To get out of the rat race ; first, you must admit you are in it.

Be aware of who you are, then become a better person.

To go from the point from A to point B, you have to see where point A is.

What is the rat race?

It is the race that you can never win, but people who designed the cage will win.

It is the system that people run towards jumping from the cliff.

More than that, they are eager to do that. How could that be?

Why would anyone do that?

Lack of awareness. They just don’t know.

Society conditioned us to do act in a certain range of behaviors.

They kill our curiosity as a little baby, then they expect us to make amazing work for the world.

The wrong program is installed into our brains.

People complain, yet they still do the same.

It’s because they are not aware of what is going on.

We haven’t come to this world for pointless aims.

  • Go to school
  • Find a job,
  • Marry a random woman,
  • Have kids,
  • Work for someone else for 50 years and…
  • Retire?

The plan is already set up.

Be a great consumer and they will let you live more.

Let me tell you one truth. 

If you are not born rich, you have to REBEL.


Everyone who has built something great from scratch rebelled at some point.

All big names, influencers, leaders, prophets rebelled against society.

If you don’t have a rebellious mindset, you can’t make it.

Rebelling does not mean you are being unfair or a cheater.

It is exactly the opposite. Rebelling means you are going for what was already yours.

You are rebelling because they took it away from you…

They always say that love can solve everything. Really?

Don’t make me laugh, that opinion only can come from ignorance.

A person who has enough life experience would never think that.

If you want peace, you have to get ready for war.

The war will always continue…

You have to fight for your own values.

Maybe I was 10, it was the first time I said: “What the fuck was wrong with this world?”

Then I started to get my answer by time. Here is the 7 Simple Ways To Get Out Of The Rat Race…

#1) Admit It / Confession

It is weird but this is the most difficult part for the majority.

They are scared to admit that they have done the wrong.

Think about an instructor who dedicated his 25 years for bullshit lectures. How could you expect him to admit that his all work was a lie?

To start to change, you gotta admit that you are not satisfied with your life.

You must admit that you could have done more and this was not what you want.

This requires balls of steel.

Confessions create a new personality.

Once you admit, everything becomes much much easier.

Defeat your ego and let your old self die, so the new you will be born.

You don’t have to admit to others immediately. First, admit to yourself.

Once you admit to yourself, when you pass that barrier ; you can tell it others.

It will be easier because you will talk about someone else because you are not the same person anymore.

#2) Inferiority Complex

We are programmed to compare ourselves with others.

They compared you with your friends, siblings, call mates, cousins…

“Look! Somebody’s son/daughter has done that! You still play video games!”

In school, your teacher compared you with other students.

Your mom and dad compared you with the kids who live in your neighborhood.

More than that, they even compare their own kids.

What happens after this comparison?

They inject an insidious virus in all of us.

You get in the habit of comparing yourself with other people for your whole life.

If you achieve anything, you see someone did better than you and you feel insufficient.

Comparing yourself with others is the easiest way of unhappiness.

Let’s say that you started earning 1 million dollars a month. Amazing, your environment changed immediately. You start hanging out with new people and you see new people who earn 10 million a month. Then, you feel insufficient again.

If you have a pity wife, she will eat your brain with her friend Jane had a better apartment then you have. She will demand you to spend more to catch up with others. You will work more to get more material stuff, so you will feel complete.

Let’s say that you achieved earning 10 million. What will happen later? You will see someone earning 100 million. There is no endpoint for this.

Even if you have done great work on the scale of the world, there will be people who have done on the scale of the galaxy.

So, how will you stop it? Keep on reading.

#3) You Are Unique

No one is equal on this earth.

You are born in a different family, with a different race, with different genetic inheritance.

It is so stupid to look at others for your success.

There is only one person you can compare yourself and that is…


Do you get better every day?

Your own progress should be enough for your happiness.

If you look at others, you will always sabotage your own progress.

Maybe some people have more disadvantages, when you look at them, you will think as you have done so much. That will lead you to stop pushing more.

What if they are born with more advantages? You will feel insufficient and you will think as “why would I need to bother?”

Both scenarios are stupid and give you nothing positive.

When you compare yourself with worse, you will feel good enough and won’t push hard. When you compare yourself with better, you will feel bad and insufficient.

Just stop it.

You have to work for beating the last version of you.

No one is you and that is your power.

Embrace your uniqueness and start to live with that.

#4) Get Rid Of Fears

Conformity took over with the postmodern age.

It is the biggest enemy of growth.

When we were kids, we were never afraid to try anything new.

We did things, just because we like it.

Later, our curiosity was suppressed by the environment.

The average person is living in fear all the time.

Fear of ;

  • quitting a shitty job
  • talking to a beautiful lady
  • going for a dream
  • fighting a bully

You name it.

Most people freak out when they see any danger.

The danger is fact but to fear is a choice

To grow, there is no any other option but getting out of your comfort zone.

That means you are going to do something you have not done before, something you think dangerous.

People want different results, but they are too afraid to try anything new.

That is the definition of madness.

They complain about the monotony of life but they never leave their safe zone.

What are you afraid of? Sometimes I get the answer of “But I am not afraid of anything???”

Bullshit. That is a pussy answer. People want to look tough from the outside because they are insecure inside.

Genuinely strong people know themselves, they accept their weaknesses.

There is no other way. You either conquer your fears or be slave of them.

Only slaves accept living in fear. Masters face them, understand them and eventually conquer them.

#5) Go For What You Want

You must be willingly go for what you want.

What do you mean? Why would anyone do the opposite?

I don’t know my friend, but they do.

More than that, majority is not aware of what they want.

Stop some random from the street and interview them.

First, ask for what they don’t want for their life. You will immediately hear millions of things.

Let them explain you how much they hate from A to Z.

Then, pause a second and ask for what they would want instead.

You will catch the weird looks and hesitation immediately.

No one spends their time for thinking what they want!

It’s so CRAZY.

They have all the time for complain about the things they don’t like.

When it comes to what they love, they have NO IDEA.

How can you attract something you don’t know? Impossible.

How high can you jump when you look downwards? Yeah, not much.

If you spend your all energy to think about negativity, you will end up attracting negativity.

It is no coincidence that negative people attract negativity towards their life. They unconsciously send wrong frequency to the universe.

The universe just answers their long lasting efforts by giving them back.

Your focus must be clear and intense.

Look at your hand, you have 5 fingers right? How could you achieve anything if those fingers would move independently?

The sad part is…

People already buried their wish and desires to the grave.

Like it says in the bible, you have to wish and knock the door first before it is given to you.

Very very very basic rule of life, but you MUST follow it.

I don’t care how knowledgeable, well educated, smart you are.

I am not even interested of what your mom said about your high IQ.

If you don’t know what you want, you are a big fool.

Give yourself some time on it, you don’t have to find it immediately.

When you find, start loving it. Have fun playing with it with your imagination skills.

Then you will find the courage for going after it.

#6) Live For Yourself

You have only one shot and one chance like Eminem said.

You can’t miss it, my friend.

The life is really so short for living like that.

It is your life ; your wishes and desires will come first.

No, not your mother, I don’t care your father’s expectations.

I am not interested in anyone except you.

They already have their own life.

You might think as “Isn’t that selfish?”

Yes it is. DEFINITELY.

Life must be living selfishly, there is no other way.

I am sick of hearing loser stories where they end up blaming others.

No motherfucker, you let them ruin your life. You were responsible for every decision you make.

“Oh, but but but I did not choose my parents :(“

Maybe you did? How do you know it?

When you are right in the middle, why do you choose the irresponsible one? Who told you that?

Your life is a result of your choices. You connected the dots every single day and you keep doing it.

Grow some balls and take responsibility because no one else will do it for you.

YOU come first.

Others must rely on your rules. They have to accept the rules of your world.

Our ability to make our own decisions what makes us human in the first place.

What does it make you when you sell it so short? It makes you a GHOST.

Majority sold their soul with pleasure and became a ghost.

But you…

There is still some hope for you because you are reading this.

I would want to put on a gun on your head and say “Do something you actually want or you will die” like Tyler Durden did in Fight Club.

Instead just lie down on some place and hold your breath. Ask yourself what you really want.

Do not let yourself breathe until you get a satisfying answer.


Be real and honest.

At least remember a moment when you were hundred percent sincere.

#7) Accept Death

Accepting death is liberating.

With our birth, we guaranteed our death.

When you accept this fact, you are free.

There is no much to worry, there is no much to fear…

Whatever it is that you constantly limiting yourself…

You don’t need it.

For a mortal creature, you can’t have much to be anxious about.

With every second you are closer to death.

So, what’s your excuse to not make it meaningful?


Read Command Glory and start reprogramming your mind with a winner mindset.

My words will fill your soul with greatness and you will see the change with your eyes.

Keep on reading this blog and make the best out of you, my friend.

That is all for this article, goodbye.