We are in the era of consuming.

Everybody is reading, listening and watching stuff yet they still make no headway. Do you ever think of why that happens?

Let me give you a hint.

Nobody is fucking executing!

Pretty obvious, ha?

They learn all the theoretical stuff in the school but they are not able to turn it into the concrete. They are helpless to help themselves.

If you can’t help yourself, you cannot help others.

You think you help but what you do would be spreading your toxicity to other people.

There are two types of people, doers and watchers.

Watching and learning are comfortable (compared to execution), and they are highly necessary up to some point. If you don’t consume, what will you produce anyway?

However, you only learn by doing. Otherwise, you just talk shit without having any experience. Your words won’t matter except giving you a delusional sense of pleasure like you’re actually doing something.

It is painful. You fail and fail and you fail some more. You eventually come to a point that “Gotcha!” like you cracked the code and all of a sudden you fail big again.

You face the reality of that you can’t do shit, yet.

Is it sad? Would you feel depressed? Maybe these could happen when you are a newbie.

If you aim the mastery, you must see everything as a learning process.

People are freaked out of failing. It scares the shit out of them. They would rather live comfortable like a slave rather than trying something out of ordinary.

They can’t:

  • Ask a girl out
  • Start a business
  • Move to a new town
  • Go after something they want

What’s stopping them? A rejection? Uncle Sam will talk about what a big failure you are? You will feel embarrassed in front of your “friends”?

Let me tell you what’s going to happen.

You are going to die.

And if you keep staying like this, you will feel the immense pain of regret in your last moment.

Just get over yourself.

It is not about you.

Those people are struggling hard with their own lives, they don’t even have time to think about you. They might care for 3 seconds and they will turn back to their life afterward.

You think I am bullshitting?

Just get out and scream like a maniac in a crowded place. Some people will look at you weirdly and some will laugh, what will happen later?

They will turn back to their rhythm. Their mind will be busy with their own problems again.

Is this logical?

I am talking about wasting your greatness by worrying about people who give absolute 0 shit about you?

This is a total illusion. If you don’t face this, you will always wonder what would happen if you had guts to pursue any idea you have.

What would happen if you cared about yourself more than the opinion of others?

What if, what if, what if…

If you still have a chance to learn the answer, you are lucky. You can’t even grasp how lucky you are if you have time.

Society just injected the poison in you ruthlessly and it is your responsibility to stick it out.

Why did they do that? This is the topic of another article.

Don’t blame anyone, that is a way of escaping from taking responsibility. It gives you no benefit. It happened and you gotta take care of that.

That is all.

Otherwise, you accept being nobody. You deny your existence. You can’t even imagine how painful it is.

The Cost Of Not Starting

Everything has a price.

It seems pretty clever when you don’t start because at the end of the day you won’t fail, right?

It looks guaranteed, safe and comfy. Be a good kid, don’t try new things, stay quiet, don’t touch that. Why would you want to upset mommy and daddy?

This is the wrong programming.

They just killed your curiosity and now, they expect you to do wonders. Your role was already clear when you were a 2 month-old baby.

If you were a male, you had to become powerful to rule. Yeah, but who showed you the way?


Now, they act like you have all the opportunity in the world to increase your pain of failure.

My High-School Experience

I was charged with giving a coding lecture to high schoolers.

We had a conversation with the original teacher and she was shocked when she learned that I had no preparation for the lecture.

I told her to relax because I love improvising.

Anyways, I have made some mistakes while coding the program. It was unintentional but you know, it happens.

I asked as “Alright, who will show my mistake?”. There was no noise at all, students looked at me blankly. One of them said, “But my dear teacher, you don’t do any mistake?”.

I had a hearty laugh as soon as I heard this and I said, “No, I do a lot, everybody does.”

Think about it.

All those teachers have specialized in doing the same tasks over and over again. Also, they make huge preparations before they come into class.

That’s not real because they never show the real process where they failed so big. That creates an illusional “perfect person” in the eyes of students.

Whenever they fail, this decreases their self-confidence. Students don’t see the reality because teachers hide it with all their power.

How do you expect these students to achieve anything in life?

The path of success is paved with millions of failures.

If you don’t know this fact, you question yourself harshly in every failure. You can’t find the courage to start anything new at all. You think something is wrong with you.

“Greatness is not this wonderful, esoteric, elusive, godlike feature that only the special among us will ever taste, it’s something that truly exists in all of us.”

-Will Smith

It’s easy to overestimate successful people.

When you exaggerate, label them as special, and think of them as unique, you lighten the burden on your shoulders.

You deny their hours and hours of dedication, work ethic, and sweat equity.

You don’t expect much from yourself. You don’t dare to expand your horizon.

Why would you start anything at all? That’s too much for you. Your mind is always waiting for news ways to dull.

To cause inertia, strong resistance to keep you where you are…

What do you do?

  • You consume online material relentlessly without any action.
  • You ask questions
  • You find bullshit rationalization about why it should not be today or right now.
  • You decide to take a walk
  • You suddenly remember your best friend
  • You feel hungry and eat lunch.
  • You dramatize about why everything is against you.
  • You play the victim.
  • You criticize others.
  • You make yourself sick, so you don’t need to work on anything at all.
  • You keep wandering between past and future while ignoring the only thing you have which is “right now”.
  • You lie to yourself about how weak you are.

You do anything to delay.

The sad part is that you are not even aware of it.


Why would you do yourself such a huge evil? Most evil is done when someone believes they are doing something for the right cause.

Maybe it feels good, who knows? When everything is obvious, why would you ask questions?

Yeah, for waiting.

When you ask, the waiting process begins and you don’t start.

When you consume materials, you keep being a student rather than starting the journey of mastery. You are into the magazine and other people’s lives because you don’t want to deal with yours.

The easy path is killing your unique identity.


Because you fear what you can become.

This is called the fear of success.

If you start, that triggers all the excitement, passion, desire and https://commandglory.com/become-highly-prouductive/.

You know this deep, deep inside. But that would cause the death of your ego which is your old version that’s keeping you at the same level all the time.

How about being a spectator in your own movie? That’s a more comfortable choice. Let the others dictate how you eat, dress, work, laugh, dance.

No responsibility needed.

If something happens, you can always say “they told me so!”.

Yeah, but you were the one who accepted it. When somebody pointed you a gun, you have thousands of options other than surrender.

You always have a choice. Don’t let the fear of failure surpass the joy of success.


Yes, consumerism is at the highest level right now but you can also produce content so easily today.

For example, there are billions of blogs, and millions of blog posts published every day for a good reason.

A blog can be the core of a business model with an insanely low entry barrier, especially when compared to most brick-and-mortar businesses.

It is same for Youtube and other social media channels. 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every single minute.

It is crazy how internet changed the whole game. In today’s world, you don’t need much at all.

The cost of starting an entrepreneural aventure is almost zero. You can be an artist, or start a business model, or connect with an influencer to spread your message.

You can be nobody but still find a decent audience if you produce high quality content consistenly.

If you have access to internet, anything is possible.

The possibilities are practically limitless.

However, if you haven’t started producing, you are losing.

You don’t need a grand vision to start. You don’t need to be perfect, either.

Done is better than perfect.

All you need is an idea, and willingness to take action. You must be aspiring to change your life. When you are hungry, starting will take care of itself.

Most successful people haven’t even taught about starting, they just wanted the change. Think of the things you have started before, do you remember how they all started?

Don’t think complicated stuff.

A few days ago, I was talking to my friend and we asked eachother how we met. It took us serious amount of time to remember how our friendship started.

Let’s say that you have given a great speech, do you think your audience will remember how the speech started?


We don’t even care the starting point because what matters is the end product. Still, you got nothing unless you start.

It’s huge and has no meaning at the same time.

We care about the experience, so just start and build something great through the process of doing.

Perfection is illusion, especially in the beginning. You are already perfect by your mistakes and those mistakes make you even better.

Bear this in your mind. The information you consume has 0 value unless you do something with it.

It does not matter how much you are excited or motivated. Human brain does not learn anything without doing.

You can read my articles, watch online material all day, or scroll on your best influencers’ social media channel.

You can feel motivated and entertained by their aura. You might think that you are inspired by the content a lot. But the truth is, nothing will change if you haven’t acted on it.

95% of people don’t even have a chance to change because they never pull the trigger. They send tons of thank-you messages, but they still keep doing what they do.

You are not one of them?

Are you a real deal?

Prove it.

Don’t waste hours on the internet. Don’t watch entire seasons of Game of Thrones in a week.

Don’t spend half an hour talking on the phone with Becky.

Don’t have a dinner and lay down on your couch to drink 2 bottle of beer by watching your favorite TV show.

Unless you act on it, don’t even open your mouth.

Show me what you can give up for. Especially if you’re telling me that you’re going to build something from scratch.

You have had enough consuming trillions of content in a daze.

Don’t let this become one of them.

Just give yourself a chance and start.