Laziness is not real and no one in the world is actually lazy.

Sometimes, it is better to be lazy.

I am sick of people are complaining as laziness is something like a disease coded in their genes.

What the hell is this guy talking about?

Why do I claim that laziness is a fake concept?

Let’s say that somebody is gonna give you 1 million dollars if you meet him at 5.00 am tomorrow morning.

Would you be lazy and prefer to sleep?

Hell no. You probably would prefer to stay awake the whole night to not miss the chance.

You can only be lazy if you are not motivated enough.

If you see no meaning behind the work you do, it is completely fine to be lazy.

That’s a natural response from your brain to you should focus on things that actually inspire you.

When you watch a wildlife documentary, you don’t see lions jump around like a flying squirrel. They all look damn slow and lazy.

There is a fairly well reason behind their laziness because they save their energy for the upcoming hunt. When the time comes, they unleash their aggressiveness to fill their stomachs.

There was a guy who told me he wanted to lift weights in college. The only place we see each other was in the classroom.

One day, we hit the gym together and he saw me lifting weights with a passion. He told me: “I thought you were a lazy ass, but you work like a horse bro. Damn, I am surprised”

He only saw me in class while I am saving up my energy for the gym, lol. See me also as I am writing, bro.

The Problem With 9-5 Jobs

9 to 5 workers are lazy and there is also a fairly well reason behind this.

I used to work for a software company for one year and at that time I have experienced a lot of bullshit stuff.

The strange thing was that everyone was fine with living that way.

I was not… So, eventually, I quit.

Think about it. There are 2 common traits in a typical 9-5 job:

  • The wages are fixed and paid monthly
  • The working hours are fixed

So, what you do is completely irrelevant to how much you get paid.

Is there a more stupid system than this? I could handle that work in one hour, but you make people stay in a cage for 8 hours no matter what they do.

If you handle tasks fast, that means they will give you more tasks. For this reason, people try to find solutions to fix problems as slow as possible.

They have no motivation to finish the tasks faster because, at the end of the month, they are gonna be paid the same wage.

Absolute bullshit

The main core of laziness is the lack of motivation.

If one person sees the reward behind their action, they can immediately become super productive.

Laziness is an indicator one of the two things below:

  • You are doing the wrong thing
  • You don’t know the real reason why you do it

The students often find doing school projects boring, because they did not choose the projects. The task is always given by some sort of authority.

The 9-5 workers don’t find any value for working in a corporate job because their boss is giving them the orders.

They already know they are making the company richer by working hard. The company traits them like a pawn in the chessboard.

They cannot complain because they applied for the job. The company owners don’t give a damn because they have a lot of options.

There are boatloads of college graduates salivating for that soul killer office job.

Camel or Lion?

Lazy people are lazy because they don’t see the real value behind their actions. They lack the inner drive which is the main trigger of our hidden power for productivity.

They are the camel as Nietzche described. The whole world is loading weight on their back and they cannot say no.

You are supposed to:

  • go to school
  • do your homework
  • find a job
  • get married

Supposed to… Supposed to…

The whole world loads them to carry the burden. They are just a camel. They can’t say, “Fuck you, I am not doing this bullshit stuff”.

They just can’t and feel the obligation to live their life as a camel.

They can’t find the courage to roar like a lion, because they seek courage everywhere else rather than within themselves.

The work becomes a gift only if you find your passion… What you truly love doing… Do you know why billionaires work more than anyone else? Because they actually love what they do.

Ask a poor person what would he do if he had billions of dollars. He answers it like “I would quit working and have a vacation”. That’s the main reason why he is broke because the money only comes after work.

You think you don’t know what you love?

That’s completely normal.

People generally don’t ask themselves what they love. If you ask them what they hate, you get millions of answers like “I hate the traffic, I hate toxic people, etc.”

Whether you believe it or not you love doing something more than others.

The best way to know this is by paying attention to what you do when you procrastinate.

When we start to procrastinate the tasks, we do it to do what we actually love. If the work is something you enjoy, procrastination is never the issue.

I know what you are thinking.

“No way, I watch movies all day when I procrastinate the school project. How the hell will I earn profit from it?”

Really? Don’t jump the gun champion. Let’s consider this subject thoroughly. There is actually a huge market in the movie industry.

You can:

  • Open a website to review movies
  • Write your own scripts
  • Build your own movie company
  • Be a famous director or an actor.

There are many options available in the movie sector. Don’t be judgemental on yourself. There are millions of ways of earning a profit if you know your real talent.

Talent becomes a passion when you start practicing.

People have a delusion of they will figure out their passion by doing nothing. You have to take action to find it. It takes a lot of work!

Many people are unsure of starting their journey because they are looking for a special event.

They think inspiration visits them and their life suddenly changes.

All artists question themselves whether they have got it or not.

If you are asking questions like “Am I really a good writer? Can I really become a great movie scripter?”. Chances are you probably can if you grow balls to start it out.

Start First and You Will Have The Energy

You will only find that limitless energy when you start. Do not waste your time waiting because there will be no miracle.

You will create the magic by working relentlessly.

The work will come naturally to you and you won’t even consider it as work. You spend more time than anyone else and you unlock your hidden power…

Laziness? That word will seem very strange to you.

You Forget Time

When you do something you love, the time goes by so fast and you don’t even realize it.

Everyone experiences the relativity of time. For example, when you spend the time with people you love, you don’t check the time. When you are sitting in a class you hate, you keep checking the time.

There was a time that we worked out together with one of my best friends. We went to the gym and started training by performing squats, rack pulls, bench press, combined with all kinds of calisthenics movements…

weighted push up godlike

Me working out with my dear workout partner

One of us was suggesting an exercise and the other one accepting right away. By the time we are done, it has been 4 hours. We could not believe how the time passed that fast.

I remember the days we played soccer when I was a kid in our neighborhood.

We used to start playing right in the morning and we were done when the sun is down. Our moms were screaming from the window to tell us it has been too late.

Why did we forget about the time? Because we loved playing soccer.

Game after game after game…

Soccer was the most important thing in our small lives.

We used to team up for presenting our neighborhoods and make tournaments regularly.

There was nothing more thrilling than scoring in a neighborhood tournament. Soccer was our one common language when we started to play it.

You can tell me I am wrong, you can say it is just a game…

But, that was the clash of heroes and tribes with loyalty and devotion. We did not get paid by winning, we fought for our honor and glory.

It was our commitment and our passion, our battle, and our faith.

Laziness? It was not a topic in our world.

The laziness is not a concept in the world of love.

I wonder why people make stupid career choices and try to avoid working later.

If you choose something you hate as a career, how will you find time for the things you enjoy? By taking a week of annual leave?

Why would you limit yourself to your work? Your work is what feeds your soul. You only try to limit the time on the things you don’t like.

It is like you got married to your dream woman, but you minimize the time you spend with her.

Somebody asks Mark Zuckerberg how many hours he works and here is his response.

My Story

For years, I was not aware of the writing was my talent.

When we are good at something, we don’t assume it as a privilege because it seems like such a normal activity. We think everyone can do it easily as we do.

Finding your talent requires looking at yourself objectively from the outside.

In the first year in elementary school, one day the teacher gave us homework. We had to write a long essay for the first time.

I remember that it crushed the whole class, but guess what? I wrote a complete full page when I was 7 years old. The teacher could not believe that it’s written by me.

She asked my parents if they helped me or not. My mom said, “No, he wrote that.” She showed the paper to other teachers in the teachers’ lounge. One of the teachers decided to take me to her class.

I was not aware of anything at all. Suddenly, I found my self in the middle of a second-grade class. She presented me as “Look kids, this boy wrote this.”

She read my paper in class and added: “He is one year younger than you but were able to write better than you”.

I remember everyone was staring at me. Some of them said, “How did you write it? It was so good. Congratulations.”

I don’t even remember what I wrote but that was not important. Life already decided that I must be writing that day. I wrote everything easily in my whole education life.

Writing essays was the easiest thing for me in English preparation year in college. I wrote in the online world in different forums to help people. Now, I write on Command Glory.

It does not matter how long it takes to write an article. I choose the topics, I write the words and everything comes from my soul.

This is my art, my gift to the universe.

The days that I spent without writing are like torture, I feel indescribable pain.

Well, you can use all the practical tips on getting rid of laziness such as getting up early, take cold showers, etc…

However, these habits are important only if you are on the right path.

It would all mean nothing if you are productive in the wrong way.

Laziness does not exist in the world of artists

There will always be tasks that you don’t like to do but you must do. Just simple things like washing your teeth…

The best way to solve this issue is that making them your habits. You don’t think about doing them, you just do them automatically.

It is the ultimate solution.

Physical Laziness

To get rid of physical laziness, you have to be physically active.

There is no other way. If you don’t move your body, you will always feel tired. You need to have a physically fit body and the body needs to move.

Our bodies are not programmed to sit 10 hours a day to be productive. However, morons designed every platform to make people sit.

People have to sit 8+ hours in an office job and they will be productive? Don’t make me laugh. They expect students to be productive by forcing them to sit quietly in a classroom.

The kids instinctively want to move around because that is how their nature works. Their body wants to express their unique soul in them.

However, a teacher, a parent, or any moron shut them up to sit quite. If the kid still resists, the parents take them to doctors to check what is wrong with their kid.

The doctors give some drugs to kill the energy in the kid. What a perfect solution.

Everything works against you, that is why you must take responsibility.

sick society

The rules of the society are absolute bullshit and we must be the shepherds of our own civilization.

If you take care of your body, it takes care of you. In order to reach maximum hormonal profile, we have motno option but to exercise.

I would not be the person I am today if I never started exercising…

Here is my best three for physical greatness.


Sit less and move more.

Do any kind of exercise daily. Lift weights, do calisthenics, do martial arts, run… The discipline does not matter, just do what you like.

Do what you can

Even walking an hour can save you from most modern diseases. In situations that you have to sit like working on the computer, just get up every hour and move around for 5-10 minutes.

In today’s world exercising is not a need, it is a must.

2-Healthy Diet

Let the food be your medicine.

If you eat shitty food, you feel shit; if you eat great food, you feel great.

A bad diet can make you lazy easily. If you overeat or undereat, your body cannot produce the energy you need.

  • Eat natural: Cut all the processed food. Eat what nature provides for you.
  • Avoid sugar: Sugar is a real killer. It causes brain fog which is the killer of focus and productivity.
  • Eat fat: Fatty meat, butter, olive oil, coconut oil, almond, nuts… All food rich in fats is a miracle.
  • Drink water: It’s funny but we forget drinking water and that affects our productivity levels. Make sure you drink enough water.
  • No snack: Eating with high frequency causes laziness. The brain wants the reward and keeps your focus away from doing the tasks. Avoid eating snacks to stay focused.

3-Cold Showers

Cold showers are the easiest way to wake yourself up.

It helps your body to consume more oxygen because when you expose yourself to cold, you immediately start to breath more by moving/shaking your body.

When you get out, your breathing patterns get deeper. As a result, your whole system gets better and you feel ready to do the hard work.

Yes, it is painful but a little sacrifice for a great day is always a wiser choice. Momentary pleasures will only lead you to become lazier.

The Leap Of Faith

Every hero took the leap of faith at least once in their lifetime. Nowadays people are scared and all they want is help.

The internet, social media and smartphone addiction led to a more consumerist society.

Every individual consumes more than ever now and consuming is very comfortable.

Everyone fell into a conformity trap and no one wants to be challenged anymore. However, you can only see how strong you are under tough conditions.

The growth happens only in uncomfortable situations.

You can only find out how strong you are when you have no chance but to be strong.

That is how it works fellows.

You either throw yourself from the cliff to learn flying.

Or you dream about the day you fly until you die.

Life is nothing more than a game where you die at the end anyway.

We are already dead.

As a dead person, you don’t have much to lose, my friend.

It is okay to fail, but do not be afraid to make a decision.

Do mistakes, correct them faster…

There is no greater danger than playing it safe.

Let the danger be your fuel.

Your dreams can only be real if you find the courage to go after them. Throw yourself from the cliff and build your wings on the way down.

You know what to do.

Let’s summarize it.

3 steps to stop being lazy forever

1- Do what you love: You must love the work that you do. If you haven’t found it yet, don’t worry and do whatever it takes to find it out. Take action and leap of faith. All rewards in life require action and courage.

2- Be physically fit: You have to be physically fit in order to be productive. Exercise, have a healthy diet and move more.

3- Make the boring tasks your habit: We all have things that we don’t want to do. The easiest way to handle them is by making your habit. Habits will allow you to preserve your willpower for the things you love doing.

That is all folks.

Follow it and you will get rid of laziness forever.