Everybody wants to be a hero.

We are obsessed with superhero movies and we love heroic characteristics.

Can anybody be a hero?

Potentially yes, statistically no.

Everybody wants to be a hero until it’s time to do what heroes do.

The issue always come down to the point of what you can sacrifice. It takes costing your own comfort, denying pleasures, sometimes even life to serve others.

The villain inside doesn’t like that.

It tempts you to waste your time with meaningless activities, become addicted to overindulgence, and finally go astray in a way to forget who you are anymore.

If there was no enemy inside, then there wouldn’t be a war and even a chance to become a hero.

A hero can be anyone

Like every superhero movie have a villain character, we all have it within ourselves. The enemy inside is the reason why we grow, become better, and excel in every part of life.

The strange fact is that the villain never thinks of himself as the villain.

When you listen to the opinions of serial killers, rapists, and all kinds of evildoers, they always justify their destructive behaviors because denial is the ultimate comfort zone after all.

It makes sense because nobody chooses the wrong knowingly. If they had clarity in the mind, they wouldn’t act so. How can they be deceived? What does hold them back from doing the right thing?

The answer is simple.

They are all captivated by the inner villain. It kicks their ass, deceive them with beautiful lies, keep them away from doing anything positive or productive.

It’s the result of swallowing the baits for a long time. When you get beaten by temptation over and over again, your perception of truth and common sense decreases proportionally. You end up living in a shithole where you can’t even notice how bad it smells.

Here’s the big takeaway, how can the inner villain captivate people easily?

If you have no idea it existed.

The most dangerous enemy is the one you can’t see. How can you defend yourself against an enemy that you don’t even know? Impossible.


It’s like there is another being, an inner, shadow self living inside you. It strictly doesn’t care about you, moreover, it will kill you for its own agenda.

This inner enemy is smart, insidious, and extremely convincing. Also, there is no way to get rid of it because it’s a force of nature. When you are weak, it grabs you, sucks you under, and never let go.

If you lack the awareness, you poorly torture yourself for your whole life without even knowing why and how.

Strangely, all people actually resonate with this concept but they mostly don’t care because we generally don’t like abstract stuff. This is a force of energy that can only be felt. It specifically shows up when you decide to act in a way to excel yourself, to move  forward, and to make contribution to your and others’ life.

We are already living in a society that living in comfort is rewarded. You can easily accept weakness as a part of you and nobody even bothers to tell you to do otherwise.

When the situation is this, and your environment treats you well by massaging your ego, it feels completely fine to drift and continue to make comfortable choices that are killing you, over and over again.

This is the scenario where you never find out who you really are and what you’re capable of.

When you make self-sabotaging and limiting choices your habit, the shit works like a machine automatically.

That means if you are so used to living a life soft and comfortable -99% of people do-, you are programmed to die without ever realizing your true potential. This is why motivation is bullshit because it only provides momentary emotional rise.

What’s going to happen when the inspiration is gone? You are still you and the problems are still there. Your programming will still force you to shift as the sun sets and rises every day.

You still run away from working hard, approaching beautiful women, hitting the gym, chasing your dreams, envisioning success, being the best you can be.

Heroes don’t need external sources to be driven because they already have a winner mindset and habits. If you see things in life from a point of necessity, not a point of desire, that’s how you work your way up to win.

Peace comes after the victory

It’s funny how most people believe that they can find peace immediately.

Weak people are always the first ones to tell you “don’t go too harsh on yourself” because they don’t understand life.

What’s life all about?

Shit always gets piled on you and it tries to push you down and you got to find a way to get up. 10 minute Youtube video, all zen bullshit, yoga sessions, breathing practices, a self-help book…

Nope, none of these will deliver the results you want.

Don’t get me wrong. I love watching videos, doing yoga stretches, reading books; these are all great and have a certain place in life. However, you can only take what you want when you go to war with yourself. And it certainly requires facing your demons, past traumas, mistakes, lies you have told yourself.

So it won’t happen overnight.

Short term solutions and momentary fixes are not going to cut it. If you’re looking for a way to hit the jackpot, it surely is a wrong mindset. If you’re asking how long it will take, it’s still a wrong mindset.

You have to come to the point where you are humbled enough to make small fixes. Small battles can not be ignored because they lead up to determine your chance of victory.

Yes, just like making your bed, or doing one more push up, or pushing your limits in any endeavor whether it’s school, business, or relationships.

Life’s often like a woman giving birth. She never knows how long it will take, all she can do is prepare for the next wave.

Peace only will find you when you have the guts to spit the truth. The change will only happen when you face up to cleaning all the dirt despite going through lots of pain.

The magnitude of suffering will point the way of peace you will have later on.

Why do we have to fight for peace?

Well, why not choose the path of least resistance?

Why not just become a regular member of society and make peace with comfort? Why do we need to push our limit and go to war all the time?

First of all, there is no choice.

Yeah, it looks like we have all the options available but that’s an illusion.

Watching Netflix, drinking coke, mindlessly watching videos, binge eating, playing video games, having casual sex, overdosing caffeine, sleeping too much, killing time on social media, on and on.

When you look at it from this perspective, it might look like we have a lot of options. This is why lots of mental diseases popped up in the modern age. People fall into the false belief that pleasure is the way of salvation.

Pleasure might come from illusions but peace only comes after truth.

The truth is life is a war and we will suffer anyway. It’s not in our code to lay down all-day without doing any challenging work.

If it was the issue, our ancestors could not survive in wild nature. It’s not realistic to dream of a life without troubles and problems.

There will always be challenges for you to grow and become better. So you better shut your mouth, be still like a mountain, and run like a river cutting through obstacles or form a new path that will lead you to your goals and dreams.

Maybe, just maybe you reach up to a point where you see the rewards of working your ass off, studying all night long, making lots of sacrifices, and that will be the moment of peace.

The world is not a place where you taste the ultimate peace, justice, happiness, or whatever you’re looking for. This is where you are tested to expose what you are really made of.

What’s the best way to learn the essence of a human being?


Anyone can do it on a shiny day. What will be your attitude when the shit gets tough? Are you going to melt under the pressure? If you are not prepared, that will be the result.

However, if you were awake building your endurance for upcoming waves by deliberately going to war with yourself, then victory might smile at you.

The moment is you realized the enemy inside is the moment you realize that life is a war renewed each day. Otherwise, you just drift without even knowing that you are drifting.

We, human beings, are negligent about our inherited attributes. Our inner voice is such an innate part of us that we don’t even bother questioning its existence.

When a concept is too obvious, it can be impossible to grasp. Most people consider this voice as their true self, that’s why they accept self-deprecating thoughts as their character.

We generate thousands of thoughts in a day whether we realize it or not, and mostly they are negative.

To get out of the pits of hell, there’s a crucial point you must know.


Our inner voice is the force of nature and its main duty is to generate thoughts. If there was no such force, we could not improve at all.

Thoughts become a part of us only if we accept them. Through our permission, they can promote to become actions. This is why all meditation practices prioritize watching your thoughts.

You see they come and go and you are the one who’s watching them.

  • “Let’s skip this gym session, have a party and drink instead”.
  • “That girl never looks at you, you are not at her level”.
  • “The business idea that you have in your mind? That’s bullshit.”
  • “You’re such a loser for failing at the math exam”.

This not you speaking, the is your inner villain trying to bully you. And boy, that voice can hammer you big time if you let it.

The more you sharpen your mind, increase your self-awareness, the higher chance you win the duels.

Like I said, the most important step is to realize that it’s not you. That will take all the judgment out of the endeavor to do your work. It’s liberating to know that we are not being judged all the time.

Think of how we assign our physical pain or injuries as an existence apart from us. Isn’t it interesting to say that we just have or do them? –“I have a headache, I broke my leg, I have a sore wrist”

However, when it comes to emotional pain or mental distress, we immediately accept them as a part of our character –“I’m a loser, I’m not capable of doing this, I’m a failure, I’m lonely”-

The more we tell ourselves the stories, the more we absorb them like our truth. This is why we need to separate ourselves from the stories that are told by others (including our inner villain) because the truth is broader than that.

The inner villain doesn’t always focus on tearing us apart, its methods are sneakier than that. Sometimes all you need to hear is that you are too good to stop doing the work.

  • “Oh, you are already too far ahead, just rest and take a sip of the vine”.
  • “You are already too smart for this, don’t study that much”.

These ego-boosting, self exaggerating, and self-indulging thoughts can also severely amage our being.

War is a lifetime commitment

The resistance exists to be resisted. It’s there as a test, as a means of strengthening and discovering who we are.

The key is to not looking for a way to choke this voice but simply to dismiss it. It’s a lifetime commitment and never-ending work of our souls.

This is not about having talent, enough time, or great opportunities.

Many people are blessed with amazing genetics, gifts, material wealth, etc. but these do not determine the result. Regardless of circumstances, it’s always a bunch of few people who put in the work and follow through.

The majority is always struggling with self-doubt, procrastination, or just plain self-sabotage.

They never know that the core issue is always defeating the enemy inside by directly facing the inner villain once and for all.

The war inside your head can turn life into hell or bless us with so much peace. 

When you have the victory, you just feel it.

You don’t need external sources to tell about your victory. It’s already a natural high. If you are defeated, there’s nothing to save you. It’s done, the day is gone, your fake smile will not save you.

You could’ve done the work of your day if you wanted to but somehow you got defeated.

Maybe you spent a lot more time day-dreaming than doing the actual work out of fear, self-doubt, or just plain laziness, maybe you accepted to chat with garbage friends all day long, maybe you thought the work doesn’t matter at all. But at the end of the day you always feel the pain of defeat.

What are you going to do after such a loss? Do whatever you like to do but you can’t escape from the suffering of regret.

Lay down on the floor, cry, beat the shit out of yourself, get angry, do what’s necessery. Then, get up, learn from your mistakes, and play the game better again.

The days I’m defeated can easily tell by how I look or behave.

I become more grumpy, quick-tempered, and aggressive like a negative energy ball ready to blow. It feels like the world has to pay for my defeat. Once the inner enemy outfoxes you, you become powerless.

War & Peace Cannot Be Taught

The secret of all professionals is their willingness to do the work of their life.

Despite all odds, they hit the day with all they’ve got. All of their shiny victories you see on TV, media, or the internet, is just a result of repeatedly won inner battles.

Here’s another harsh truth. I can desribe it, write millions of words, make songs about it, but nobody can teach you how to win the war in the head.

It’s a personal war, and the war is unique for each of us because none of us live the same life.

My main struggle is to sit down and start writing but I don’t win the battle on my desk. How so?

If I am not prepared, I can’t overcome the tension of resistance while looking at my computer screen. The brain need’s a warm-up, the same as muscles. That means I need to be mentally and physically prepared for my battle beforehand.

I need to complete my morning workout sessions, reading sessions, breakfast routine, listening to podcasts, etc. because wars are always won beforehand. So beating the enemy inside is an overall game.

Even if I ignore having fun, and totally focus on writing, it doesn’t work like that. For example, I figured out that optimum entertainment is vital just like eating or drinking water.

The work absolutely varies from one person to another, even from time to time. It might be studying math for you, or going for a run, or playing the piano, or doing craftwork. The possibilities are endless but deep inside, you know what it is.

You don’t need anybody to tell you, it’s there if you have the courage to face up.

Runaway was also an option that I often chose. It’s the shadow life typically full of addictions and momentary pleasures. It’s the place where you deny to become who you really are, but miserably lacking the peace of inner connection, so trying to replace it through exorbitance.

Don’t be so sure about your addictions.

I had a roommate in college who was into a game called “Travian”. Whenever I stepped into the room, the game was open on his laptop.

Since I repeatedly encounter the same scenario every day, one day I said to him “Buddy, you are addicted to this game, watch out.” and he replied, “Nah, I play it every day but I don’t see any addictive effects”. After a little pause, we both burst into a laugh.

It’s the same with coffee drinkers, video game enthusiasts, beer drinkers, smokers, etc. you name it. You will not know that you are addicted to something until you decide to quit it.

It’s even possible to be a help junkie as a shadow life. I mostly see it in women because they are more into being emphatic, nurturing, and thoughtful. Help junkies are addicted to help and motivate other people but don’t care about what’s broken inside. When you are broken, you do more harm than good for other people.

The rule is simple: “Fix your shit first, then fix others.”

If you are outfoxed by the inner villain, you only obey its rules while helping other people. Maybe you do the work for them and take their chance to develop in their craft, maybe you pity them and cause them to have confidence issues.

For this reason, one first must triumph over the inner enemy and win the war within. Once you are completely fine in your own skin, the rest will happen automatically. You will already radiate positivity and encouragement like a shining light.

The battle within is invisible but its results are visible. So if you want peace, it’s time to go to war with yourself.

Don’t wait for inspiration. Don’t underestimate the small victories, even the largest wildfire starts with a spark.

Schedule your day, have the intention to do the best, and go fully in.

The rest is not your business.