Youtube reached an incredible influence level with an unstoppable rise in recent years.

From all ages, we watch 10+ Youtube videos daily. Even little kids cannot take their eyes off from it.

Youtube became the main source of information on the internet bypassing Google. But, everything has a price like anything else in life.

While we are enjoying the beauties of the new age, we cannot tolerate its toxicity.

Youtube world is not all lavender and roses.

You know Command Glory has no business with fairytales.

What are the side effects of this new emerging star? You are gonna learn the dark side of Youtube in this article.

It will become clear for you how Youtube changes people so easily in a bad manner. What will happen after you learn these?

You will take your precautions and live a better joyful life.

Common Problems Of Modern Life

Have you noticed people started to complain about loneliness more than ever?

They all talk about how lonely they feel inside and how difficult it is for them to trust people anymore.

People do not even seek advice anymore. The subject of incoming mails became completely different.

There is one main theme between all of the help cries you encounter:

They are all depressing.

People don’t enjoy life anymore. Nobody is happy with their current state. Suicide rates increased drastically.

You can believe the statistic because people admit that they consider suicide. The main reason for this change is the change of generation.

Z generation has joined the game of life. (People born in 1995+) The kid that you saw at 13 years of age has become 20 years old. They became adults now.

It is impossible not to meet a Z generation individual in daily life anymore. You see them in your social environment, maybe in your family. Eventually, you communicate with them.

What are the common characteristics of them?

Common Characteristics of Z Generation Members

They are all:

  • Feeling damn privileged and special.
  • Believing they are impeccable blue roses that blossom out in the middle of the snow. (Snowflakes)
  • Lazy and complaining about having no life energy at all.
  • Ruthless, extremely selfish and narcissistic.
  • Obsessed with leaving a mark behind, but when they are given a task, they get bored immediately.

They all feel lost in life with an identity crisis.

Here is the surprise. It is not their FAULT. They have been raised by wrong parenting strategies… Most of them did not even have a proper family life.

  • They have been told they are special all the time.
  • Anything they asked for is bought by their parents just because they wanted and begged persistently.
  • Parents kept telling them as “you can be anything you want” which is far from the truth.
  • They could pass exams easily because teachers did not want to mess with their parents.
  • Even if they failed big in class, sports, arts; they have always been rewarded.

Nobody Prepared Them For Life

A wrong image of life installed in their brain which is not even similar to what they are going to deal with.

Now, they graduate and embark upon the real journey of life. What happens now?

The truth slaps them in the face immediately.

They realize nobody is willing to treat as they are special like their family did. Their moms cannot get them a promotion in their office job.

The big blown-up ego explodes and their identity fell on the pieces. Their self-confidence decreases a lot, they don’t even know who they are anymore.

If you look at their Instagram pages, you might think they are living a perfect life. Fun travel posts, smiling faces, parties all night…

No failures, no tears, no hardship…

We are great at filtering anymore. People reached the mastery of “acting like they know everything”. Even though, they all have a zero clue about what life is all about.

Motivation Addiction

Their self-esteem was filled with bombarding motivational videos and quotes. When they pump their mind with motivational shits, it only increases the symptoms of their illnesses.

They never solve the problem the core but only suppress the symptoms for a short amount of time. When they turn back to reality, the brain sees the same scenarios again.

Listening to motivational words hype them up for a while uplifts their mood. They feel the good feelings when the hype is gone, they find themselves in their shithole again with the reality of “nothing changed”.

What happens? They start questioning themselves again. Then, they decide to watch another video again and again. The vicious cycle starts like this.

They never consider taking charge of their life by commitment and self-discipline. Those are boring and they take too much their precious time.


Messages and notifications deliver chemical happiness by triggering dopamine system continually. The instant gratification causes permanent damage in the brain.

Whenever you feel alone, grab your phone and text 10 of your friends by saying “How are you”? You get tons of new message notifications and you feel happier instantly.

You fall prey to the belief that “everyone loves and cares about you” for a while.

The virtual world offers fake happiness that will kill your soul in the long term. Many people accept that delusional world.

They do anything to get more likes, comments, and shares. What if they get no likes at all?

They start questioning themselves again… “Oh, why doesn’t anyone like me anymore :(”

Smoking, drugs, alcohol, gambling are all addictive; but they are all age-restricted at the same time. However, there is no age restriction in the usage of smartphones and social media. (except +18 content that you can easily pass)

Kids have all access to the virtual world just like adults.

This is where evil takes the advantage.


In the first stage of our lives, we only need the approval of our family. Then, we move on and we make friends with other people.

We get a circle of friends from school and work mostly.

It is such a big transition for us to leave our strongest institution(family) behind and acknowledging a new culture.

We find ourselves in the middle of a new environment and we had to adapt. The adaptation was in our genes, that was how the human race could survive until this age.

Then, we get introduced to the new “stress dealers” by our dear friends: drugs, alcohol, cigarettes.

The effect of these addictions starts becoming permanent in our lives.

When do people use these kinds of stuff mostly?

Whenever they face difficult situations that increase stress.

They repeatedly numb the brain not to feel the stress.

They search the solution in these addictive materials by denying taking charge of their life in the stressful moments. Like a drunkard search the answer in the alcohol bottle, people search the answers in the virtual world.

All addictions work with the same principals, they have the same mechanism.

People cannot communicate that will offer them meaningful and deep relationships anymore. When stress knocks the door, they prefer to use their smartphones and never ask for help in person.

But, remember how they were raised.

How was a mom feeding her kid? She first opened a video to distract the kid’s attention. Then, the kid started to open his mouth only when the mom opens a new video.

The same scenario every darn day. The kid doesn’t even remember the video he watched yesterday.

She decreased the kid’s attention span dramatically. Moreover, she caused permanent damages and traumas in the brain without even knowing it.

Have you noticed that new age kids are extremely narcissistic?

They skip people like they skip a youtube video. People end relationships like they close a fucking webpage.

Their friendships are all based on self-interest, they have no deep and meaningful relationships.

Like they don’t remember the videos they watched yesterday, they don’t remember their friends’ favors either. They are never genuinely interested in the other side.

How Can Youtubers Get So Much Love?

People don’t have a social circle because they are only self-centered.

Even their mom left them alone with the videos instead of offering them a healthy relationship.

The digital world took the place of love.

What do you think YouTubers look like for them?

A person pops out right in front of their face and calls them “buddy”, “my friend”, “bro” by looking at them in the eye.

Maybe there is no malevolence behind this action but it serves in a bad manner.

What they watch forms their reality.

They watch a Vlog that contains a whole day(or days) of stupidly exaggerative actions compressed in a 10 minutes video. They just think all people are living like that.

They believe the people they watch are perfect. They consider those YouTubers as their close friends because they have no friends in real life.

The person they see daily on a screen suddenly becomes their best friend in their imaginary world.

Youtubers become their family.

Don’t get me wrong, Youtube requires sincerity as a rule of thumb.

Peer to peer communication is an inevitable factor in Youtube success. But, the audience gets it psychologically wrong.

They put these people on a pedestal. (a much higher rank than they actually deserve) That leads to isolation rather than socializing and communicating with real people.

They create such a strong bond with their “perfect” Youtuber friends.

YouTubers know this very well.

When you become transparent and share your privacy on the screen, you make a stronger bond with the audience.

Most Youtubers actually admit that they get more views by sharing “private life” content rather than sharing information.

People are interested in their privacy because they wanna become friends with their heroes. This intense emotional impact is a direct reflection of desperate loneliness.

Youtube is a carnival field where clowns gag and a circus where acrobats dance.

It is the world of storytellers, a far cry from the real world.

If you want reality, you must intimately talk to real people. You must confront yourself.

They watch Youtubers collaborate and make great friends with each other. They actually don’t, 90% of them are just business friendships.

They come together just to shoot a video together, so they get a cut from the other channel, aka more subscribers and more money.

Fake vs Real Friends

In real life, there are fake friendships.

Some people want to be your friend just to reach their goals. They don’t actually love you, they see you as a step. Whatever is the main goal, you immediately lose the value when they reach it.

They hide their real identity by wearing a mask. But wait, we haven’t even come to the worst part, yet.

Z generation lives with instant gratification and has no patience at all.

You wanna buy something, go to, order it and they deliver to your home tomorrow.

You don’t need to check the cinema sessions, they are all available online anytime you want.

You want a relationship, just install an application on your smartphone. You are in the jungle of millions of people looking for the same thing.

You don’t even need the actual skillset to form a healthy relationship. You just make a selection by swiping people.

You have anything you want and anytime you want except job satisfaction(success) and meaningful relationships. There is no application for these.

These are slow, labyrinthine, uncomfortable, and complex processes.

“I think I am going to quit, I could not make a great impact”. They dedicate their whole life to a delusional mountain which is called “leaving a mark”.

But, they are unable to see the mountain itself.

Love, job satisfaction, success, the joy of living, happiness, a great skill…

These all take serious time and effort. If you do not have the love and support of your loved ones, you just fall from the mountain easily.

The First Time In History…

More students started to quit school from depression, they prefer to take long sick reports. Compared to the old times, there is a huge increase in the number of mentally sick people.

This is a problem that is happening the first time in the history of time.

The kids who grew up with the best possible scenario, but they are all convinced that they will never become truly happy.

They never reach a moderate level of satisfaction in their jobs or private life. Their response is always going to be “not too bad”, when somebody asks how they are.

Even if they feel like shit, they better be hiding this fact due to the fear of humiliation. They carry a huge responsibility on their shoulders of not making it, yet.

Every option was wide available for them, they have lived in such a comfort. But, they are unable to stand on their feet properly.

How To Build Trust In Relationships

If you are sitting in a cafe with your friends and you regularly check your phone and put it on the table(so you can check it again). You give the message of “you are not that important to me” to the other side on a subconscious level.

That means your addiction is killing the most vital pieces of your life but you are not aware of it.

“Did you study the exam? Do not worry, I can help you out. We review the chapters and solve suggested questions together.”

This is the way of starting to build trust. Even hard times are not enough to build trust. You cannot build trust via one single event.

It is a slow, consistent, and steady process.

If you are having dinner with your friends and you keep checking your phone, that’s a HUGE problem.

When you wake up if you are checking your phone before hugging and saying “Good Morning!” to your lovely family members, you are in BIG trouble.

Get in a random cafe and find a random group of friends sitting together. Let’s prohibit their smartphone usage until they leave the cafe, what do you think is gonna happen?

They will all go to the restroom and check their phones.

People don’t even wanna look around anymore.

Constant Exposure To External Stimulations

Kills Creativity

You cannot form an idea by looking at a screen. If your conscious is always busy, it kills your creativity.

Creative ideas come from deliberate thinking, especially when you experience a new event.

“Oh, I guess I can do this”.

That is the first step of every new invention. The virtual world only keeps us away living in serenity.

Have you had a camping experience? Where you had no electricity or internet? You would be amazed by how long the days are.

The virtual world literally shortened the experience of our life span.

They have found the same region of the brain is damaged amongst social media addicts and drug addicts.

Social media addiction changes

the anatomy of our brain.

Social media is like a slot machine that you can access anytime.

Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram all work with the same logic of the casinos in Las Vegas. They get help from experts to use special tactics that will make people addicted.

In return for your short amount of attention and your personal data, they offer shining things and they sell your data.

Its purpose of usage is to distract you as often as possible. When your ability to focus has been distracted very often, that cause a permanent decrease in your concentration capacity.

Spending 5 to 10 minutes with a slot machine is innocent besides this monster. Because you carry this monster from the moment you wake up until you finally sleep.

More people are obese, more people have shitty postures, more people are mentally ill…

In the 1970s 25% of the American population was myope, now it is 50%.

This technology even affects our nervous system. Some people confuse their itching with the vibration of their smartphone. Funny, ha?

What happens if you stop using social media?

You immediately observe your ability to focus increase. Now, you can handle more than one task without taking any break.

You suddenly become more productive and creative. New ideas start to come up in your mind.

The time starts to flow slower and you realize you can find time easily.

You are able to refresh your energy when you take some rest.

Your mind is in peace anymore, you are wondering how you let that beautiful serenity vanish.

There are no constant external stimulus signals that annoy you.

You are finally free…