Humans cannot create, they can only bring out what has already been created.

When you create beautiful art, you only take what’s put in your soul before. You let it out by tuning into it.

Creativity is the manifestation of your capabilities at its best. Everything meant to be created has already been created. We either explore it or let it stay as a mystery.

Why do we lack creativity in this age?

Because people are rotting day by day. They drag themselves to misery deliberately. The souls are emptier than ever.

I had realized that I stopped craving sugar when I am tuned with any kind of art. It could be sports, music, writing… Anything that replenishes the soul.

People don’t eat too much because of hunger issues. They don’t smoke too much because tobacco is amazing. They don’t gamble because gambling is too fun. Every masturbation addict hates the hollowness they experienced right after jerking off.

The reason behind these addictions is the emptiness of the soul.

When you do not monetize the magnificent creative energy of yours, it becomes destructive.

Men become toxic and extra aggressive or passive. Women chase domination and power by letting their amazing feminine energy disappear.

Consuming is comfortable

They want you to sell your soul short, so they can sell you something else to fill its emptiness.

So, you become the mindless consumer, not the genius producer.

They create illnesses, they offer fake solutions. You have XXX disease, take this pill. Buy this product to become happy. Consume more.

They program generations who are addicted to instant gratification. What is the easiest way of killing the artist inside?

Becoming a consumer who always wants MORE. When you look at any screen, they give you millions of options.

Gazillion of content is waiting for serving you.

When you look at the screen, you immediately become a consumer. You cannot be alone with your thoughts that will shape your identity. You don’t ask, you don’t explore, you don’t take action, you don’t get any better.

You just want more.

You wait for things to happen to you. People are programmed to react this way. Hence, creativity requires being proactive.

It requires pulling the trigger in the face of fear. Creative people do not wait for inspiration to come. They are already there every single damn day. Day offs are a joke for the professional artist.

The artists consume only a high quality of work after they are done with their work. They might consume for getting inspired, being informed, or having just fun.

Creative work does not accept rain, sickness, tiredness to rationalize as an avoidance of the work. Like Michael Jordan win a championship with the flu, or Allen Iverson swallowed blood and continue to play.

It is not a passion issue, not the bullshit love of the game mottos… They just had to do it because they were obsessed with their art.

The hustle is the same for every artist.

Good is the enemy of great.

The moment you are willing to settle for good by ignoring the call of your heart, you deny greatness.

You sell your soul to the devil and you rob the universe from your creative art. Now, you must work as a slave of him.

If you don’t want that to happen, you must kill the dragons. Your deepest fears, doubts, limits that hold you back. Every artist well damn knows that their life is a constant war.

Do you think slavery is bad? I used to think so. Now, I don’t know maybe it is, maybe not but I know that it is real.

Is rain bad? It depends, right?

If you are a farmer who earns money from growing crops, then it is good for you. Or if you are a romantic couple who goes on a date, rain can make the atmosphere great for you.

Maybe you are a rainbow lover, then it is amazing for you.

What about if you are a homeless poor person? Or you are a street animal that does not have an indoor place. Then, rain is a disaster for you.

I am not interested in whether reality is good or bad. The lion eats gazelle, is it good or bad? It does not matter, lions just eat.

Slavery is real

There have always been slaves and there will always be until the universe comes to end.

You might get upset when you empathize with those people but most wonderful works of art were done with the help of slaves. The pyramids were done with the work of slaves.

If there were no slaves, how could humanity move forward at all? If everyone were artists, who are going to do the dirty work? Who is going to wash the dishes, do the laundry, clean the toilets?

I saw many slaves like the happiest people on earth.

Who am I to judge them? Maybe it is their way of fulfilling the dharma.

In the famous Disney movie Lion King, King Mufasa teaches his son Simba the ultimate truth in a morning lesson.

Mufasa: “Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance. As king, you need to understand that balance and respect all the creatures, from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope.”

Young Simba: “But dad, don’t we eat the antelope?”

Mufasa: Yes, Simba, but let me explain. When we die, our bodies become the grass, and the antelope eat the grass. And so we are all connected in the great Circle of Life.”

P.S: Rest in peace veganism.

Pure Art Requires No Thinking

The pure art comes from spirit and it does not require thinking. The energy of its power comes from a higher source.

Everyone is capable of feeling it even though they cannot exactly tell what it is. When you awaken your soul, it spreads a higher form of vibration.

This is why most people love sports and music. They want to witness to that vibration of the performing artist.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo does not think when he dribbles.
  • Ludovico Einaudi does not think when he tickles the ivories.
  • Michael Jordan does not think while shooting the ball.
  • Roger Federer’s body already knows the perfect alignment when he hits a groundstroke.

Their spirit speaks rather than thinking mind. They are in the zone, in the state of creativity. But, they were not like that always.

They were not even close to this level. What did they do? They practiced their craft relentlessly until it becomes instinctual.

They took the lead of their conscious, will, heart, and subconscious. They fed their minds with positive thoughts by practicing the same movements again and again.

The soul was finally full and ready to serve others by unleashing their creative genius. It became one of their identities.

The work became the reflection of their soul.

If you are not a master yet, the best thing you can do for the universe is to save your soul from slavery. You need to be selfish enough to fill your empty artistry tank.

You gotta break the chains and declare your free artist identity. Then, you can help. You will hear the help cries of the world and be able to help. But you have to beat the enemy, slay the dragon first.

The Limbo

You might think there are only slaves and masters in the world, but there are also people in the limbo. They are still able to hear the voice of their creative inner-being, but they are not sure of themselves.

Resistance often kicks the shit out of them. Sadly, they only lose time by being unsure.

Their conflicts have not been solved from the core, they still have the question marks. One day they are closer to hell, another day they step one foot in heaven.

They want to flow like water, but they have bits and pieces holding them back.

One thing they all need to remember, “We become what we think about”. We can choose who we become if we can take control of the amazing asset “mind”.

That is a present from the creator to every human being. If it’s inside you, you know it. No one has to tell you, you damn know it.

You just gotta be bold enough to go and take it.

If you wait, you only get what they give it to you; if you go, you take them all.

Boldness has a genius behind it. It might be considered stupid, illogical, non-sense from small minds. They do not need to understand you, only your soul knows.

Slaves can only speak the language of slaves. All they can do is planting the “slave seeds” in you, do not nourish them.

Make it your way, or die in the path of it. At least, deserve death.

To be able to die, you must live first. The things you do right now is exactly shaping who you become in the future.

Choose wisely.