If you are a nice guy reading this, you probably wondered what’s wrong with women at least one time in your life.

Maybe typical women behaviors have never made sense for you.

Maybe you hurt yourself for selfish, rubbish, worthless pussies for many times. 

If that is so, this article will be a great guidance for your life because if you can’t understand women, you can’t understand life. 

Women are the basics for every man. If you have trouble reading them, that will affect every part of your life. 

For example, some smart women might make you believe that “you are going to win”, but somehow you eventually end up with nothing.

Women can easily manipulate you for your whole life by using hormones and this technique is called as LOVE

Look, I have no idea about who you are. Maybe you are 18, maybe you are in your early 20’s, or maybe you are even older. It does not matter because regardless of your situation, you can always change by taking action. 

Maybe, you still masturbate and watch porn which are the most preferred ways of losing your precious life energy. Novadays, people choose to be slaves just to fulfill their animalistic instincts.

They witness how those shitty habits made them weaker and weaker every single day. Humans are equipped with the relentless torture skills to make their miserable. Do you have the control over your instincts or are you a slave of them? 

Maybe you still try the same methods and keep cursing women. Look, if 50% of the mistakes belong to women, the other half is YOURS.

Many won’t like reading these words and I totally get it. If you are weak, just go. Close this page and never come back. I don’t need you to read these words. Nobody needs to see you whining like a little bitch.

If you keep reading, you are willing to take responsibility for your life.

That is good.

Because if you keep lying to yourself, you will keep feeling the pain in return for “nothing”.

The Pain Paradox

Pain is essential for life.

It is the indicator of vitality and the ultimate sign of aliveness. You should’ve recognized when they slapped your ass as a newborn baby. 

Then all pain is good, we should always go after the pain; what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger right?


Sometimes it makes you stronger, sometimes it destroys you. What type of pain do we talk about here? I am talking about the pain chosen by a smart mind. 

“What does these all have to do with being a nice guy?” I can hear you are asking this. How could you stay 9 months in your mother’s womb? 

I will get there, just be patient.

The pain is inevitable in life. Then, why would we feel it for bullshit lies?  Why wouldn’t we go after the truth instead? Which one would be a more honorable choice? If you only live with dreams, reality will eventually catch you.

The Story Of The Nice Guy

Nice guy…

Women did not even notice your presence for the majority of the time. Morever, they treated you like nothing and they kept doing it with no mercy.

They used you as a tool for their selfish purposes. Maybe you became a free listener for their troubles or bullshit stories. Maybe you became their resources for free car, money or house. 

However, they never cared for your character. They only cared about what they can get from you because this behavior was completely fine for those girls.

If you would know how selfish and worthless they are, you would be way more aggressive and assertive but you always wanted to believe the opposite. 

While you were making yourself believe how beautiful, good, and pure they are; they were busy with having sex in dirty places. They were probably in the bedroom of an alpha guy who treated them like a whore.

Sounds silly, right? 

Life Rule: Never think logically in terms of women

They were so busy screaming like a crazy prostitute under that bad boy with lots of pleasure. I know that they never shared this side of the story with you.

Maybe you still can’t believe this happened. Maybe you still want to see those girls as a statue of purity. You kept dreaming those girls as a mother of your child and as your wife…

Never say “no, they don’t”, never say “they never do this”. They just do and you can do nothing about it. 

Most nice guys graduate from college, find a relatively proper job which pays more than average Joe. They try to make their own way in this life by standing up on their own feet.

That is good.

They change a lot after 2 years of business experience. After earning some money, it affects the way they walk and how they carry themselves. Purchasing power always brings a huge change in behavior. 

They come close to their 30s, they realize they are not a kid anymore because their environment starts to treat them more like a man and they like this a lot.

However, our nice guy can’t see the theatre going around his environment.

Suddenly, Emma in the PR department starts looking at him differently. The girl who always pass by without conversation suddenly says “hi” for no reason.

The women he meets on the bar wants to keep talking for bullshit reasons. Isabel says “hi and waves” in Facebook messenger. His old girl friends write messages as “Wow, you changed a lot!!!”.

These news boosts his self-confidence, he feels better than ever. He feels like he conquered the world. His ego has become alive again.

However, there is still something he did not know…

Now, everything is against him…

The system, society, and government have become allergic to him right now. Why? Because he has the chance of living for himself. 

If you have a chance to create a better life for yourself, you must be stopped at all cost. They will do anything to take a bite from your earnings to feed the system. How shameless and selfish you are! You always think of yourself!

Maybe you figured it out why single men are treated like shit in social life. The society we live in always wants some share from every individual. Everything screams to your face as you can’t live for yourself. At least you have to share your earnings with a female.

Because if you are single, you are a threat. You are a potential thug, pervert, or a bummer. You can come up with a new danger anytime soon.(Of course, if you believe that)

Time Paradox For Women

Have you ever tought why the behavior of those women changed dramatically?

Because the biologic clock of Isabel, Mary, Emma and Kate has advanced too far. They started to lose their beauty and get older every day. They are not as fresh and beautiful as their younger competitors. The attention on them decreased dramatically.

In their early 20’s those girls partied hardcore every day and spent their time banging in the bedroom with a man they don’t even know. When their time passed, they felt a strong urge to reproduce and have a family. If they don’t, nobody is gonna give a shit about them soon. First, their own family, than the society will ostracize them. They know this very well instinctively and it scares the shit out of them. 

Then the savior, the last hope, the hero gets on the stage. This is the nice guy, hopefully not but more possibly you. Maybe you barely had some decent relationship and had sex accidentally so far. Even though you make some money right now, you still crave pussy.

Your niceness, mimics, and gestures scream as “here I am, consume me!”.

You always tried to be a nice one. You respected people and they betrayed you most of the time. Still, you listened to your heart, your inner compass when you make a decision. You always waited for that “special woman” for your whole life.

Then you suddenly realize that the woman was near you! Look at that coincidence, just like in romance movies. How the hell these girls were hidden like a ghost for decades? How could you be that blind?

All women know these details, but they never tell you. This is a secret between them, like a hidden language.

How were your relationships in the early stages of your life? In high school, college? This part is important, I will be clear again. If women never respected you in those stages, I have bad news for you. They probably won’t respect you hereafter. 

You will just get permission from the government for “Alright, you can have sex”, to being tracked easily. The woman you found will tell you stories about “the virginity is in the brain”. How dare you question her past life? What age do you live in? She will play the role of being right and she will try every strategy to make you a slave. She will make you feel guilty for her own mistakes.

Even though she was the one who did all those virtueless actions, she will play such a great role to manipulate you all the time. She will threaten you and get angry with your normal behaviors just to become more dominant.

The Possible Scenario

Okay, you ate the bait and got married but nothing is over, yet because the cold war has just started.

She will keep trying everything to restrict your freedom. You will see that but prefer to stay silent and that will ruin you inside day by day.

You can guess what will happen later. Marital conflicts and divorce…

End of the story.

Dear nice guy, those girls did not suddenly become interested in you for no reason. Just give them what they had in their 20’s, they would immediately ignore you right away. They would still go and have fun with those scum of the earth.

I assure you, they still come back later and play the role of being innocent without hesitation. They still lie to you as they love your character, you can’t even notice that.

Okay, we had fun, laughed a lot, partied every day; but who is going to pay the rent? Who is going to pay the bills, dresses, cosmetics, and all bullshit stuff? Haven’t they come to you for this reason? They have zero interest in you.

They are just looking for a bum to take care of their needs. That bum is you, my good friend. Open your eyes.

You are not more than just a social burden. It is their responsibility to manipulate and make you their slave. More than that, they make sure the slave is not aware of his slavery because a happy slave would never quit working.

You can still close your eyes to reality and believe that you are winning. Nobody cares that, it is your life.

Most men go through these phases. If you find yourself in this situation, do not go hard on yourself. Just do what is necessary to make your life better.

I wrote this to increase your awareness, to open your eyes to the games they play around you.

Life is a war because some choose to consume others. Women have their own strength and they get stronger by every new generation.

Just compare the old and new women. They amazingly developed themselves and they are effective in all aspects of life. If you can’t read them, they become dangerous and consume everything you got.

Don’t ever let that happen. 

This blog will always be here to help.

This is just a beginning. If I can read your situation, I should have the solution, right? If my plans go well, CG will be a savior for many.

Trust me and let’s live a better life.