What was the best advice you were ever given?

Do you remember any at all?

You probably don’t and I never blame you, because…

Most advice literally suck!

They give you more trouble than a solution. Why? Because people generally suck.

I don’t know if you know me this well, but I don’t bullshit.

I am new into this blog business and you probably haven’t read my content, yet.

Don’t worry, you will love it.

This was the most practical, applicable, logical advice that someone gave me.

It was also the best advice I remember.

Everything Is Mental

Have you ever thought of what is the motivation behind our actions?

You should, because in the game of life ; everything is mental.

The strength is mental, the success is mental, the attraction is mental…

One of my friends read my blog and he criticized me on that I write too abstract…

Funny enough for me to laugh. “Too abstract”? What does that mean?

Everything in this life is abstract

You see that building? It was an idea in someone’s head once…

All concrete things were imagines before smart people turn them into the concrete.

Our dreams, emotions, passions are abstract values.

My words are of course will be abstract. These are my ideas come right from my mind.

Words are just the tools that I use to serve you.

Smart people always can take great ideas and implement them in their life…

I write for smart people, I am not denying it. You can’t teach everyone everything.

Still, I don’t blame him. Not everyone should understand my words.

If everyone could, there would be no loneliness.

When you are someone growing fast, you eventually become a lone wolf. You witness the stupidity of society and bullshit friendships.

You start to say “Fuck You” to anyone more easily. They don’t share the same language with you. Why would you bother at all?

However, this advice will be very very effective regardless of who is going to hear it.

Ready? Let’s start.

The Best Advice You Will Ever Hear

Have you ever wondered why we really do what we do? I said the game was mental.

There should be a reason behind every action.

Is your awareness at a high level? For example, why do you read this article?

Why did you come to Command Glory?

Why do you sit like that?

What about your neck, is it bent forward? Maybe, you have a great posture.

Our great body is a reflection of a great mind.

What happens when you laugh? Your belly starts to shake. The body expresses itself through emotional release.

The advice is actually an exercise and it’s called “7 Why Game”

It takes some balls to answer the question “why”.

The education system stall youngsters off with “how”.

Only people who want to reach truth will ask “why”. They don’t want people who go for the truth.

When you discover the “why”, you can bear any “how” in this world. 

However, they only want sheep that does exactly what they tell them to do.

People who question everything is a big threat. You can only destroy ignorance by thinking and asking questions.

Anyways, as you can understand by its name we ask “why” 7 times in this game. Before starting that, you can ask “Why do we do that?”. That’s great, you are already implementing it.

We do it because if we can only find out our real motivation by digging it deeper. This is the way to build a strong foundation.

When you find out your “why”, it is easier to achieve the thing you want. Why? Because you will never give up. This is the foundation of a strong mind. 

99% don’t succeed because they give up. Do you see how important this is?

Who wins the fight?

The one who has the greater why wins it.

You can have big goals, big dreams, big aspirations ; but let me tell you this: The life is gonna hit you right in the face!

Buster Douglas was knocked down by Mike Tyson.

There was no single person ever knocked down by Mike Tyson and got back up again.

He was also saved by the bell. Everybody taught “That’s it, he is done”.

Then, he came back and started fighting back. Mike was on the floor, everybody was shocked.

The whole world wondered how he ever managed to come back.

Simply, he had a great “why”. Before his mother died, she told he was gonna beat Mike Tyson.

His mother has just died 2 days before the fight…

Buster could die with her or make her words come true. He chose the second one…

Life is going to do the same thing to you, again and again.

There is only one way to get back up again…


I will do the example first, just to show you.

7 Why Game

Pick a goal first.

For me: “I will build the greatest self-improvement blog on the internet”

1- Why do you want to build the greatest self-improvement blog on the internet?

I want to produce valuable content and to make a massive change in people’s lives.

2- Why do you want to produce valuable content and to make a massive change in people’s lives?

Because it is the most virtuous action you can do in this world. I believe it is what God wants us to do.

3- Why do you want to act virtuously and to do what God wants you to do?

Life is temporary, death is certain. I want to save my eternal life. It is the ultimate thing a human can do in this world.

4- Why do you want to do the ultimate thing a human can do in this world?

Because I want to die peacefully as knowing that I achieved to reach the best version of myself.

5- Why do you want to become the best version of yourself?

Because I think god will evaluate how much we used the potential given to us.

6- Why do you want God to see that you reached your maximum potential?

I want to pay the price of what is given to me. Otherwise, I will be very ashamed.

7- Why do you want to pay the price of what is given to you and not to feel ashamed?

Because I want to reach the ultimate happiness and to save my eternal life by deserving heaven.

You see that my main motivation was much much deeper than just building a business or creating valuable content. My work is divine in my perspective.

Whenever I neglect Command Glory, it will be a burden for my soul. My work is my salvation. It is how I pay the price of what I have.

This is powerful stuff. Your real motivation is never on the surface. Anyone can want “financial freedom”, anyone can wish for “happiness” etc. But these are not powerful reasons to stand against the hard knocks of life.

These are possible the answers of first or second “why” questions. After 5th, you pass the barrier of your mind and start speaking from your heart.

Now, I need a favor from you.

Stop everything and focus on this exercise. This is the most important stage in your life.  You gotta find your “why” and build your foundation.

Stop the world and start focusing on what you really want.

Because this is exactly what you should do right now.

Don’t forget, you should ask why 7 times. No more or no less than seven times. Also, you have to be 100% honest.

You can’t go any further with lies. There is no way to build a strong foundation with lies…

Be honest and take your time. You can also do this exercise with a partner if you wish, its effect can increase.

Also, do not ever stop playing this game. Repeat it again 6 months later and use it on your every project.

In any decision you make, you can use it.

After that, let the life test your toughness.

Wİthout pain, without sacrifice; there would be no meaning at all.

If you would have it easy, you could lose it easy as well.

Anyways, that was my advice.

Even the best advice could have no meaning if one does not take action. 

You can do whatever you wanna do with your life.

Until the next article, I’m out.