It all starts the same.

Finally, you decide to pull the trigger and start doing something for your life.

Maybe you start a new business, a relationship, or a fitness regimen and what happens all of a sudden?

Strangely enough, people around you start being negative for no reason.

When you move towards an ideal, that draws attention as a natural response.

Have you experienced it?

If you are a reader of this blog, you probably did.

You already know why they say “Haters gonna hate”.

Birds fly, dogs bark, the wind blows and haters hate because it’s their job.

The more you excel at life, the more hate you’ll get.

That’s the price you pay when you remind people of what they could’ve done.

What do you expect after shining like their missed opportunities?

What do you think they will do?

Will they say “Thank you for showing what a shithole we live in”? Or accept their irresponsibility and learn from your success?

That’s too much of a burden for the majority.

The majority will hate you because they can’t live if they face who they really are, so they rather choose jealousy and hatred as their self-defense mechanism.

“A man without enemies is a man without character”.

-David Gandy

Haters are your biggest fans because unnecessary criticism is proof of secret admiration.

They hate you because deep down they want to be you or they want what you have. Every single criticism is a way to escape from their insecurities and flaws.

They temporarily feel an emotional release when they project a negative image onto you. That’s their flight of fantasy but they use it rather than facing reality.

If they find other morons who believe the same shitty story, they feel better because they don’t feel alone anymore.

Their heart is ill and they want to see you in the same shithole.

Critical people are seeking “attention” because nobody cares about them in real life. (Because they don’t do anything good but spreading negativity all day long).

You can destroy them with a single move.


They’re already living with a huge mental pain as a result of hating themselves. When you ignore them, their soul suffers more than ever.

Their brain is filled with a lot of traumatic events from the past.

Haters don’t really hate you, they hate themselves because you’re a reflection of what they wish to be. Have empathy with them, understand them, but do not play their game and do not let them spread their toxicity to you.

The Story of An Old Samurai

The warrior said to the samurai, “You’re an old fool! You have no strength left! I’ll strike you down in one blow”. But the old teacher continued with his lesson, and the warrior left with nothing.

A student asked “Master, why did you tolerate his insults? You should have challenged him to a fight!”. The samurai said, “If someone brings you a gift and you don’t take it, to whom does it belong?”. The student answered, “It belongs to the one who offered it”. The samurai added, “It’s the same with envy and insults. If you refuse to accept them, they belong to the one who offered them.”

You Come First

People will always have something to say. You must focus on yourself and your vision.

Do you try to shut down every dog when you are walking?

Don’t let anybody, ANYBODY impose their way on you. At the end of the day, you are going to live with yourself.

You’re with yourself and you have got to make yourself happy first.

You must have 0 expectations from others.

People might help you, but they don’t have to. Mostly, they do more harm than good.

Listen, there are billions of people right now who are not doing what they love because they are worried about what other people think or what other people say, especially their inner family members.

There is a point in your life when you get older, you suddenly realize how little it all mattered.

At the end of the day, you’re with yourself and you’ve got to make yourself happy first.

You must love it when people try to put you down.

It is such an interesting concept, isn’t it?

Just think of it.

Everyone deep down wants to be liked and accepted.

When someone has grown up with the baggage of being disliked, they’re looking for that external validation for their whole life.

We seek likes on social media, we want everyone around us to applaud us. Very few people are willing to be disliked. Every visionary was once ridiculed before they were revered.

They had to run towards a huge resistance.

You have to be strong in your own skin because people will dismiss your ideas or they won’t understand it or they’ll laugh at you. It does not matter. You must keep on going until they start to see the brilliance of it.

People that don’t know you at all, who are insecure and upset with themselves, will hate you the most. That is the game.

An opinion will never change reality

When you align yourself with truth, nothing can hurt you.

Let’s say that people criticize your work and they say “your work is shit”.

Well, there are two options:

1- Your work is shit, 2- Your work is not shit

In both options, the critique has no effect on the result you get. Do you see how powerful this is?

You may get hate or love and you might get frustrated or feel great afterward but none of these feelings affect the result you get. So, critiques or praises, they are both worthless in terms of the results you generate.

Only truth and reality are your saviors.

Opinions only have power over you when you agree with them.

If you internalize this fact and live your life by being conscious of that throughout your life, you will be immune to criticism.

Mentally sick people get jealous of you and they use their energy to throw shit on you, so you deviate. Why? Because they don’t have it, so others should not have it, either. The attack order comes from their subconscious, so they don’t even know what a shithole they are in.

They just deeply know if you take their words seriously, that will slow you down or maybe stop working towards accomplishing your life mission. When they see others fail just like them, that is relieving for them because they are not the only loser after all.

What a sick mentality, isn’t it?

The reason people are so easily affected by the negative critiques because they have no mental clarity. So, they tend to believe what others say to them because they are insecure inside.

People love having a sense of power over other people.

Being an internet troll is the shortest way of feeding your ego. Nobody sees you except the weird picture that you put on your avatar and a mysterious nickname.

You can’t be willing to live your life under the judgment of what others think life is.

There is a moment in your life that you realize nobody is worried about you, they are all worried about their shit. Then, if you open your eyes, you develop a new life philosophy: “Living for yourself”.

You realize that you can’t make anyone happy if you can’t make yourself happy first. There are billions of people in their 40s and 50s living based on the opinions of their parents.

You need a focus to disregard bullshit. A strong will bring you self reliance and independence by letting you create massive value for the world.

Why are you reliant on the opinions of other people?

People criticize because they fear their own greatness

Criticism is a form of procrastination that stems from the fear of hard work. Why do you think there are too many trolls in the world?

Haters study you very well, so you can learn from them. They hate due to the wrong process of information, but we can recycle it.

  • Do not allow haters to penetrate your spirits.
  • Do not allow them to throw you off your plans.
  • Do not waste your time arguing with them.
  • Do not even get engaged in the stuff they want you to get engaged.

You must always focus and do what you are supposed to do.

Don’t take it but catch it.

Someone might throw you something. First, grab and look at what it is. Okay, is it true? If it is so, cool, just put it in and learn from it. If it’s bullshit, cool, just throw it away. Respect it but don’t let anybody impose their way on you.

If you are not sure, it can be a “maybe”. Well, if you are not sure, think about it more and ask others to get some feedback until you are sure about it. If you keep getting the same feedbacks constantly, you need to stop and think about it more because there might be something you are missing.

I like when people put me down. I get off on when people put me down because nothing is more interesting than proving they are all wrong. Please continue to judge and underestimate me, it is the best motivation I have.

Open up your superpower: Empathize!

You see a lot of people are being in a negative mood and you don’t know why.

You’ve had a bad day and you have been rude, too.

Yes, you are amazing right now and you are reading the best blog on the planet to make the best of yourself but I am a hundred percent sure you acted rudely at some point in your life.

You broke someone’s heart by being a jerk. So, you know how it feels.

When you catch the negativity, always wonder “what happened today that lead to that?”.

Maybe those people:

  • could not sleep last night
  • had a family issue.
  • lived something depressing in the morning.
  • live in chaos because they are unclear about who they are and what they want in life, so they are taking it out on other people to not feel the emptiness of their soul.

Maybe their own failures, struggles, disappointments have ravaged them and led them to depression and mental disorders.

We never know someone’s story.

Once you can sympathize, you understand their negativity is not about you. This is empowering and liberating. They spread negativity because they are already in a bad place with a lot of pain right now.

You should not take ownership of that because you did not cause it. Do not think about critics because that’s their job. Why would you worry about people who don’t serve you? You must let go of whatever doesn’t serve you to make room for what can serve you.

Don’t try to help them because they don’t want your help. All they want is nothing but killing you. Do not give away your power. Your time on this earth is so precious and you must protect yourself.

This society has created insecure people who’re not willing to work on what they’re lacking. It’s so easy to hate but it’s really hard to make a positive difference with everyone you encounter.

Give them what they deserve.

Ignore and rise above their limited world view.

Let them feel less significant.

Let them do what they need to do.

Meanwhile, be busy with enjoying your life.