Are you searching for the best method to optimize your life experience?

Maybe you hoped to find the secret to change your life from A to Z.

I don’t believe in secrets, magic or the fastest ways.

Probably you don’t, too.

When you see these clickbait words on the internet, you immediately know it’s just another way to sell hope.

I agree with you, I don’t click on them, that’s why I haven’t used them in the title.

However, this is not an ordinary topic.

Today, I will make an exception because what I’m going to tell you is incredibly powerful and effective.

Dopamine fasting is a life bug.

You can literally rise from the ashes and revolutionize your life if you understand and apply it in your life.

But, but, but…

It’s still up to you to make the best of it.

You know how they say “No pain no gain”.

You will feel lots of pain with your blood, sweat, and tears; but I assure you that will worth it.

What you are going to gain:

  • Success in all parts of life
  • Peacefulness
  • Happiness
  • Mental clarity

In brief, you will gain your life back.

You will be so mad at yourself about why you haven’t found this gem before.

Maybe you will give up again and again by starting all over again and again countless times. Maybe you will cry like a little baby. Maybe you will run away and don’t want to face it again.

However, you will see this is the only way to reach your salvation.

Whenever you give in to despair, remember that you are doing it for no one but yourself. The more you suffer, the more reward you will get.

So, let’s start.

Today, comfort is our drug and mankind is dealing with tons of addictions. People don’t know how much self-harm they cause by being addicted to the stuff.

The stuff…

What an innocent word, isn’t it?

We are addicted to stimulants because we only chase the “easy money”.

All addictions are the shortest way to find pleasure for our brains.

From an evolutionary standpoint, we are programmed to chase pleasure by spending minimum energy. Our brain doesn’t give a damn about our success, it just wants the good feelings.

We basically live with a beast inside.

Why are men such weaklings today? How do they melt under pressure like a snowflake?

The answer is hidden behind the huge change that the modern era brought us.


We did not become who we are as humans as a result of living in comfort.

We reached up to this point because we dealt with the brutal hardships of life. The life threw some shit on us and our ancestors successfully overcame it.

Now, we have reached comfort and we don’t know what to do with it. We never thought that would turn us into such weaklings.

Now, we have a problem to let it go and turn back to our roots…

Addictions are the ultimate tools to keep us in our comfort zone.

Whenever you try to reach pleasure easily, you are feeding the animal inside. It is taking over you and making you a powerless bum.

The Logic Behind Dopamine Fasting

So, what’s this dopamine fasting is all about?

The shortest answer, “It’s showing your brain who is the real boss.”

When you cut out the access for all easy pleasures, your brain starts crying with hundreds of different manifestations.

You might feel angry, tired, like absolute shit with a severe headache.

It all depends on how fucked up you are.

If your brain had a tongue, it would say “Fuck you! Go and masturbate, smoke that pope, open your Instagram!”.

Like a little kid, it can play all kinds of games to convince you to go for those addictions. When you look at the life of a loser, you clearly see:

  • They are out of control
  • They do anything to spread their toxicity everywhere
  • They are addicted to all kinds of stuff like porn, masturbation, smoking, drugs, alcohol, video games etc.
  • Those addictions made them so miserable and they lost their ability to think.
  • They make lots of typing mistakes while typing negative comments on the internet.

You see nothing has the power to make these shit-faced individuals happy because they are all too busy with complaining.

These junkies have lost their life energy and vitality due to their lack of self-control. They get a little bit of energy rise only if they masturbate, smoke, or consume bad substances.

It is the only time their brain finds some “dopamine”.

Let me tell you my story.

The First Time Masturbating

I was 12 years old when my friends introduced me to masturbation.

We were 3 friends walking down on the stairs in school, one of them started talking about beating the meat. It was the first time I heard about that.

They noticed that I have no idea what they talk about.

“Are you serious? You don’t know what’s the meaning of life!”, they surprisingly said. Then, they started explaining to me how pleasurable to do a handjob.

That night, I got curious and tried what they said. I was not aware of that will make my life worse and worse every day.

It was a very powerful experience and I had no choice but become addicted to that.

Later on, I also started to use different techniques to increase pleasure like imagining most beautiful girls treating me so nicely while masturbating.

We were finding porn magazines, CDs and changing them with each other in class. After having access to the internet in high school led me to discover all types of porn sites on the web.

Long story short, I became a masturbation addict for about 10 years. I used to slap my donkey almost every day.

My life was also going pretty bad but I was not aware of it back then. When I compared my youth to my wanker self,

  • I have always been the most eligible student of the class, but for some strange reason I found it difficult to study anymore.
  • My grades went worse and worse.
  • My confidence has seen the rock bottom.
  • I was hornier than ever.
  • The girls used to love my charm, but now they did not even look at my face.
  • I was more emotionally unstable.
  • It was impossible for me to focus on anything.
  • I lost my ability to speak fluidly.
  • It was harder for me to establish cause and effect relationships in arguments.
  • I lost my ability to convince other people.
  • I felt the girls were dominating me in our interactions because they were my weakness.

Apart from all, I couldn’t enjoy life as I used to.

I did not know how masturbation fucked up the chemicals in my brain and put me in a miserable situation. Everyone was doing it, how could it be the problem?

After I quit it, I also realized other addictions were also causing misery in my life.

The first one was eating.

The eating has always been an easy pleasure resource for me. I have tons of chubby pictures from the past. In my last year in high school, I was the chubbiest ever in my life.

The second one was video games.

As soon as I came from school, I was glued to the screen of my computer to start playing them. I was also locking myself in the house and playing them all day long.

In my childhood, I used to go out and play soccer with my friends. Now? I did have no intention to move my ass. I already had online relationships from the games I played.

The third one was also huge, “the internet”.

I was constantly checking my Facebook, online forums and some other websites. It would be very hard for me if I eliminated them from my life.

Easy pleasure detected.

College Days

One way or another, I managed to go to college.

Even my department was not good, my university was the best in Turkey which is placed right near Bosphorus in Istanbul.

I was ready to leave my hometown to begin a new adventure in a new city. It was a new chance for me to start all over again.

However, the scenario in college was much worse than I expected. I stayed in the dormitories and damn…

The place was a home of drugs, porn, cigarette, masturbation, alcohol, sex, etc…

These people had reached this level of freedom for the first time in their life. You know, no limitation, no parents, free of charge…

And all they wanted to do was going over the lines with different experiences. When you get together with a lot of ill-minded people, you can’t escape from it.

I started smoking and drinking once in a while due to peer pressure. Strangely, I also found a pretty girl who offered me lots of pleasures.

Lectures? Who gives a damn about them? I was free to swim in the ocean of pleasures instead of going to boring lectures. So, it all went up like this until my freshman year.

I was a snowflake, a chubby feminine kid who was lost…

Pic: 20 years old Ugur

My SPA (Semester Per Average) was 1.6 which is ridiculously low and I also failed 2 of the lectures. I knew that I had to do something but I did not know how to start.

I lost my hope, desire, eagerness to live.

One strange thing caught my attention then.

I couldn’t sit down and study without masturbating first. I always needed that release otherwise temptation was always there to interrupt my focus.

Here’s the key point.

Why do we need masturbation or lighting up a cigar right before any important mental task? Why do we crave for addiction to support in times of high stress?

Everything starts with a “why”

Things have completely changed after I discovered this magical hormone “dopamine”

Pic: 22 years old Ugur

The Magic Of Dopamine

I solved the secret behind the reward mechanism of my brain and things have become crystal clear.

What’s dopamine anyway? Let’s analyze it a little bit.

  • Dopamine is an inseparable part of our lives.
  • It is the main motivation source for our brain to do all kinds of activities.
  • We release dopamine whenever we enjoy doing anything. (Even when we drink water)
  • Dopamine is the core element for our focus and motivation. That’s why we become more motivated and focused on doing the activities that we enjoy.
  • Dopamine overdose results in dizziness and stagger. (Just like smoking crack for the first time)
  • Addictions like masturbation, cigarette, drugs, etc. increase dopamine release.
  • The lack of dopamine causes severe mental problems like anxiety disorder and major depression. (That’s why all antidepressants are produced to increase dopamine levels)
  • If you lack dopamine in your brain, your life experience decreases dramatically.
  • Daily activities such as drinking water, walking, eating can trigger dopamine release but it’s very low compared to the effect we get from addictive substances.

Finally, I could understand:

  • where all my vitality has gone
  • why I had no desire to do anything all
  • how to gain my confidence back

That year, I made huge changes in my life.

  • We broke up with my girlfriend.
  • I started exercising and building muscle
  • I decided to quit my addictions

I was determined to quit everything that gave me easy pleasure. So, let’s check out the addictions I had in that moment of time:

  • Relationship (No commitment, we were only sexually pleasing each other.)
  • Smoking from time to time (I ditched everyone who’s smoking around me)
  • Alcohol (No way I am paying for poison again)
  • Masturbating (Said bye to pornography and touching my dick)
  • Video games (Deleted all of them)
  • Eating (No junk food allowed, only clean healthy meals by paying attention not to overeat)
  • Social media (Deleted all accounts)
  • Toxic friends (I stopped seeing people who are only with me for social pleasure)
  • Sugar (I still struggle with this one but it’s highly addictive)

Man, it was damn too hard to quit them all but I had to do it.

In this process, exercising helped me a lot to get a hold of myself.

If you look at the orders of most religions, they focus on robbing people of easy pleasures to help people achieve true happiness.

Nothing is free on the planet earth, you live the life that you paid for.

The reward you get from dopamine fasting is your life…

After 1 Month of Fasting

First, I started by eliminating porn and masturbation from out of my life. After a month of staying clear, I experienced visible changes.

  • People started loving my presence more because I had a huge smile on my face.
  • My voice was deeper and I started speaking more fluidly.
  • I was eager to engage in conversations and discussions.
  • I started going to lectures by keeping notes and I also remembered what happened in the class.
  • My memory was visibly stronger.
  • The awkwardness I felt in social interactions was gone.

The results were more than I expected, I was literally shocked.

I thought, “What would happen to our society if everybody quit chasing easy pleasures?”.

The stronger, more intellectual, happier individuals who are ready to achieve anything they want…

I clearly saw that pornography was killing us. All these provoking sexual content on the web was creating mentally ill individuals.

They were sucking up their precious life force and causing huge chemical damage to their brain. When they lost their mental health, what is the first thing they do?

They were visiting their dear doctor without knowing that most of them are trash. Most doctors have no problems with masturbation, they even recommend you to do it regularly.

They prescribe dopamine booster antidepressants, but they never solve the problem for the long term.

Dopamine Receptors and Dopamine

Let’s have a look at the relationship between dopamine and dopamine receptors.

Dopamine cannot make us happy with on its own, there are also dopamine receptors playing a key role.

We only feel happy when dopamine comes together with dopamine receptors.

The less dopamine we have, the more dopamine receptors we produce.

When our brain understands the decrease in dopamine numbers, it starts producing more receptors to make the best of them as a defense mechanism.

This does not happen fast, it might take weeks or months.

On the contrary, the brain starts killing dopamine receptors if there’s a lot of dopamine. It treats the situation as a time of abundance by thinking as “fewer dopamine receptors can get the job done”.

That means there is an inverse proportion between dopamine receptors and dopamine numbers.

In other words, we can say “The more dopamine receptors you have, the more your brain benefits from the available dopamine”.

Let’s have a look at the daily activities that trigger dopamine receptors for a better understanding.


  • Anything requires focus, concentration, struggle, mental or physical work increase dopamine receptors like playing sports, reading, writing, playing a challenging video game, watching interesting series.
  • Staying hungry and thirsty increases dopamine receptors. (Fasting is an amazing cognitive enhancer)
  • Staying away from instant gratification help you to produce more dopamine receptors.


  • All kinds of unhealthy addictions decrease your dopamine receptors (Masturbation, cigarette, alcohol, drugs, porn etc.)
  • Facebook, the internet, Instagram, etc. If you always keep checking them, then they are also decreasing your dopamine receptors.
  • Music, food, shopping, sex, video games… If you are overusing them, they are also a possible threat.


  • Smiling, having conversation with people, playing an instrument will not affect your receptors, contrarily they can even increase it.

Also, dopamine = analytical intelligence = higher status in the social hierarchy

It is observed that successful people possess higher dopamine numbers compared to other individuals. Their high dopamine levels make them more ambitious and eager to achieve more in life.

On the other hand, low dopamine levels match with a lack of confidence, failure, and being a total bummer.

But wait, how is it even possible?

As an old junkie, then I should have been very successful.

Dominance, higher status, confidence? Not at all, actually, the situation was the exact opposite.

  • My grades were bad
  • My social interactions were terrible.
  • I was not enjoying life

Leadership? I was far away from being a leader because all conversations and discussions seemed boring to me.

I always kept myself away from defending my arguments. Why it was like this? The wisdom lies behind the answer of this question.

If you are not fucked by all kinds of addictions, your brain possesses more dopamine receptors. That means you can experience more joy in your life. Even small things can make you happy.

However, if you overdose your brain with highly stimulating dopamine resources, you become insensitive as a result of having fewer dopamine receptors.

This scientific research tells the situation perfectly:

” Dr. Martinez and colleagues found that increased social status and increased social support correlated with the density of dopamine D2/D3 receptors in the striatum, a region of the brain that plays a central role in reward and motivation, where dopamine plays a critical role in both of these behavioral processes.

This data suggests that people who achieve greater social status are more likely to be able to experience life as rewarding and stimulating because they have more targets for dopamine to act upon within the striatum.

Dr. Martinez explains their findings: “We showed that low levels of dopamine receptors were associated with low social status and that high levels of dopamine receptors were associated with higher social status. The same type of association was seen with the volunteer’s reports of social support they experience from their friends, family, or significant other.”

At all hours of the day and night, there are certain amounts of dopamine are kept in our brain. When we smoke, masturbate, smoke pope our dopamine levels hit the ceiling.

This is an unnatural increase that is done by external stimulation.

What goes up must come down. The brain gets shocked by this unusual increase and it starts killing our receptors.

Your first masturbation and the 150th one cannot feel the same. On the other hand, the first meal you eat after 2 days of fasting tastes like the most amazing food on the earth.

It’s all about sensitivity.

What do you think will happen when you keep feeding your brain with a high dose of dopamine boosters? That will make you less sensitive to life!

Your brain will crave for addictions instead of working, studying, meeting new people. This is the reason why you aren’t motivated to do hard mental tasks.

When you quit your addictions, that will reset your system and life will be a source of pleasure again.

You will be satisfied only if:

  • You get the job done
  • You work your ass off and build a business
  • You read books
  • You force yourself to get out of your comfort zone

The spark in you will be alive again and you will want to exceed your limits.

Social interactions, work-life, school, sports…

Everything will be more meaningful for you. Instead of artificial pleasure, you start going after real pleasures of life.

People are dead zombies nowadays, you clearly see darkness in their eyes…

Anger, depression, anxiety, sadness…

This happens because they lost themselves in comfort and fake pleasures of life. Their brain is hardwired for misery and pain. They can’t even think properly due to the heavy fogginess they have in their mind.

Addictions fog your brain...

After I eliminated most of my addictions, my mind was sharper than ever.

I used to remember 10% of the lectures, but after this process, it increased to 60-70% range.

Dopamine is a cognitive enhancer, a huge boost for your memory. It was not a surprise why I was sharper and more ambitious than before.

When you masturbate, you throw out all vital elements such as vitamins, minerals, iron, magnesium, phosphorus besides your sperm.

Also, your testosterone levels reach peak state in an instant moment and see the rock bottom right after you ejaculate. When you don’t masturbate, you keep these vital elements available to use in your life.

Have you ever thought about why fat people are more emotional? Because they are addicted to food like cigarettes or masturbation.

They don’t eat to live, they live to eat and eating gives them lots of pleasure. Their brain becomes insensitive to dopamine because of overeating all day long.

So, they lose their dopamine receptors as a result.

How to know if something is your addiction?

Easy. Remove it from your life and see if you are craving it.

What’s the best way to quit your addictions?

Just go cold turkey. If you know what you gotta do, there’s no point in delaying it. Just pay attention to the temptation when it hits you and just don’t give your brain what it craves.

If we can’t have control over our actions, what’s the point of being a human?

What kind of pain do you experience when you quit your addiction?

Tiredness, laziness, headache, low energy levels, anger…

Especially you might feel pain in your prefrontal cortex which is the front part of your brain.

I used to lay down on my bed and listen to the contractions in my prefrontal cortex. You only feel it if you don’t feed your addictions.

I used to love this pain because I knew that my brain was producing dopamine receptors.

The pain is inevitable to reset your system.

So, what’s going to happen after we got rid of our addictions?

Now, you’ll have new optimized software that’s ready to load healthy habits.

Your healthy mind with lots of dopamine receptors will make it convenient for you to go for your goals. You will find a way to keep yourself motivated against the hardship of life.

That is my friend, the key to succeeding anything you want in life. This will optimize the chemical state of your mind to succeed if you follow it.

You might wish and look for easier ways to avoid pain. You can swear to me when your life turned into hell.

However, you will come back here and see that there is no other way.

When you’re wired to experience rapid dopamine release, you can’t focus on shit but craving your addictions because they are highly rewarding in terms of dopamine release.

Your brain won’t allow you to achieve success because it will force you to have “good feelings”.

As I’ve said before, your brain does not care about your success.

If you care about it, you must show who is the boss.