Let me make things clear for you.

You end up reading here, so you were looking for “something”.

I know nothing about you.

You don’t need to care who I am or what this blog is about either.

Start to focus on what matters the most, which is “you”

Where is your life going? What do you do about it?

Are you free enough to write your own destiny?

Just take a moment and look around, what do you see?

I see mediocrity. Zombie people running around in a rush without knowing “why”.

People put themselves in a race for things that don’t even matter.

They live for someone else…

Living bodies, but dead souls…

“Why does it have to be like this?” was a question that I asked when I was just a kid…

There is enough bullshit on the internet, you had enough reading lies.

You are done with the fairy tales…

Command Glory is a new beginning. It is a revolution, and contains only the essence of truth.

The purpose is to save people from all mass confusion.

Simple, practical, real solutions to every aspect of life.

Whatever is necessary to make the best of you.

I never claim to change you, because this blog is not about changing.

This is about revealing the potential that is already inside you.

You always knew it was there.

You are more than what they imposed on you.

If you think the other way, you better leave this blog right now.

What makes us unique is our ability to make our own decisions.

Do not listen to anyone, do not follow me either.

Just read and decide.

It is only up to you what you will get from here.

Welcome to Command Glory…