I don’t know who you are.

Maybe you’ve just graduated from college with a brand new question in your head, “Well, now what?”.

Maybe you’re sick of wasting your precious time on bullshit classes that you don’t even care.

Maybe you are a parent who live for the weekend and barely make time for yourself.

Regardless of who you are, I know one thing about you.

You deal with a huge pressure beast as a price of living in the digital age.

Yeah, we reach information easily and get the benefits of amazing stuff but there must be a price, right? You came here, so, apparently, you want to do some cool stuff by using all the available information.

You are meant to do something bigger, much bigger than what you are doing right now. You are sure that you have to do something but you are confused about the “how” part.

What will you do and how will you do it?

You feel like you are in a rut and you can’t get out of it. Stay cool, there is a reason why you feel that way. You did not start thinking these bullshit out of blue.

They’ve already started imposing these on you from the moment of your birth.

Can you believe it?

They fucked you up throughout your whole life, and they expected you to create wonders. They expected you to save the world from devastation, become a millionaire or a Hollywood star.

Hence, nobody supported you to have good qualifications by adding more skills to your arsenal. They never showed you a clear path.

Can you see the evil indoctrination behind this scenario?

Hell, they did not even appreciate your talents or the good work you have done so far.

Who will save you from this swamp? If I can read the situation well, maybe I have a solution, ha?

The Pressure Is Fake

Let me ask you this first, “What’s the rush?”.

Who do you think you are trying to prove to yourself?

To your siblings, to your parents, to the world?

Look, the pressure is an illusion. I know how frightening to imagine that you failed so big in the eyes of others. But hey, they don’t define you, my friend.

That’s actually what keeps you in your comfort cage and continuously suck your blood until you kill your soul.

Look, I lived my life in a walking daze for 23 years. I always did what my parents told me (to be nice to people, get a degree, find a job, etc.).

Back then, I was a 9-5 worker for a software company and a student at college. The load of work on my shoulders was huge and I was far away from my family, either.

The job was draining my energy because it was too boring and I hated every single lecture on college. Basically, I was torturing myself but the important question was “for what?”.

To meet the expectation of my family and other people? Just, why? Fucking why? Would I want to be like the superiors at the office? Nope, I even pitied them because their life was miserable.

Even though some of them had satisfactory wages, they were living in misery because of the disgust of doing load of shitty work and the limitation of their time.

If I continued to live that way, that was the end of the tunnel. There was no fucking light at all. My suffering felt so pointless. I was so fucking fed up.

So, I quit my job and froze my education to go back to my homeland. There were lots of questions in my head and my mind was not clear enough to find the answers.

I was sure about one thing…

I had to go WITHIN.

So, I recharged my battery to find my light.

For 1 year, I solely focused on my inner game and how to improve my life in general. That’s how Command Glory is born.

Later, I discovered that I was born to be a writer.

What surprised me is that nobody called or asked what I am doing during this process. Literally, my phone just died. 95% of the casual calls and texts just suddenly vanished. I felt in my bones that I am lonely.

More than that, I discovered the pressure is fake because nobody cares about you. They just pretend that they care. They are too busy with their own shit, dude.

You just happen to hop in the idea of you are the attention center of everybody, hence the reality is nobody gives a fuck about you. They only care if they have any interest.

All these fake people will quit chasing you when you plug yourself into the system and kill your soul. Once they learned that you found a 9-5 job, got married and had kids, they will all vanish suddenly.

They don’t expect you to be extraordinary, they expect you to kill your soul. They want to hear the news of your all dreams and desire are abandoned by you.

You are constantly trying to prove your worth to people who give a zero fuck about you. The sad part is, meanwhile, you forget your own value. Open your eyes because you are enough already.

Macro patience, Micro speed.

Look, I assume you start from scratch just like I did. Listen, whatever worth achieving in this life takes a serious amount of time.

You have to be patient as fuck because nothing is going to happen overnight.

Get in the habit of using this word, PATIENCE.

You have to hustle hours and hours every day with the awareness of nothing good will happen soon. (Possibly for the next 5 years).

Look, 5 years is nothing, it is like a blink of an eye. Tomorrow you wake up and 5 years just passed by, that’s how short 5 years is.

You either wake up to a new life that you are proud of or to the misery that causes anxiety, depression, and self-hate. With every decision, you are building your future self.

What are you impatient for? You want to buy a fucking Lamborghini? What’s the rush? Let me tell you what’s going on in your mind.

Your brain is bombarded by the overnight success stories that you run into on social media (Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)

You watch fake millennials hitting these huge milestones in their life and that leads you to start questioning yourself.

That creates pressure on you to achieve massive success as soon as possible.

Look, social media is not a real world.

It’s mostly a place where wannabe people are scamming others by acting like they got the answers. Even if they are not scammers, you still should not be busy with concerning yourself with what they do.

Their trillion fucking followers on Instagram can make you feel insufficient, but do you know their background story? How did they come up to that level? Do you know them in person? Have you seen their family?

Maybe their family architected something you can’t get in 50 years when they were just a teenager. So, they were able to walk directly into what gave them a huge springboard?

You don’t know what happened behind the scenes (Great financial capabilities, family culture, opportunities, ungodly amounts of investments).

What the fuck does that have to do with you?

Others’ life has nothing to with you!

They are other people and you are different. Just accept and relieve.

Stop looking at other people’s shit on social media and open your eyes to real life. Comparing yourself to unreal people is the most ludicrous horseshit I’ve ever heard in my life.

Every second you spend thinking about what somebody else is doing will take away from time that you could create something for yourself.

Remember, whatever is you are thinking; if it’s not about your life, you are losing. You lose when you are laying in your bed, stalking one of your friend’s fucking highly edited picture of doing something cool.

Spending 10 minutes on social media is enough to get envious and jealous. This is where you feed the stress that puts you under pressure.

What is the result? Impatience and lots of negative emotions.

The things you carry are only your thoughts, that’s it. They are the only weight. Your thoughts determine whether you are free as a bird or burdened as a prisoner.

What you see on the screen becomes your “wannabe” and you constantly feel the pain of not getting there, yet. Look, maybe you have to feel like shit if you haven’t done shit but this is not the way. Why? 2 reasons.

  1. What you see on the screen is an illusion
  2. Even if not, that person is not in your circle of influence.

You can feel shit if it will cause you to act in a way to move forward but this won’t be the pain of glory, this will be the pain of absolute non-sense.

When you are around successful people, they try their best to lift you up to their level. You get positive encouragement even if the truth they spit out hurts your ego.

If you haven’t done shit, you must go and do shit that actually gets you there.

If you still have time to consume the content on social media, officially you are not doing enough. Do you think you are doing enough? How much time did you spend on building something last week?

You need your 100% of your focus and time to create something from scratch. Stop giving a shit about what anybody else has and realize that you have to put your head down and just work for the next 10 years.

You have no time to show off; so, no glamor, no new sneakers, no new car, no suitcase, no jewelry, no trip, no event…

Just deploy patience and love the process.

I am talking about pure dedication to your work.

If you do this long enough, you will eventually have what you want. Otherwise, every time you care about something none of your business will cause a huge slow down in your process of achieving the life you want.

Throw away the arbitrary shits that doing nothing good for you. You wanna fly? Great, then you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.

Chase a marathon rather than a bunch of bullshit sprints that guarantees end up having nothing.

You must learn to not give a fuck about the end goal. Detach yourself from the outcomes and feel the actual enjoyment of doing it.

Would you enjoy trying 315 pounds squat when you are a gym newbie? No, because it would tear you down. If your goals put such a heavy burden on you, that means they have potential devastating after effect if you do not accomplish them.

Do not tyrannize yourself with illusional goals. You must pick the goals that are quite challenging but have a chance of success at the same time.

So, let me ask you a damn important question: “Will you think of these long and deep enough or you will just get the hype for a while and turn back to social media bullshit tomorrow?”

Don’t play a fake narrative instead of putting in the actual work that has vital importance to pull it off.

When I ask average people “Why don’t you build a business?”, they all lie to me. “Oh, I wish I could, but I have no time, money, support, x, y, z”. You don’t create this kind of bullshit realizations anymore, right?

You can start an online business almost for free in this digital age. This is the best time for entrepreneurship in the entire time of history.

My personal advice:

Fuck everything else and start a business.

Do not try, do not test, do not spend time, do not have fun.

Start a god damn business, one business and put your 100% focus on that. Dedicate your all blood, soul, sweat, and tears to it.

That will help you to learn how to give your all by harnessing your superpowers to create something from scratch. The business building process is the best character builder.

You will reveal your real character with time.

Don’t forget, you must use your energy on one thing only. Multi-tasking is a sure way to end up with nothing. If you don’t believe me, just taste flirting with a lot of different things. Otherwise, you will always be crippled by the “what if” if you don’t.

Everybody complains as “Well, I don’t know what I like boo-hoo”.

Of course, you don’t know because you always did what they’ve told you. People graduate from college without experiencing anything new because they were too busy with studying.

The school was a too easy, structured boring game.

The academic knowledge had nothing to do with practicality. A college is a place where a bunch of dipshits preaches the bullshit dogmas. When you spend a little time in college, you immediately know that the professors don’t know shit about shit.

From realizing that, you decide to go online and learn everything you could by yourself every day from that moment on.


You must learn to attack for what you love, especially if you are in your early 20s.

You should never be practical and safe in your youth while you don’t have all the baggage on your shoulders, yet. There is no baby, wife, or mortgage and the world has not sucked out all your dreams and hopes, yet.

Screw the job your mama wanted you to do. This is the time for being massively risk-oriented.

Look, you will spend at least 1/3 of your life at work. “Leaving up to chance” for such a crucial concept would be the dumbest mistake you could ever do.


Do not believe the lies of the mind that will buy you more time to bullshit like you are doing right now.

Just enjoy living in dirt, grinding and bleeding because that’s the nature of the game. Don’t give a fuck for the things you have no control over.

If you have a desire, you must be working, training, learning all the time.

Don’t be surprised by the stupidity of the masses. They are ALL playing the wrong game by posturing, pandering, PR-ing themselves…

No winner thinks that you are winning when you pretend like you are killing it.

There is one way to show solid proof: WORK.

Work is the answer, it is the ultimate cure for all of your wounds. So, stop pretending and buckle down to the building. Do your best to protect your determination and self-belief in the process.

“But, do I have to spend all of my life working? Won’t I enjoy anything at all?”

If you go hard enough, you will find joy in your work. Then, work will be your new addiction.

When you got rid of the emotional baggage that keeps you down all the time, you naturally want to create value by using your maximum potential.

That is only possible by doing the things you enjoy. The day I don’t write is such a nightmare and torture.

Other than that, of course, I don’t recommend spending your whole 20s hustling without any free time. That is so ridiculous if you don’t want to be filthy rich.

There needs to be a balance for everything. You can always get money, but you won’t ever get your 20s back.

Don’t go too hard on you in your 20s because money will come anyway if you are on the right path. If you only chase money, you’ll also get it but you’ll want more and more with greed.

There’s no end to money, but there’s an end to time.

So choose wisely.