The truth lies in your blood.

The answers are lying within.

There is no wisdom, there is no book.

There is no single person with all the answers.

You are just gonna fall down and scrape your knees.

Only experiences will teach you what you are looking for.

There are unteachable things, you just learn by experience. Think about the war, how can you describe the war by only words? Especially to a person who never heard of a real explosion.

Why the color red is actually red? I can’t explain this, it is fucking red.

When you get older, you just realize it is a waste of time to discuss many topics. What you can teach is limited in the range of the capacity of the other side.

There is no truth, there is only the truth for you.

What you perceive as the truth might be a lie for another one.

Asking for advice to make a decision for your life is like searching the most beautiful fish on the mars.

No one lived the life with you, they won’t live with you from now on, either.

They will give you advice from their past experiences. They will give you their truth, not yours.

Their brain will form an image based on past information. The information is dead, it has no use if there is no soul it in.

The truth lies in our blood. Greek philosophers say that we are already born with the knowledge and we just discover them by living. Those motherfuckers speak well sometimes.

How can you judge someone about how they live? Judging is also a waste of time, especially if you have no idea what people have gone through.

There is no right answer for a wrong question.

Asking the right question is a big deal. It is the ultimate test of intelligence.

Do you think you think? Most people would rather die than think. Let’s make a little test, what was your best question today?

People don’t even have questions. When they try to ask, they ask for the non-sense shit.

I am in the gym, sweating like an animal while resting between my sets. Some moron comes up with a question “What protein powder do you use to be like that?”

There is no right answer for that because the question already have 2 preconditions. The first one, “One must use protein powder to build muscle” and the second one “I am using protein powder.”

A wise question must be purified from all bias. It needs to come from the nature of curiosity.

People don’t wanna know the truth, they just ask for similar people who would accept their dogmas.

More than that, they are not aware of their brain is full of dogmas. How did that happen? Mass media, advertising, social media… Wherever they look, there is something to try to wash their brains.

They are not only on the screen. Let’s say you are driving your car and all you see is burgers, ice cream, clothing, coke ads on the billboard. Then suddenly you feel an urge to eat burgers and ice cream. Wtf? How did that happen?

I always knew everything was a lie. I never wanted to watch TV, listen to the news. Don’t ask me why. I instinctively knew it.

Slavery is not over, its form just changed. Now, it is more sophisticated. Basically, they just don’t tell you “we are making you a slave.”

They just load up the slave mentality to young brains and they are more than happy to become a slave.

How To Break Away

I was alone. I fought alone and that was never a problem for me.

But you are not alone, because Command Glory will be here for you.

This blog does not belong to me, it is yours. I am just the messenger of truth whether you take it or not.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not responsible for your own fight. You still have to fight for yourself.

I am just responsible for showing the way, it is up to you whether you walk or not.

There is no secret, there is no mystery at all.

There are questions need to be asked.

We need to break away from the chains attached from the day we are born.

How would be your character if there was no external evil force? We need to go for it, man.

I am not saying it will be easy, but it will be damn worth it.

It will be the only thing worth living for…

Talk to old people, ask them about life. They all will bullshit you with their dogmas.

They will defend the values they don’t even care about. They pretend they care because they have been living with them for their whole life.

Do you sincerely want to become one of them?

When the hairs in your ass got whiten, will you bullshit youngsters with your dogmas?

Is that a coincidence you found this website among billions of others?

I respect your choices.

I sincerely wonder what would our ancestors think if they have seen the current situation of the world.

Modern life brought many but took more than many.

To earn some, we lost a lot.

That is why we have to reach hidden wisdom in our DNA. It is not possible by following the dogmas of this society.

I tell you what is going to happen, “we will all die”.

It is in our hands to make it meaningful.

That is all for now, goodbye.