I often take a walk to empty my mind.

Generally, I observe my thought process and see what’s going on in my head but last night I decided to focus on other people.

Istanbul is a big city and people are always in a rush. I tried so hard to find a happy and joyful person but unfortunately, I couldn’t.

I have realized that nobody, not even a single person enjoys the moment. They were either walking too fast, eating on the road, or talking on the phone.

Nobody was taking their time to enjoy the moment. That is sick and toxic because those people affect you as well.

You are taking a walk to relax and people are always passing by you rapidly and you cannot stay unaffected.

By the way, a strange question came to my mind which is…

What is their rush?

Can everybody have an emergency?

It is impossible.

Maybe some people do and I totally understand them but I am talking about 95% of the people here. Is everyone committed to saving the world from devastation?

That is silly.

I am 100% sure that most people rush it for stupid reasons. So, that must be nothing but a mental illness.

Why did we start living too fast?

Our core beliefs reflect on our actions, so there must be some belief behind this high pace of lifestyle.

When do we rush the most?

We rush only if we believe we are late. If you don’t think you are late, you maintain your regular pace.

I used to have trouble sleeping early because I had one big false belief. It literally ruined my life but I did not know why back then.

Our most problems stem from one or two false beliefs.

What was it?

It felt like I was going to miss a lot if I would sleep at 10.00 PM.

You know how it feels at night, you just wanna chill and enjoy silly stuff. All-day long I was hustling and working hard. The idea of sacrificing those moments by sleeping early was too much of a burden.

Why would I do that while there were lots of opportunities for having fun? I could have gone out with my friends, watch series or movies, binge watch YouTube videos, play video games…

You know there are thousands of options and you crave it so bad at night.

When I decided to sleep, it was a huge sacrifice because the hustle was going to start right in the morning.

I am not against having fun. It is crucial to optimize your fun activities to maximize your productivity. But, was it worth it when you sacrifice your sleep?

I did not know the answer but I had a certain belief that was based on an assumption. To find out I had to try it out. So, I forced myself to sleep early for a few days by putting my cellphone away.

The result was insane.

The situation was the right opposite of what I thought. Actually, I was sacrificing my whole life by delaying my sleep time and I was too blind to see that.

Sleep is irreplaceable.

No supplement, exercise, food can replace what sleep can give you, especially between 10 PM- 3 AM window.

When your sleep falls, everything else follows. You can’t even think clearly. You already lose your sanity when you wake up at later than 9 AM with the regret of falling behind because the war is already over at 10 AM.

So, you get into the habit of rushing all activities to compensate for your day. That is an emotional reaction and it has no positive effect at all. It only leads to making things worse and more complicated. Your productivity levels go down and you can’t enjoy and have fun properly.

So, let’s think again. What was the illusion?

I was missing out on opportunities of having fun when I sleep at 10 AM.

What a false belief it was. I was actually sacrificing my whole life when I delay my sleep.

Nothing can give you the peace of mind of the early morning silence. You reach your highest level of hormonal regulation. Your mind feels ready to work on doing hard mental tasks. You feel in control and do your daily tasks with self-certainty. What happens when you get the job done?

You feel relieved.

It is more enjoyable for you to having fun because you know you deserved it.

Things are always reciprocal in life

Well, human beings work which means we constantly sacrifice the present time for the future.

If we do the opposite, we feel regret because we sacrifice the future for the present enjoyment.

When I worked hard during the day, it feels amazing to lay down and let the world serve for me at night.

If you wanna get the present, you must do the work. I serve the world first then let the world serve me later. If I suck in the first part, I instinctively know that I have no right to enjoy it.

And it all starts with a false belief.

It always fascinates me how little people care about exercising.

I often ask people as “Why don’t you exercise?” to hear their rationalizations. You know, it is too stupid not to exercise when you consider all the mental and physical health benefits.

They often say, “I have no time, I work too hard”.

Are they speaking the truth?

You don’t happen to have time for anything, you make it happen. Also, you can’t work hard if you don’t exercise. Why? Lack of physical activity results in low productivity levels. I know these from my personal experience.

They lie because even the most successful people can make time to exercise. CEO’s, presidents, managers, you name it.

They don’t exercise because they have a false belief. They think they will lose time if they exercise whenas the opposite is true which is…

You get better at all aspects of life when you exercise.

When I look at how they live, it is just a disaster. They eat shitty food, sleep late, drink lots of coffee, etc. They are in the speed trap.

What is that?

They skip fundamentals and expect more results by doing more. They forget that life is a marathon, not a sprint.


You can’t happen to work hard when you skip the first four vital elements. When you do that, you lose your sanity. You rush everything and you don’t even know why you can’t focus on anything.

Anxiety hits you harder because you don’t give your body what it needs. As time passed by, you check the clock and wonder why it passes so quickly.

You set an alarm to feel more comfortable because it feels like you can control time. But in fact, time controls you and makes you a slave because you chase it.

There is one thing people don’t know about productivity.

Productivity is not about what you do, it is about what you don’t do.

It is all about saying no to unnecessary things. If you are not able to say “no”, anything can make you a slave.

You might not become a slave when you play a video game and you can become a slave when you work. It is about when and how you do it. If it serves you, you are a master; if you serve it, you are a slave.

There is a time and place for everything. When you know the difference, you become the master. We think that we can manage time as calling it “time management”, right?

We can only manage our actions and choose our sacrifices. When we don’t choose the right sacrifice, we procrastinate.

Procrastination is basically stealing from your future self.

Picture the image of you one year from now, what would that person want you to do? Would that person thank you for delaying your responsibilities for short term pleasures?

Well, we forget that we are creating that person with every decision. What do we do instead?

We rush.

As long as you are on the wrong path, your speed does not matter.

After this thought process, I clearly see that those people on the street are in a rush because they are lost. They lost their sanity and mental faculties because they don’t live like a human.

They are out of control.

Their rush is just a manifestation of their urge to find their path. If you find yourself in the same vicious cycle, just stop. Stop the world and listen to the voice inside, don’t worry you are not crazy. Don’t judge yourself.

Look at those thoughts and write them down if you want.

It is not important what you’ll do with them, just realize that they are nothing but only thoughts. This is the first step of the way of mastering your life.

If you are not aware of your thoughts, they control you because they have the potential to become your belief once you believe them. Our actions are controlled by our beliefs.

Be careful of your thoughts, for your thoughts become your words.
Be careful of your words, for your words become your actions.
Be careful of your actions, for your actions become your habits.
Be careful of your habits, for your habits become your character.
Be careful of your character, for your character becomes your destiny.

— Chinese proverb

If you are not careful, you find yourself in a loop that works against you. Sometimes, all you need to do is to reset your system.

Most problems can be solved by one simple decision which is…

Don’t work against yourself

You can’t work for yourself unless you stop working against yourself.

If you have bad habits sabotaging your success, first cut them out. Bad habits have a serious knock-on effect that’ll ruin everything.

When I don’t exercise, eat shitty food, sleep improperly, I lose my eagerness to write and produce.

The equation is so simple. I need those sources for my work. What happens when you stop feeding the baby? It starts crying, right?

When you stop feeding yourself, your life cries in a different way. Everything starts seeming foggier and you lose your life energy. Even the reason is so obvious, you might not be able to see it because of the heavy fog.

Once you feed yourself with the right sources, things start looking crystal clear and you reach that “Aha!” moment.


That’s what we all need and learn.

You can only work hard when you are balanced because quality work is achieved when you are present.

When you ignore fundamentals and focus on overworking to achieve more, you only trigger more anxiety and stress which are the main source of poor decision-making.

You work in the best manner when you love what you do.

What matters the most? You only see that when your mind is clear.

Otherwise, you don’t even ask yourself that question because you assume you already know that. If things are not clear in your mind, do not hesitate to stop the world. Tuck your pride, ego, and preconceptions away.

Sometimes you have to take a step back in order to move forward.

That is why humility is a great virtue. It gives you the flexibility to fix the most basic issues. The arrogance can keep you at the same shit hole for your whole life! That is why you should never underestimate how wrong you can be.

“What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know. It’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so.”

– Mark Twain

Life is like a quest for ultimate knowledge for us. We all fear ignorance and not knowing as much as we should. However, it’s not the lack of knowledge that ends up ruining our lives, it’s our false knowledge which we mistake for truth.

It is so easy to be overwhelmed nowadays. Always remember why you do what you do in the first place. Sometimes, there is so much going on with lots of distractions and we forget the original purpose.

When you remember, you become conscious and present. Otherwise, you just react to what’s going on around you that leads to a vicious cycle that you can’t get out of.

Reacting more is not the solution, it will only make things worse…

Open your eyes and see why you feel this misery.

Just feed what is necessary to reach your ultimate destiny…