious about their dreams and desire will grow their balls to follow through.

Most will chase misery and regret.

Eventually, in a book about the experience, she would distinctly identify “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying.” They are:

  1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.
  2. I wish I hadn’t worked so much.
  3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.
  4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.
  5. I wish that I had let myself be happier.

Do you really want to look back on your life and see how wonderful it could have been had you not been afraid to live it?

“Pursue one great decisive aim with force and determination.”

-Carl von Clausewitz

If you have any interest in doing something out of ordinary, this is your recipe. Just pick one thing and do it with force, faith, and determination.

There will be mountains of obstacles that will try to stop you. And here’s what will protect you from everything in the storm…

A strong why

If you have a strong why, you do whatever it takes until you get it. I don’t want you to fuel your motivation tank with these articles.

The ones who will achieve their goals are not searching for motivation. They decide, set a plan of action, and develop a clear vision.

I don’t want you to get excited and leave to live in the same vicious cycle. Actually, I don’t want anything at all, that is none of my concern.

The only way to change is by changing how you see things. I become happy if I see you better but your life is your responsibility.

Everybody was believing they were special, they all believed they were meant to do bigger things. Now, I don’t see any of them, they are all eaten by worms.

It is always your life and your choices. Every single choice my friend, every single one of them.

You are either going on the path of your destiny, or you are not. Be conscious and make sure your thoughts, emotions, and actions are aligned for the results you want to generate.

You see, what stands between us and achieving even our most ambitious dreams has far less to do with possessing some magical skill or talent, and far more to do with how we approach problems and make decisions to solve them.

What will change you is not a miracle, it is a simple decisive action that you can implement right now.

Your dream is a journey of 1000 miles and it starts with just 1 step. Let’s say you will write 1000 pages of a novel, it seems frightening, isn’t it?

Rather than focusing on how scary it looks, break your ambitious goals into their simplest form and see what you can do.

How about writing 3 pages for today and making it your habit? In about 1 year, you will complete your novel. Your dream has become a goal now because you developed an idea of how you can achieve it.

The only difference between a dreamer and achiever is the second one decided to stop being a spectator in decision making and start being a participant.

Obstacles are not bad, you would not grow without overcoming them. Life just needs to know how serious you are by throwing shits on you.

99% of people are not serious and they give up. Life throws a challenge and they always be like:

  • Well, I don’t know how to blah blah…
  • I will do a bad job
  • I don’t really like X
  • If I can’t do it, then I will get…
  • I have no time to do…

Just pay attention to one of these bullshit realizations and you are done. Let the mind keep shattering and do what you should do, just take action.

Fuck it up, write a really first bad draft, let the people humiliate you. Does it matter? You will look at yourself years later and laugh at those times.

A mistake, a failure, a catastrophe has the potential to move you forward because at least you have something. Then, you can work on it and become better by learning from your mistakes.

Otherwise, what do you have really? Nothing. You are going to stay in stasis and find yourself in the exact same spot after 10 years.

99% of people wander around in the same fucking nonsense because they never pull the trigger. All they do is thinking about “What happens if I do…”, “Oh my idea is…”, “Next time I will do..”.


Cut it out. It is not working, can’t you see?

Maybe you will see in your 40s. “Well, I never knew what to do, and now I’m 40”. Yeah because you have never tried! You are in big trouble, that’s a fucking nightmare dude.

And if you are young one reading this, yes you have a chance but you don’t have all the time in the world. Time is passing so fast.

Ask all people in their early 20s and they will all talk hopefully about their wishes and desires. 99% of them can’t reach any of them and become slaves. Why? Because they could not pull the trigger.

They all believed they had all the time in the world. They listened to other zombies around them who told them what to do. They pushed their dreams to someday and that day has never come.

One day, you wake up and you are 40. You wonder where the all sweet youthful energy of yours has gone. People are a lot more unhappy about the things they haven’t done when they look at their past.

Would you hear the solution? Would you hear the sentence that will save you from this misery?

Listen up because that is the only thing you must focus on right now…


The willingness to be a fool is the prerequisite to the path of mastery.

The ultimate way of mastery:

  • Be willing to do a terrible job,
  • Be willing to take small steps at a time,
  • Be willing to do a bad first draft of anything,
  • Be willing to be and to look like a fool,
  • Be willing to fail again and again,

Because no matter how your attempts look like, at least you’ll be doing something about it, and you’ll be getting smarter along the way.

This is the way, alright? Now, you know it anymore.

Go and try out something new.

Just do redemptive mistakes.

What’s the consequence? You become wiser If you pay attention to them and learn from them. This the only way to see how stupid you are.

The world is full of stupid people who cannot see their stupidity. You must be the one who can see it. And that is only possible when you move forward.

Get informed by the error of your results.

Chase your rainbow.

The closer you get the farther it will get. You might think there is treasure under it but the true treasure is your self-growth.

As you take stumbling steps toward it, you become illuminated, enlightened, and informed because of the nature of experience.

So, bite the bullet and go to the country you have never been for the sake of learning something.

Hit a wall and die a little bit, then get back up again and keep moving forward. If you stand still, you fall back because the world moves away from you.

Well, people can decide to go for an ideal even if it is defined poorly but they find themselves afraid and paralyzed. They are scared of what they might possibly encounter.

Fear stops and freezes those people because negative emotions are more powerful than positive emotions. Being happy is good but it is never as important as suffering and death.

So, that is why we are more receptive to negative emotions. You run faster away from what you fear than towards what you love because the fear of failure is greater than the joy of success.

The fear manipulates you so easily if you have a weak and incomplete analysis. Before making a decision, you must weigh out the benefits and costs of doing it.

Our brain believes indecision has no cost at all by default which is absolutely wrong. To not make a decision also has a cost and sometimes it is far worse than making a decision even if the decision is risky.

You suffer anyways. Actually, we are already dead. You are a dead character in a game, so there is no greater danger than playing it safe.

If small milligrams of liquid (fear) cause you to give up on your dreams, then you deserve to live in misery. Life always loves brave people.

You can only be totally free if you truly see you have nothing to lose.

You do it anyway and all sorts of opportunities open up to you. You don’t suffer from wasting your time anymore because you chose to suffer for noble, admirable, and glorious reasons.

Even if you don’t get them, you are moving forward and that’s a lot better than rotting in the same place.

Then, we can call it “living” rather than just being alive.