I had tremendous pain in my body this morning.

It was the soreness from the kickboxing session of yesterday.

I had all the reasons not to hit the gym.

My mind was rationalizing everything for a sedentary day.

What did I do?

I hit the gym right in the morning without even having breakfast.

First, I ran and increased the circulation in my blood.

Then I did some stretching to alleviate the pain in my muscles and tendons.

My body definitely begged for me to stop.

It was screaming as “Stop, let’s go back and do something else”.

I did not listen to it.

I just mixed some bodyweight exercises with jumping rope.

Between the sets, I kept stretching the tight areas all the time.

After a while, the pain started to decrease gradually.

I lifted some weight and had a great gym session.

My strength was there and I finished it with a cold shower.

Now, I feel great.

I have all the energy in the world.

I am ready to attack my day.

But, what if I chose to stay at home and rest?

I was going to be sluggish and lazy the whole day.

Even If I would try to do some work, my energy was not going to be there.

How do I know? Because I’ve experienced it before.

I listened to that pathetic voice and it tricked me into its bullshit lies.

And… I know how working out would increase my mood drastically.

I have never regretted doing a workout.

Whenever I was in doubt, I remember this fact.

I know that working out is the right decision.

It always feels great after breaking some sweat.

You fight your inner demons and feel proud of the victory.

The rest of the day becomes a piece of cake.

This is enough as a motivation for every single workout.

Showing up is 50% of the battle.

Knowing this truth will keep you safe from bullshit rationalizations.

There will be days that you will feel like shit.

Never act like it is going to be all sunshine and rainbows.

Be prepared for the day life is going to hit you in the face.


“Every battle is won before it’s ever fought.” –Sun Tzu

Think of two fighters.

The first one:

  • Trained like an animal for 2 years.
  • Never missed the sessions and kept his blade sharp.
  • Sparred with the best in his weight class.
  • Fed his body with great nutrition and took care of his rest.

The second one:

  • Trained for 3 months.
  • Missed his training sessions occasionally
  • Had a gym was below average.
  • Visibly lacks speed, agility, even strength.

Who would you trust more and put your money for?

The answer is obvious. Of course, the first one.

He has %99.9 chance of victory.

Why do I leave %0.1? Because of the spontaneousness factor.

In an absent state, he can get hit by a counter punch and get knocked down.

But, this chance is very very very low.

It is the same in life, too.

Life is all about how well you prepared yourself.

When the opportunity came, you have to be ready.

You prepare your own luck

Losers label successful people as lucky all the time.

It is a self-defense mechanism to suppress inadequacy.

The truth would be too painful if they would face with their irresponsibility.

You never get lucky out of the blue.

Nothing comes of nothing.

Life gives you the opportunity and it is up to whether you take it or not.

Arnold was able to impress his mentor Reg Park.

Was he lucky because he met him?

He was already training like a badass when he was just a teenager in Austria.

The loser will always say “Oh, Reg Park helped him to become Mr. Olympia”

Reg Park probably met thousands of young bodybuilder, why the hell you only heard of Arnold?

You can find millions of examples in life.

Look at the pickup industry.

Is it possible to impress a girl with some magical line?

It is never about the words, it is about who is saying them.

The vibes behind the words matter.

Find the best line and give it to a douche bag.

Women will immediately understand what he was made of.

Simply, because he was not prepared.

He did not train for that moment.

There is a great Shaolin Monk philosophy on this issue which is…


You are in the street and someone is bullying you for no reason.

He threatens you unless you gave him all the money&items on you.

It is your fault.

You should have prepared by practicing martial arts before this happened.

We are blessed with an amazing mind.

We can see the possible danger and take precautions before it happens.

Rejecting the responsibility is a loser behavior.

How do you detect a loser?

Two major features of a loser:

  1. Complaining all the time
  2. Blaming others for his/her own problems

If I did not choose to work out, I could:

  • Complain all day for having low energy.
  • Complain about how the weather bad and it affects my mood.
  • Blame other people for distracting my focus while working.
  • Spread some rage about why I am having such a bad day.
  • Even expostulate on God.

So, how do I motivate myself to work out all the time?

I see the price of not doing it and the reward of doing it.

More than that, I feel it in my veins.

That’s why I go and fuck those inner demons all the time.

After a great workout session I love being able to say “Yeah, I did it again” proudly.

I hear this saying all the time “All you need is discipline, you don’t need motivation”

That’s not completely true, because you don’t get disciplined right away.

For sure, it is amazing to dedicate yourself for a greater cause.

To do that, you must see the motivation behind it.

You build your discipline through motivation.

You can ask two different construction workers for why they work.

One can say: “Because that’s how I earn money”.

The other one can say: “Because thousands of families will stay in safe and comfortable with my work.”

They are technically doing the same work but with totally different motivations.

Before you get disciplined, you have to find your motivation every single day.

You repeatedly remind yourself until you make it a habit.

Once it becomes a habit, things started to work automatically.

You stop asking yourself why you need to work out.

You don’t question the meaning of your business.

You know why you need to study for that exam.

Until it happens it requires constant effort.

Today, it was easy for me to make this decision.

The decision was already made in my subconscious.

Because for the last 4 years I made the same decision thousands of times.

Working out was my habit, even if I have a bad day.

How do you motivate yourself to work out all the time?

You motivate yourself every day until it becomes your habit.

When you stick to it enough, you start collecting the fruits.

You observe the positive changes both mentally and physically.

You witness how working out changes your life in a positive way.

When you don’t work out, you feel the lack of it.

It is like someone took one of your arms.

Shit, you have been living with that arm for years.

It helped you to do millions of work, you damn know why you need it back.

Now, it is hard for you to stop working out.

You are programmed to workout regularly.

That is perfect because you gained a positive addiction.

When you get a foot in the door, everyone checks your physique unavoidably.

Your body will always crave that hormonal boost.

Your eyes will want to see that sexy body in the mirror.

Working out becomes a part of who you are.

You don’t work out or you are doing the workout…

You are the workout.

In this phase, you can’t wait for the next day in the gym.

You love killing it.

You find the pleasure in the pain.

Great, you have a lifetime motivation anymore.

People always talk trash behind gym-goers.

I have certain advice. DO NOT CARE what they said.

Just check their life.

Those people live unhealthily and they try to cover that by talking.

They deeply desire the body you have.

They instinctively know you are doing the right thing.

Rather than taking action for themselves, they want to bring you down.

Get away from those people, be a lone wolf if necessary.

It is better to find new teammates rather than watching their betrayal.

I saw one guy complaining as:

When I was in X city, I loved working out because I and my friends had a good time in the gym. They pushed me to break my limits. Then my body started to change, I got lean and muscular. But for the summer vacation, I had to turn back to my hometown. Now, my motivation has completely gone. I don’t want to work out at all without my friends.


His inner circle influenced him positively which is great.

But he still lacks that inner drive.

Basically, he did not find out why he works out in the first place.

He just did it because of social interest. Otherwise, he would be alienated from his inner circle.

Everyone is responsible for finding their own “why”.

Your family & friends cannot do that for you.

Would you give up eating if you had no company?

Hell no, because you know why you have to eat.

I am always cool with a workout partner.

But if there was nobody available, that is completely fine, too.

You must be dependent on outside resources for long term results.

If the path is mostly alone, it is probably the right one.

Win the mental game

When you win the war in mind, your body will follow it.

Now, what is your reason to skip the next workout?

Do you have a headache?

Is it a public holiday today?

You have a test to take?

Don’t make me laugh.

See you at the gym, my friend.

For now, I am out.