Okay, she never texts first, what’s going on?

Texting is a silly game where each side easily misunderstands each other. If you want to find out what she thinks about you, just hang out with her and you will see it. Her behaviors, general attitude, body language, eye contact will make it obvious whether she likes you or not.

You don’t have to make your life complicated by texting.

Yes, I tell you to minimize the texting and start making real human interaction and all problems will be solved. When you are face to face, you understand if she has shyness or lack of confidence, or maybe she’s going through an intense period in her life.

Still, we will consider every possible scenario in this article to give you a better understanding.

Why would women expect you to start a conversation in general?

Because as a man, it’s your responsibility for taking the initiative like approaching first, getting her number, or invite her to hang out.

Women are thrilled to be seen as a whore, that’s why they always tend to avoid selling themselves short. There’s a monster in their mind as “Oh, what does he think about me? Does he consider me a slut? If I answer right now, would it be too cheap?”.

When you take the initiative as a gentleman, the heavy burden on their shoulders vanish. However, that does not mean you have to feel obliged to text her all the time.

If she never texts first, the chances are:

  • She’s not interested in you
  • She’s shy and feels intimidated to start a conversation
  • She’s seeking attention and that’s why she uses your friendship to feed her ego
  • She’s not interested but doesn’t want to lose your company as well.
  • She’s an old-fashioned lady who doesn’t like texting

On and on, there might be lots of reasons. So, we need to read the situation from a broader perspective. Let me ask you a couple of questions.

How does she respond to you when you text her?

If she’s nice and responds fairly fast enough, moreover carries on the conversation for over a long period of time by asking open-ended questions about your life; if that’s the issue, there’s nothing to be concerned about. Women do not talk to guys they are not interested.

As long as both sides enjoy the conversation it doesn’t matter who made the initiative. If that’s the case, enjoy your ride without further complications.

If she texts back late with a cold attitude where you always need to invest more, then that’s a polite way to tell “I am not interested in your company”. Then, there’s no need to be a pushover. You have to move on.

How long has it been since you realized this?

If you texted first the last 10 conversations, then it’s a clear sign of no interest. You might be the one who’s investing more than necessary. On the other hand, if you have just met her last week, at least you need to hang out once to decide.

So, you made your moves, she knows you as a person and still never texts you? It’s a clear sign of no interest.

Just make a little empathy, who do you never call or text? People you don’t care at all, right?

Is this hard to digest? That’s the truth. If a woman finds you attractive, she will text first no matter how shy she was or how busy she was. They don’t need to wait for you to reach them all the time. If that’s the case, you should move on.

Don’t Be A Pushover

Look, there can be millions of reasons why she doesn’t text first, but that’s none of your business.

Think about the people you never bother to text, do you care about them at all? I am sure there are many people who never text you and you never make it a problem.

So, what’s so special about this woman?

“That’s alright, it’s her choice.” You could’ve easily said this and moved on but you obviously can’t. Something isn’t right with your mindset and this is most likely why she never texts you in the first place.

Maybe you think she’s the one, maybe you don’t have options, or maybe your life sucks. At the end of the day, you are seeking validation with a scarcity mindset.

Women hate to feel scarcity in men like they hate to smell shit.

The moment you start being a pushover, you lose the game.

Even if you start to overwhelm yourself about this situation puts you in a wrong mindset.

What’s a healthier way? You might call or text her a couple of times, perhaps you invite her for a bite or drink. It’s completely normal to make a move if you liked her.

However, you need to read her responses properly so you can make the right choices later on. If she never texts you first, occasionally texts back late, sometimes misses your call, etc. These are the signals of you are in the danger zone.

Most women are like cats in nature. If you give them too much value -that’s generally given by beta males all the time- they feel like a goddess. They think like “there’s something special about me so these poor guys keep hitting on”.

Let me give you the secret, Do not give a fuck.

She must be the one who’s overwhelmed about making you happy. Don’t waste your precious time for women who don’t want to spend their time with you.

If you don’t care about feeding her ego, she starts wondering as “What’s so special about this guy that he completely acts normal”.

Today, all men are the same because they are all trying to be someone else. They are in pursuit of impressing women in some cheesy ways. Nobody has the balls to be completely transparent.

When women meet guys who are completely comfortable in their own skin, that’s a huge turn-on for them. But, but, but… They must find out what you are made of through some shit tests.

Showing no interest might be one of these tests to see how independent you are. If you invest too quickly or too much early on, that’s a sign of weakness. Now, let’s turn back to our main problem.

Why do you make it a problem at all that she never texts first?

That’s her choice and she must be worried about what a great man she’s missing. Oh wait, you don’t feel so? Aha, that’s the problem. You don’t see yourself as a reward then.

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. Believe me, you can text the most fantastic words to her to text you back, it won’t work. Being a pushover only creates stress and bitterness in every part of life.

You can play all the mind games but I assure you it’s not worth it.

Real men don’t put themselves in a pathetic situation like this. Most men can’t get over it because of their ego and pride. That’s because they are in pursuit of feeling appreciation, love, and acceptance. They don’t qualify women and be interested in their character.

If you are experienced with women, you know most of them are trash and bring no value to your life. However, high-quality women can also bring so much joy to your life.

Real women don’t play any games when you know you are the real deal.

You never see a good quality woman play drama games like “I am the queen and guys should always text me first!”. If you sense this kind of attitude, immediately say goodbye and delete her number.

A woman can make or break a man, so don’t waste your life making bitches happy.

Consider this, if she started playing games at this level, the worse is on the way when she becomes your girlfriend or wife. Nip the toxic relationship in the bud, so you can be open to healthy ones.

Why Do You Care That She Never Texts At All?

Let’s dig deep into this issue because this is the root of your problem.

Why does it matter? Do you need her approval? What makes you feel so overwhelmed about someone who gives zero damn about you? You need to understand what’s going on in your mind to create this obsession.

You become obsessed with a woman if you don’t have options. The scarcity mindset repels women like nothing else and they can feel it miles away.

They push your personal boundaries like acting cold, not texting first at all, being bitch, etc to see how abundant you are. If you insist on talking to them after all these bitchy behaviors, they understand your weakness.

“Aha, this guy can’t risk losing me because I am too good or he’s too miserable”. 

An abundant man would never give his power away easily. When she does not text you back, it’s because she is not interested, okay? It’s not rocket science.

You want to learn why? Why the fuck do you care at all? She might be crazy, sick of people, dumbed by her boyfriend 10 seconds ago.

If you even dare to ask why then you’re officially investing too much. It doesn’t matter why. If she shows no interest, that’s her problem. Accept it and move on. That’s what a man does.

Real men don’t waste their time with such bullshit. If you have value, she reaches you later as “Oh X, I am so sorry that I text late. I had blah blah”. From there, it’s up to you whether you accept her apology or not.

Imagine that you live a dream life.

You work for a crazy project all day long. You are invited to countless parties, you kindly reject most of them. Your friend arranged a kite surfing session for the weekend.

Would you waste a second to worry if a woman does not respond to your text message? Nope because you would’ve known that you are the prize.

“But she responds positively when I text her!”

She can be kind or encouraging when you text her first because most women love when guys show interest. She feels valuable, more powerful, accepted. You only feed her ego and become one of her orbits.

Weak guys accept it because they are too needy. If you are okay being her little pet, then keep writing to her. However, her enthusiasm, positivity, or kindness can not justify your position of weakness.

She will never accept you as a man because you can’t risk losing her. That will make her bitchy and cause bigger issues in the future. It’s never worth being obsessive when you are treated like an option, not a priority.

“Well, I should never text first then? How am I going to talk to women?” 

You can text first occasionally but don’t put yourself in a need position by constantly sending her “Good morning”, “What’s up”, “How’s your day going?” type of messages.

Life is balance. Most guys are shocked by how women start chasing them when they stop responding. Women love in the position of chasing, but you have to let them chase you first.

Yes, this universal law also applies to relationships as well. The less you show interest the more she will want you as long as she’s attracted in the first place.

If she NEVER texts first even tough you texted her many times, then move on my friend. Don’t make it a big deal.

I mean, really, who cares if she texts you first or not? Small people discuss small topics. Rather than overwhelming yourself with these kind of useless problems, you need to focus on enjoying your life.

Work on yourself by building a business, developing a great physique, meeting more women, or learning new skills.

Become an alpha male and laugh yourself years later because you overwhelmed yourself with such bullshit.