Disclaimer: This article is dangerous for weak people. If you are someone who lives happily in a dream world, it is not recommended you to read.

After this article, you will see most of your problems originate from women.

When you read women like a book, you will see how overrated they are.

You will never let them bring misery to your life because you will stop giving a fuck about them. They will only bring joy to your life.

Women are your enemies and they hate you outrageously.

Every day I see new young fellas becoming more sad and depressed. They are sick of living their life, but they don’t know why. Maybe they should never know why.

I recommend you to leave because this article will change your whole perspective. You will start considering women from a different point of view.

The old good boy will be gone forever. Nothing will be the same anymore. You will clearly see the root of your problems and you will understand the real purpose of women.

After you know their dirty secrets, you will never look them in the same way.

What you are going to earn:

  • Unshakeable confidence towards all women that you have never felt before
  • An ability to sustain relationships as you wish without any concern or sadness.
  • Happiness, serenity, peace of mind…
  • You will feel as light as a feather because you will get rid of tons of bullshit problems that constantly bother you.

What you are going to lose:

  • Your naivety… You are going to learn how to play the game with each woman.
  • Your innocent dreams… You will never think as, “Oh, I am going to marry with love of my life.” again.
  • You will look at your old version and burst into a laugh when you remember how pity your situation was.

So, you keep reading, that means you accepted to change.

All the women around me know how I think about them, but I can sleep with 90% of them with only one call.

Note: 5% possibility for relatives and 5% for menstruation issues.

The Vicious Love Cycle

Men tend to assume nothing in this life complex including women. They find themselves in the same following the vicious cycle.

You fall in love with a random girl and do anything that she wants to have sex with her. First days, everything is great because both sides feed their egos as a bonus for a fresh start.

Later, the relationship problems start to occur. You cannot believe how she turned into such a slut. You eventually get bored and break up with her. Then, you look for a new one for the rebound.

What is love for fuck’s sake?

Love is a hormonal and electrical form of event. It is designed by the hand of women to manipulate men.

Love is nothing but the illusion of the modern world. It can easily put any rational male into sleep to become a slave for a female.

Basically, love is nothing more than a desire for having sex.

What you experience in life is always coded as neural networks in the brain. The more you spend with a girl, the more neural networks you build.

But also, there is a hormonal aspect of the issue.

The neural connections become stronger in your Neocortex when you are horny because of excessive testosterone production.

After gazillion of neural connections is built, your brain starts to think like “Oh, there must be something special with this whore because we have a lot of strong neural networks”.

But your brain was unaware of your horniness and that is why it miscalculates the equation.

You start to consider those females more special. In fairy tales, you heard millions of times every guy was falling in love for a girl. So, you assume that is what you should do in this unknown situation.

However, it is just a game well played by a female by taking advantage of your hormonal weaknesses. She uses her sex appeal and femininity to delude and manipulate you for her selfish needs.

After a while, she gets bored and decides to get rid of you. You become upset and that builds deeper neural connections in your brain.

Even if you are determined to forget her, it takes some serious time to delete neural networks. You think you forgot her, but they never vanish completely.

They revive again whenever you see her and you remember past events. You assume that you are still in love with her.

This is called pangs of love, the pain never stops.

Women Got The Power

They put billions of men into sleep with love stories and fairy tales. In movies, songs, books…

They are everywhere.

I know that it is hard to break taboos and form new ideas. But I love the potential of the internet, there must be some hot prospects in the world salivating for the change.

I have two questions for you:

  • You learned how they indoctrinated your brain with love when you were a little kid. However, did you have enough information about women while you were building that lovable female figures?
  • Let’s say you can have sex with any woman on the earth. Which one would you choose, the one who loves you or the one you love?

These questions may seem weird right now, but you will understand their importance later.

Is there a better money trap than “love” in popular culture?

Label anything with “love” and make money out of it easily. Put it in a movie, song, book and let it become the new hit. Film a love story movie and let the millions of losers watch it.

Every male character struggles in movies so hard, for what? To earn the heart of a woman? Don’t make me laugh. As a man, you must have a broader vision.

You came to planet earth to achieve more than conquering the heart of a stupid female.

If you meet a guy by chance who keeps talking about love, there is one thing you can be sure of… That man does not have a sexual life.

I am not saying there is no sex without love. It is just stupid to lie to yourself with love stories while your desire is just pumping and humping.

Do you think women too stupid to not realize that? They smell every single detail about you like a dog sniffs and find the cocaine.

Maybe you realized that I often make generalizations to make my point. Some guys will take it the wrong way, but who cares? I need smart readers. Let’s keep going.

You never see boring terms or unnecessary details on Command Glory. Life is already too complex. My purpose is to make everything clear for you.

The Biological Explanation of Love

When you use motivating words, people immediately jump onto them.

When you say:

People always want to believe you because that would be a nice short cut for them to success.

However, very few of them can face the truth. They are smart and strong ones. This strength might come from their past experiences.

There are 3 stages of how women make men fall in love with them:

  • Sexual hunger
  • Attraction
  • Bonding

From a biological standpoint, there are certain hormonal changes in your chemistry in each stage.

  • Sexual hunger: Testosterone
  • Attraction: Adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin
  • Bonding: Oxytocin, Vasopressin

The sexual hunger is triggered by your testosterone levels and you cannot control that.

In the attraction phase, the woman gets all of your attention, you cannot think anything else but her.

There are 3 hormones play in this phase. Adrenaline is released when you are too excited. Your heart beats become very rapid, you start sweating.

Dopamine ignites your rewarding system. You want the girl more and you give yourself a reward in each step. The mechanism works in the same way that cocaine addiction does.

With this hormone, you can’t sleep properly and you barely eat due to your lack of hunger.

And serotonin…

This is the most important hormone for love. You become obsessed with the girl. It changes your thinking system from A to Z.

Most couples believe that their relationship is so special and unique. And this happens in the bonding phase.

I know the biological part is a little bit boring, but you must have a strong foundation.

The reason why I am explaining the biological process is that because you must understand nothing is special about love. It is nothing more than a mechanical process.

Most scientists claim that people speak before they actually think and they rationalize what they speak later.

For example, after a quick process in your subconscious, you say “This is expensive”. Later, you find rational reasons why it is really expensive. The brain has no limit.

That is why people easily fall into this love trap. For god’s sake, could there be anything special about something that everybody keeps talking every single day?

Anyways, the bonding is where the brain arrives at a solution.

“This is the woman of my life!”, “I want to marry this woman and have kids from her!”. There are 2 hormones behind what makes you say these bullshit sentences: oxytocin and vasopressin“.

Oxytocin might be represented by a bear hug. It has such a strong bonding effect. The body releases it intensely right after ejaculation.

The couples feel closer to each other with the help of this hormone, especially after having sex. The more you have sex with a woman, the stronger the bond you have with her.

Women establish their bond with their children by releasing too much oxytocin in the process of birth. Right after that, the woman looks at her child. (This builds very strong neural networks beyond measure)

Everything I told you has been proved by science with a lot of experiments. You can check them out as you wish.

In one experiment, they load a woman high dosage of oxytocin and let her meet a new guy. She immediately starts hugging and kissing him.

Women Are Dangerous

Women are everywhere unlike palmy days when masculinity was still on fire. They easily manipulate men and make them their slaves.

Will you let them make you a loser and kill your soul?

Let me give you a secret you do not wanna know. Women experience their strongest orgasm in their first breastfeeding.

This is a secret that they never talk about. After this, their husbands cannot satisfy them like before.

We are not done, yet.

There is one more hormone: Vasopressin, which is also released right after sex and has long term effects.

Your kidneys also use this hormone to balance your thirst. It controls the base of every long term relationship.

Men usually try to repress this hormone, but they strongly feel it when they think their woman cheated on them.

You see right? Bonding… Nothing but a chemical process.

If you are a strong male figure, women will mostly become your enemy rather than your ally.

The nature of every woman is based on selfishness. They all see themselves as a goddess in their own world.

When loser males desperately hit on them or give them some cheesy compliment, that only feeds their ego.

Do you know why cats often match up with girls? There is a saying, “When you give food to a cat, she thinks she is a god. When you give food to a dog, he thinks you are a god.”

Do you want to experience everything I told you here? Just share with a woman your very private memories for 30 minutes and stare at the eyes of each other without talking for 3 to 4 minutes.

There is an experiment done by a doctor that lasts 34 minutes but I forgot the name of it. Do you want to build deeper relationships? Ask questions about special events of her life like the best and worst childhood memories etc.

Do you know what is the worst part?

You won’t even want to use these strategies to pick up women. Because after you have seen their real faces, you will know how worthless, overrated, and simple they are.

These three statements are important, let’s repeat them again.

  • There is no such thing as “love”. Women only love themselves because they are all selfish.
  • Most problems you experience in life directly or indirectly stem from women.
  • Women should not even be in a place that causes a problem in your life


Here, we discussed why your mother is programmed to love you.

Your mother was the first female model you met. She was the first person who lied to you by saying “I love you”.

She had no other choice but loving you because of hormonal and environmental pressure. But, you assumed that all women will be like this because your mother seeded female doctrines in your mind.

She just helped you to grow safely while killing your natural talents and making you a dumb nancy-boy. Later, you encountered with modern life doctrines by media, TV, songs, movies, books…

In all platforms, they put females on a pedestal and downgraded males. Men were perverts, danger, bummers that women should be afraid of.

Women were rare gems and men had to do extra work to earn their hearts. Society wanted you to believe such bullshit lies…

Because they don’t want you to live a happy life.

They want you to become an unhappy slave who always consumes to feel momentary pleasures. You were programmed to become nothing but a small point in the graphic of consumption growth.

Where does this social conditioning finally come to?


What the fuck is marriage?

It is just permission from the government as by saying “Okay, both of you can have sex as much as you wish”. So, they can easily track your information and they can earn more money from you.

Let’s analyze a typical marriage.

The man wants to have sex regularly because he is tired after all. He wants to have a better status in the face of society, “Look at me! I am a married dad anymore!”

He makes a big mistake by signing that contract because it involves accepting the slavery of his wife.

Women want to get married as soon as they can because there are 2 basic reasons.

  • Their prime passes fast and nobody wants to marry an old woman.
  • They can easily have control over a man with marriage.

The man gives him all power away with marriage and he becomes the slave.

The nature of man is polygynous but he suppresses it for the sake of pleasing society. He soon finds out how she changes after marriage. She becomes such a bitch after she got what she wants.

He cannot get divorced immediately because it causes such a big financial burden on him. He sees there is no equality under the law, contrarily women have a lot of privileges.

The woman makes everything to restrict his freedom. She finally succeeds it and he loses his all masculine energy.

Look at the pathetic situation of man. He becomes her monogamous slave like a domesticated animal.

Do you know what happens later? She stops feeling any attraction and loses her interest to him because every woman desires a polygamous man.

In her subconscious, she wants a man who can impress other women as a sign of higher status.

He cheats on her because that bitch deserves it after all. The man starts feeling the guilt, but she never stops nagging.

These are enough to have hard conversations results in fights. Then, you meet those old men always chasing young pussy who wants to get rid of his wife.

Show me, where is the “love” in this scenario?

Women Only Love Themselves

All people are selfish, so as women.

When a woman says “I love you”, that means “Thanks for making me love myself”. When she said that, firstly, think of how much she actually knows your character.

How deep were your conversations? Did you share your special memories?

If she knows you very well and she finds positive traits in your character, they will also all serve for her self-interest.

No woman can love you for who you really are. That is why it is easy to pick up women. They all think they love you while they were falling in love with themselves.

The only thing you need to do is helping her to love herself more.

“I helped an old lady to cross the road”

When somebody said this to us, we react as “Oh, what a benevolent act” But, think again, did that person make a favor for the lady or himself? Maybe, he did this to make himself feel better?

Let me give an extreme example.

I’d choose prostitution as a career choice rather than becoming a beggar. In prostitution, at least you give your body for a service, but in beggary, people feel themselves better by using you.

I hope this made the point more clear.

“I love you” is nothing more than “I love myself and you remind me of this, thank you”.

Never eat the “I love you” bait.

Women do these games unconsciously, the orders come from their subconscious. But, eventually, both sides end up becoming unhappy.

Don’t finish this article with a mentality as “Fuck these girls, let’s stay alone”. I gave you this information to make everything systematic.

If you have a little bit of experience with human relationships, you know that these are the bitter truth.

You need women who appreciate your manhood. There are also great women on this planet earth… But they are very very rare like a unique gem and unfortunately, their number is decreasing every year.

Western countries are mostly trash… Eastern Europe and Asia is alright because the cultural effect has not spread there, yet.

What you need to is to keep growing both mentally and physically. A man who is always moving forward does not waste his precious time with stupid women.

That is why you are here and reading these articles.

So, we have no problem.

No bullshit love stories anymore.

Only your mission and the truth.

As Command Glory always delivers…

We are done with the love topic with this article.

I will catch you next time.