Follow through and win, give up and lose.

The game was always about never giving up and having balls to continue to do what you do.

99% of the people had never tasted the feeling of following through.

They are… They are just normal people.

They sleep with the same dreams and they wait for the magic to happen.

A hero will come, a miracle will happen…

They are just programmed to dream about positive stuff.

Even when they die, they won’t lose this shitty hope.

However, they will never know the truth…

There Is Only YOU

The magic is created by the hands of yours.

You create your own luck.

You create your own magic.

You become your own hero.

You become the savior.

How do you do this?

You wish it, you act on it and you never give up.

The majority love the wishing part. Most can’t even dare to wish what they really want…

They are scared of achieving anything at all…

Nothing will change for the average, they will sleep and wake up with the same dreams.

They will wonder where they have done the wrong.

I am telling you the secret, just fucking FOLLOW THROUGH.

When you say the secret, they just don’t get it. For them, the secret must be magical.

There has to be something beyond their understanding. They must say “Wow” and they could change their misery by reading one sentence.

Mean what you say and say what you mean.

You gotta be precise, determined and faithful in your words.

2 fucking process: Have Faith and Take Action.

If there is a problem in any of these, you will fail.

If you don’t believe and try to act, you won’t follow through.

If you just believe and never take action, you won’t follow through, either.


That’s not as easy as it sounds. Because you gotta be aware of your thought process.

Is there any question mark in your head about your success? You must get rid of it.

Write out the reasons why you may fail and destroy them one by one by THINKING.

Remember what Napoleon Hill said, THINK and grow rich. You can’t pass the thinking part. The thinking part is necessary to build a solid framework for your inner game.

If the foundation is strong, you will follow through easily. If there is any fracture in your mind castle, it will fall down in the first storm.


Everyone is eager to build a business, to build a great body, to have great relationships…

When positive feelings support them, when life is easy when the situation is convenient, When XXX, When YYY…

It is always easy to do something on a good day. The determining factor will never be the day you feel good. It will be the day you feel like absolute shit.

The day you don’t even want to bring your head up, the day you want to just kill yourself.

The decisive day will be the one when the weather is exactly the worst you can imagine, when all people are against you, when not even single person says just one positive word.

You have to be prepared for this day.

Anyone can handle the good days. Anyone can live under good standards.

If it was easy, why would they call it “success”?

What’s Strength?

Who is the strong person? Is that the one who always succeed?

The strongest person is the one who can say “So, what?” after a disaster.

You got punched right in the face, so what? I keep on fighting as nothing happened.

You lost 100 million dollars, so what? I can rebuild everything from scratch.

You lost all muscles on your body, so what? I can rebuild them all again.

You lost all friends, so what? I will find new ones.

Nothing defines you, you define those things. This is where the strength comes from.

Your shit never depends on outside resources. The strength comes from within.

Who carried your ass in the last rep of that set? Was that your mom, dad, or a friend? It was YOU.

The gym taught you to be self-reliant. You build your own body set by set, rep by rep…

Do you know why most entrepreneurs, CEOs have a background of martial arts? This is not a coincidence.

Martial arts teach you to be self-reliant and they discipline you. So, you follow through what you say.

No one in the world built anything significant without following through what they said.

Learn To Play

No one remembers the name of the guy who gave up.

When you play a game, do you give up in your first failure?

Giving up is refusing to play the game of life

Why would you ever give up? It is too boring. It is also a great way of missing all the fun.

You gotta be like a child. Children never give up until they learn the game. They never give up until they learn how to walk.

Yes, it takes a significant amount of pain, stress, exhaustion and more… But, fighting for a purpose is the ultimate game. This is why we are put on this earth.

However, our bodies are not programmed for success. We are just not given the ultimate equipment for becoming successful.

The body just tells you to eat sugar because that will give you more energy. It demands you to eat more than you eat. 

The animalistic instincts make people addicted to bullshit stuff like alcohol, sex, cigarette, drugs, etc. 

We must be the shepherd of our own animal instincts.

The body just wants to be alive in comfort. It will tend to escape from pain immediately.

We will show who’s the boss and make it our servant. That is all the game. Are you the master or the servant? You can’t be in the middle, you can only become one of them.

Make your choice and do not ever look back.

Confidence Comes Naturally

I see some youngsters looking for a way to increase their confidence.

You build your confidence by giving solid proof to your brain.

If you always keep leaving the tasks incomplete, how will you develop a sense of pride?

One of my friends said to me, “You know I am jealous of you. When you say you will do something, now or later I am sure you will do it. I know that deep inside.”

Thanks for observing who I am, friend. I know, that’s my magic.

He deeply knew it because his brain witnessed lots of proof during our friendship process.

The secret is obvious in front of your eyes.

The real question is, will you take it?

Many people did not even come to these last paragraphs. Was that a coincidence that you read these words?

Whatever you believe, will be your truth soon.

Be careful about the story you tell yourself.

For now, I am gone.