Is masturbation healthy? We want to know because the majority has a masturbation addiction.

The answer depends on what you expect from a healthy life. Is being a slave without any life energy, desire, and creativity healthy?

When you ask a doctor, you get the answer “Masturbation is completely fine”. It is fine for them to prescribe antidepressants to lost cause people.

When you ask your friends, they answer like “Are you crazy? Of course, you should do it regularly”. It is no surprise that none of them are high achievers.

Masturbation addiction is a soul killer.

Have you ever wondered why you never had that mental energy, creativity, high productivity levels? You can search it for a lifetime but you will never find until you stop touching your dick.

Do you know why famous athletes, artists, scientists preserve their semen? Shakespeare, Edison, Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali are some of the famous ones I know. With a little bit of research, you can find many of those.

Because semen is a powerful life force.

Think about it. How can you make a child? The semen needs to fertilize the egg. Man and women produce vital energy to create a child. The energy does not come out of nowhere, your semen is your creative vital energy.

Masturbation addiction makes you waste this precious life force all the time. You suck up your all life energy for very short-term pleasure.


There is no way to quit an addiction without understanding the actual reason behind it. All addictions are the result of a weak mind.

That means something in your system is messed up.

The first step is to be aware of it. The second step is to understand it. And the final step is to solve the problem from the root. I could only give you some practical tips to cure the symptoms, but it would never work in the long term.

You would read an informational article, maybe you would hype-up a little bit. However, after a while, your brain would prefer applying the old patterns.

Let’s first understand why porn & masturbation addiction happens.

“The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.”
Nathaniel Branden

All men want to find the best mate to put their semen. To make sure their genes continue to survive, men are naturally attracted to physically beautiful females.

The brain of a man is hardwired to find women with the best genes. That’s why men can determine whether a woman is sexy from a mile further immediately.

Well, women have their own self-defense mechanism for this. They do tons of makeup and wear edgy clothes. Moreover, some women even have plastic surgery by risking their health.

Everything happens on the hormonal level. All healthy men feel sexual arousal when they see a hot woman without caring about their personality.

So what’s wrong with that?

Nothing, if we only think of from this perspective. This is why the game of life continues because humans want to reproduce.

Masturbation Addiction Cause a Big Confusion In Your Brain

The problem starts with the internet and pornography. Your brain cannot separate the virtual and real. Ejaculation gives an intense hormonal release and it fucks up the natural reward mechanism.

When you watch porn and jerk off, your brain thinks your semen has been used for a very good purpose. It thinks that you just fertilized a very healthy beautiful lady.

The body releases all beneficial hormones and it makes you feel good for a short time. And this is how the main cycle of addiction has been set up.

To feel the same intense arousal, you want more and more. It programs you to live in a virtual world where all kind of women serves for your pleasure. So, you are a superhero in your dream who can fertilize any type of woman regardless of their age, ethnicity, and race.

In real life, women are nowhere near close to what you see in porn. They do not even look attractive to you anymore. They seem less attractive but they are harder to get. You cannot have sex with them by clicking a button.

This confuses your brain even more and it leads you to start questioning yourself. You don’t care about this issue much, because you can always release those hormones easy with just one click.

In this situation why would you bother to impress those unattractive ladies? Why would you choose the hard path? That will take much more energy rather than reaching tons of porn material. Your brain thinks there is not much reward in real life situations.

This was just a little part of the story. It’s not the only dating part of your life gets crushed. Your whole life gets a huge damage from this.

The Hormonal Explanation of Masturbation Addiction


Masturbation causes you to live an insensible way. In all addictions, there is one common factor that they all cause dopamine rush.

Here we define dopamine first:

“Dopamine is one of the main neurotransmitters in the brain. It is most commonly recognized for its role in reward, motivation, and pleasure, but also plays a crucial part in modulating focus, motivation, cognitive flexibility, and emotional resilience. In addition to these creative-productive capacities and states, dopamine is one of the main regulators of motor control and coordination of body movements.”

There are also dopamine receptors in the brain. When we do any activity, our brain produces dopamine. When dopamine bands together with dopamine receptors, we feel happy.

Addiction causes an extra dose of dopamine. Cigarette, drugs, alcohol, masturbation, they all make the brain numb because of a high dosage of dopamine production.

Oh, that’s perfect then, we must feel super happy after high dosage of dopamine, right?

No. When there is less dopamine in our system, our brain produces more dopamine receptors to use them efficiently. However, the opposite happens when there is a lot of dopamine in the system. The brain thinks there is abundance in the numbers of dopamine and starts killing the receptors.

Fewer Dopamine Receptors = Less Happiness

The price of fewer dopamine receptors is being insensible to everything you do.

The things that give you pleasure suddenly becomes too boring. The food doesn’t taste good, the social interactions don’t make sense. You feel boring all the time. The brain only craves for the dopamine rush from your addictions.

You hear addicted people all the time say “I can’t concentrate if I don’t smoke or blah blah” Basically, their brain is craving for that dopamine rush.

You cannot start to produce dopamine receptors right away, it takes weeks and months. How do you know whether you’re producing or not?

You feel the pain. No pain, no gain philosophy fits right in here. When you crave anything, show your brain that you are the boss.

“I am not giving you that motherfucker because I am the real boss.”

Get disciplined, ditch momentary pleasure and feel the pain for the glory.

Why is Porn Free?

The porn industry was serving for Lords before the invention of TV.

Like most industries, it is full of dirty stuff. After the internet age, it spread out the whole world. But wait, why is porn free?

Why does it have such easy access unlike other dopamine resources like drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol?

Because its margin of profit is too damn high. You can have billions of people who are willing to lose their sexual energy by making it free.

They lose their life energy, creativity, vitality, health and all after masturbation addiction. There you have billions of mindless consumers. What else could masterminds wish more?

They get into people’s mind and people stop thinking. They are guided by their hormones rather than their logical mind. What do they do? They are willing to become lifetime slaves.

If they become aware of their unhealthy situation, they go to the dear doctor who is another slave of the pharmaceutical industry.

Medical Industry Scam

Modern medicine will always tell you the opposite. They will say it is such a normal thing to masturbate regularly. Go and talk to a doctor. You will get a response “Oh, you are fine, don’t worry.”

More than that, people will encourage you to masturbate more.

Just answer this. Why the hell millions of young men and women are addicted to drugs? Their natural condition makes them feel terrible, they walk like zombies on the street. They need some sort of pills to make them feel good.

They let their most precious life energy go away and desperately look for a pill to take care of everything. Hence, they will never be able to cure their problem until they realize this.

Modern medicine is giving you drugs to kill the symptoms. They let the root of the problem stays there. If you are healthy, you won’t pay them.

All antidepressants have one common thing that is dopamine.

What a coincidence right? When the addict took the drug, it gives the brain the signals that everything is okay. But the real cause of the problem is there “masturbation addiction“.

You can support dopamine production by external supplementation, but masturbation addiction will consume it nonstop.

This was a real eye-opener for me when I first discovered. I suffered the side effects and wasted most of my time and energy without even being aware of it…

Most famous artists, scientists, and philosophers were aware of this secret power. They knew how sexual energy could turn into power.

Tesla, Shakespeare, and Newton have never masturbated in their lives. They were wise enough not to waste their precious energy.

Masturbation is killing young individuals slowly and they cannot even guess the reason why.

Harmful Effects Of Masturbation:

  • Lack of energy
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Less self-esteem
  • Boredom
  • Pain in the body (mainly lower back)
  • Excessive fear
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Skin Issues
  • Hair Loss
  • Early Aging
  • Memory Loss

The Benefits Of Quitting Masturbation:

Courage: The fear dissolves. You don’t get scared of non-sense bullshit. In dangerous situations, you are aware that it’s risky but still, maintain your calmness.

Increased cognitive function: Your mind becomes more clear and you think better in general. You become aware of the emotions and how they affect you.

Better memory: Your mind becomes sharper. You remember things you need to remember easier.

Better flexibility: Your body becomes more supple. Your bones start to feel much lighter.

Patience: You become more stoic. Rather than chasing momentary pleasures, you focus on developing long-term goals that actually will make you happier.

Confidence: You will build an iron will. You trust yourself and your decisions more because you feel more confident. It leads to developing a greater moral character.

No worry or anxiety: Small things do not bother you as much before. You can focus on what’s important easier.

Better Skin: Your skin and eyes get better. The body shows you that you are healthier than before.

Better Decision Making: You can decide what’s good or bad easier. As a result of a clear mind, your decision-making skills develop.

The list goes on and on. There are many success stories on the internet where people tell how their life improved after their no-fap marathon. Staying abstinent for a while in order to normalize your brain is a great way to start. (Check: Nofap Reddit)

What’s The Cure?

After you understood the real cause, it is easy to quit. You see the health problems and how it fucks up your life. This is enough for a reason to quit masturbating.

However, it might not be the ultimate solution. Why?

Okay, you quit and you get the energy spike. You feel amazing and energetic anymore.

Still, you have to be able to monetize this life energy. Otherwise, you will probably go back to your sluggish life.

You have to take advantage of this new power and use it wisely. That’s why the no-fap marathon mostly will end up as a failure. In the short-term, the individual may seem a positive effect of quitting masturbation.

However, in the long run, there will be no permanent solution.

The ultimate solution is simply finding something to work on.

Work, Work, Work…

You have to be busy with fulfilling your destiny. So, you must constantly be working on something.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. to keep your balance you must keep moving “
Albert Einstein

Do something, create something, build something.

Have a purpose each day and work on it.

When you are busy with building your own legacy, you will never bother to think of porn.

Think of it, when does the masturbation urge come often? It would come to when I was not busy with anything. Mostly when I was surfing on the internet aimlessly.

When you have no purpose, masturbation might seem like a good choice. That’s an illusion that your brain plays with you.

An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

It is such an easy way to reach a reward for your brain. Just one click and boom! You will feel a rush of dopamine. Then lots of guilt and diseases happen in the long term.

You have to be awake all the time and the only way for this is to work on your projects. Do not wander around the internet. Use it only for your specific purposes.

Practical Solutions For Masturbation Addiction

These are the practical solutions if you get an urge to masturbate again in your journey.

We hope that you completely get rid of this urge, but in any case, we better take precautions.

#1) Find Something To Do Right Away: When the urge comes, do something immediately. It might be just as simple as going for a walk or doing push-ups. The purpose of this getting out of the paradigm immediately. There is no other way to get out of it. You have to take action.

#2) Get Rid Of All Triggers: Get rid of any triggers that lead you to masturbation. (the websites, social media, magazines with naked women) If your eyes are clear, your brain will be clear. When your mind is clear, your actions will be clear.

#3) Always Sleep Early: We tend to lose our willpower during mid-night time. Due to the sun is down, so as our general life energy. We want to relax and it is easier to cheat at this time. You won’t be more productive night time and you will be more open to self-sabotage. Why would you take this risk? Go to bed early and rise early.

#4) Exercise Regularly: An active life will make your thing easier. Your mind will be more clear and your willpower will increase. Lift weights, do calisthenics or do any discipline. It does not matter. Just move more in general. Take care of your body and let it take care of you.

5- Don’t Eat Junk Food: Have a healthy and balanced diet. This was my personal experience. I used to masturbate after I ate some junk food. It was like a chain of reaction. Once you get loose, you start to lose control more and more. Do not let that happen.

Let’s Recap

First, masturbation is an addiction and it drains your life energy. It is not a biological need. Quitting it forever will be the best help that you do for yourself.

Admit that this is a bad habit that sabotages your life. Deal with it like a man by taking responsibility. You read this article for this purpose, so we don’t have a problem.

Just face the truth. If you don’t stop, you will never be able to create great art. Your work will suffer, your relationships will suffer, your life will suffer…

Just imagine 5 years later you are dealing with the same problems. You still will wonder “where did I do wrong?”.

Everything is so damn obvious! Be wise and make your own choice.

No one can make the choice for you.

I just showed the way.

Quit and see with your own eyes how your life has changed.