The world keeps showing off overnight millionaires, success stories, hard work hustlers, giant names to point you out “what you can be” or “what you could have been”.

“Look! If this guy did this, you can do this, too!”.

People are continuously exposed to toxic materials every day and that’s just another excuse for them to feel shitty.

When they see these “success stories”, they keep question themselves as “what’s wrong with me?”.

Nothing is wrong with you, you just can’t see the game they are playing.

The disconnection from reality brought a huge depression.

Today, people easily ignore where their feet are because they are too focused on who they wish they are.

You are probably working for a job right now. Maybe you have a degree from some university and you will end up graduating without any savings at all. (probably with more debt)

Maybe you feel you don’t get paid enough for the job you do. 80+% of people hate their jobs and they just do it for the money because of the high expenses they are living with.

The older people get, the more unrealistic “wealth” and “getting rich” become for them.

Then, they come up to an 18-year-old millennial millionaire success story on their social media page, and inevitably they ask themselves.

“How did they do it?”

“Why couldn’t I do it?”

Seeing those millionaires and billionaires especially at such a young age extremely baffles them. They become angry and pissed off. Living an ordinary life becomes such a burden for them. So, they immediately start justifying their situation with following excuses:

  • “They got lucky”
  • “They were born into wealth”
  • “They cheated their way to the top”
  • “Money doesn’t bring happiness anyways”
  • “I am just unlucky”

When they were too busy complaining, times fly by and they come to the realization that their life will remain forever that way. Those dreams will stay as dreams. They eventually believe that this is a rigged game and they are the losing side.


What if I told you this thinking system is absolute bullshit? What if I told you there is a real formula for building wealth? What if you don’t need to abandon your dreams and desire for nothing?

By the end of this article, you will understand what I’m talking about. There is a whole other story that you never heard of.

However, I must warn you. The road is tough. It’s filled with pain and struggle.

Failures, cries, and catastrophes…

You will experience lots of ups and downs.

You must be willing to forget what the school system and society taught you. This is a whole new rewiring for your brain. If it was easy, we wouldn’t call it “growth”.

Wise people only focus on the end of the road because it’s where your dreams come true.

Financial success, freedom, joyful life…

Because at the end of the day, you are gonna suffer anyways. If you are wise, make your suffering meaningful.

So, are you ready to pay the price?

Let’s not waste any more time.

1- Forget The Lies You Have Been Told

What’s the meaning of money for you?

Is it just a piece of paper? Is it the root cause of all evil? Is it unnecessary garbage?

Are you desperate for it?

Have you been chasing it relentlessly for your whole life?

What you think about money plays a huge role in your financial success.

With every thought, we send signals to the universe. If these signals are negative, we repel what we think of. This is called the law of attraction.

“All that we are is a result of what we have thought.” ~Buddha

You are the result of what you think all day long. So, if you feel bad about money, you will keep it away from yourself unconsciously.

You must feel good to have it because this feeling good is what goes out as a signal into the universe and help you to attract more of it.

Here’s the interesting part.

Do you think you have your own thoughts about money?

The truth is most of what you think about money has been influenced by your environment.

If you are born into a family that did not have much money when you were growing up, chances are you are still possessing their negative beliefs.

Another fun fact is that school gives you nothing in terms of money intelligence. That’s why most people are completely lost in their financial journey.

What about successful ones?

You probably heard the phrase “money attracts more money”. They are completely unaware of how they attract money into their life. They are using the laws they learned from their family like they are in autopilot.

We must change how you see the money.

Have you noticed how Hollywood describes rich people? Wealthy people generally play an evil role in movies.

They are always backstabbing, entitled, or corrupted individuals. Is that true?

According to a new report, it says nearly 68% of the world’s richest people are ‘self-made’.

Elon Musk, Sara Blakely, Warren Buffet, Howard Schultz, Oprah Winfrey, Jeff Bezos…

Pic: Self-made Billionaires

These people are all self-made billionaires. What do they know that you don’t know? What’s their difference?

It’s their money equation.

The money equation for average people is always the same.

Money = salary from a job

A salary can only handle the day, it can never make you wealthy. Why? Because you trade your time (the most precious asset) for money in a job.

Self-made billionaires have a better equation. They all have a better understanding of the money that you haven’t grasped, yet.

2- Stop Chasing Money

Money is the commodity we use to represent contributed value.

If people will perceive more value when they pay you, then they will give it to you. Therefore, the value you produce must be more than the money in their pocket.

Who are they? The consumers of the economy. It’s you, me, and everybody.

We call these people the “market”. These people have needs and demands. If you can provide what they ask, you are gonna be paid in proportion to your perceived value.

What determines your value?

Why an NBA player earns 1000 times more than a high school teacher? Because the market has a high demand for basketball. Also, how many people do you know taller than 2 meters, athletic, and extremely skilled?

If these players at the top of their game, they will be paid generously because rarity in demand boosts perceived value.

You can be the hardest worker in Mc Donalds but they can find billions of people who can replace your place.

If you want to earn high numbers, you can’t be replaced by anybody. So, how can we increase our perceived value?

Why do those billionaires have a higher perceived value?

“You get paid in direct proportion to the difficulty of problems you solve”― Elon Musk 

All money runs on this basic premise. If you invent a cure for cancer, you will be massively rewarded for it.

That’s why you should chase solving problems instead of chasing money. Once you have a solution, create a business around it.

It is your mission to find out what you can solve. What skillset do you have to provide a solution to a certain problem? Is solving this problem worth it?

Most people can’t get out of their egocentric paradigm because they don’t pay attention to what’s going on around them. They don’t listen because they only care about their own needs.

Most people also don’t believe they can solve certain problems. Look, money won’t fall from the sky. Unless other people are willing to pay you, you can’t earn a dime.

Anyone who ever gives you a get rich quick scheme without massive amounts of work and skill set is a scam. Those gurus lie to you to hook you up for their bullshit program. In real life good things take time.

I know it’s hard to invest in yourself and develop your skills but that’s the only way you can contribute to other people’s lives.

People in their 20s are very wasteful. They are all out splashing their cash on the weekends, buying fancy clothes, etc..

That’s why most people won’t get it.

Success won’t happen unless you minimize your outflows as much as possible and plan ahead for the future.

What kind of contribution do you want to make? What are your strength and weaknesses? You are the only one who can answer these questions.

3- Reach More People

How lucky we are to live in the digital age. If you have an internet business, it does not matter where you are because people from all over the world can have access to your service.

If you want your business to be scalable, make it online available.

Brick and mortar businesses are okay but they will all be forgotten in the near future. Why? Because we start doing everything online. We buy, sell, talk, learn, teach on the internet.

Let’s say that you are a teacher and get paid 10 $ for each class.  Then, you trade your time by being location dependent. However, if you open an online course and make it available for the whole world, that makes your business scalable.

You just do it once and get paid for it forever.

4- Always Remember Your Mission

Financial independence is a huge step in anybody’s life. You become time and location independent, you earn your freedom.

However, you should never forget why you started this journey in the first place. Most people feel lost after they achieved what they want out of life.

The money game is a trap.

If money is the only thing you chase, you won’t get wealthy. At the end of the day, what you lose will be more than what you earn. You will only burn yourself out for materialistic goals.

You gotta also pursuit what’s meaningful for avoiding money trap.

Of course, that’s just my personal advice. You are always free to do what you wanna do.

5- Cut Your Expenses

If your boat is leaking, you can’t go much further.

Wealthy people know how to live beyond their means.

Cutting off your liabilities won’t make you wealthy immediately but it will surely open the path. You need to get rid of the liabilities that take the money from your pocket and buy assets instead.

Wealthy people are investors, they see the real value.

Average people only think in short terms. They buy a car as soon as they earn enough money to afford it. They don’t even think about investing it wisely.

However, a car is a liability. When you buy a car, you also accept its monthly and yearly expenses.

Some quick tips to spend less money:

  • Eat at home, cook your own meals.
  • Quit your addictions
  • Cancel unnecessary subscriptions
  • Always negotiate
  • Invite your friends to your house instead of going out

The best move you can do financially in your 20s is to live with your parents and save every dime. Unless you have certain obligations like marriage and having kids, save in your 20s to then have assets to buy in your 30’s.

6- Build Your Own Business

There is no way to build wealth from a salary. Cutting your expenses is also not enough, you also need to maximize your income.

Your income must be reliable and continuous. You can’t rely on someone or something else when it comes to business.

If you are starting from the bottom, building a business is your only option. If you had 10 million in the bank, then you could learn stock marketing, investing, trading, etc. to increase your income.

Therefore, focus on building passive avenues until you raise a certain capital for investing. You can’t risk being fired or waste your years for a linear increment in your salary.

What’s business anyway?

It’s your way of serving others to solve their problems. You can provide a service or sell a product. But wait, why do people buy from you?

What makes you different than others? What’s unique about your service?

You need answers to those questions because the business world is a ruthless competition. The market won’t care about you unless you are good enough to compete.

7- Develop A Skill Set For Contribution

What are you naturally good at? What do you do better than others? Marketing, fighting, teaching, writing, speaking?

Choose your field and make sure you become the best at it. Sharpen your skills to shine like a diamond.

People don’t pay for mediocrity, so you must outshine others. Work on your game and make it A+, so you have no competition at all.

Remember, there is no competition at the top of the wealth ladder.

8- Become A Producer

Get in the habit of producing value because it’s the only way to build wealth.

There are enough consumers on the planet right now. The majority is salivating to consume more. So, take this chance.

Be the smart producer and make sure you feed your customers well. Leave your mindless consumer habits behind, so your producer habits can develop instead.

Don’t spend hours on TV, social media, Youtube. Don’t eat more than you need. Stop going outside every night to make your friends happy. Focus on your work instead.

Focus on creating something valuable for the world.

  • Be a giver, not a taker.
  • Listen more and talk less.
  • Compliment more, criticize less.
  • Forgive more, judge less.
  • Consume less, produce more.

Believe me, in the end, you will be wealthier. We reap what we sow in this world. So, sow the seeds of wealth and reap the benefits in the future.

9- Surround Yourself With Winners

Human beings are social creatures and we are the result of our environment.

If you have loser friends, you are in an uphill battle.

You eventually become the person you hang out with. I can’t stress this enough. You must be willing to lose people to get where you want to be.

Just compare your current goals and the characteristics of the people you have around you. Do they match?

If not, either change your goals or change those people because you don’t want to live with contradictions.

10- Find Mentors

If you want to see further, stand on the shoulders of giants. Find people who are smarter, more experienced, and more successful to guide you.

Real mentors are always busy, so don’t be surprised by lots of denials.

What’s the best method? Absolutely books. If you are not reading most of the day, you are just wasting your time.

What makes you so arrogant to ignore the work of others? Humble yourself and start learning from others.

11- Always Have A Plan of Action

If you don’t have a plan, you are a part of somebody else’s plan.

Even if it sucks, you always want to have a plan because plans either bring success or experience.

When you successfully implement your plan, you already win.However, plans still make failures useful.

A wrong implemented plan can give you a huge experience that will allow you to be wiser. Don’t walk in a daze like a lot of people.

12- Fail Faster Than Anybody Else

Average people are scared to take any risk. They don’t play the game. Smart people learn how to take risks by trying over and over again.

There is no way to go up without taking any risk, my friend. You will fail and learn from your mistakes. This is the only way. You will fall down, scrape your knees, cry like a little baby…

And reborn again as a stronger individual to fail better again. If you want one take away from this article, take this:

“Make mistakes fast, correct them faster”.

When you don’t play the game, you still take a huge risk that you don’t know. You accept being a total newbie for your whole damn life.

When you make a mistake, you look stupid for 5 minutes. When you never make a mistake, you become stupid for your whole life.

People are freaked out to try anything new to not be judged by others. They are trapped by the opinions of others. Don’t worry, the ones who will judge you are the real losers.

Judging or criticizing can’t change reality. So, don’t be afraid to play the game.

13- Be Patient As Fuck

Patience is the most absent virtue nowadays.

We got used to reaching everything fast with modern technology. Food, communication, tools, shopping, dating, movies, information…

Whatever we want, we can reach any time we like except big pillars of life. However, you can’t build wealth or meaningful relationships overnight.

Those overnight success stories either a lie or they don’t show you years of hard work. You hear the name of a fighter after one big fight but you don’t know 20+ years of consistent hard work.

You don’t know about 99,8% of failure stories because the media doesn’t care about failures.

Make a favor for yourself and lower down your expectations to the most bottom. The road ahead is long and full of obstacles. Only the most patient, hardworking, intelligent ones will reach the golden glory.

Anything else is a fairy tale. Don’t believe in your social media guru, find real people, and talk to them. They will all tell you the same truth: “Anything worth having will take serious time”.

14- Stay Cool Under Pressure

Stress is inevitable, especially in this digital age.

We are far away from our natural living habits and we pay the consequences of that. While you are busy building wealth, you are going to deal with a huge amount of stress.

Therefore, you need a strong base to triumph over this stress monster. Healthy eating habits, exercising regularly, regular sleeping patterns, and optimum entertainment are the absolute key components of the game of life.

If you don’t have the base, you won’t maintain your consistency in those hard times. You must be unbreakable mentally and physically.

Life is a hard challenge man and if you are not prepared, you have no chance of winning this war. That is why it requires constant work of sharpening your blade day in and out.

15- Have A Laser Focus

Do you know why people can’t reach their goals? Sure, you might say “there are millions of reasons”, but that’s wrong.

If you think clearly there is only one valid reason and that is…

They don’t think about them.

I realized most people simply don’t have the drive to achieve what it takes. Their mind always wavers between this and that. They don’t have the focus.

They don’t know why they want it in the first place. You can’t reach wealth by treating it like a summer love. You must grow a burning desire that’ll make you think about it 7/24.

Bonus #1: Side Hustle Is Alright

If you have to work for a job temporarily, that’s understandable. However, don’t make it an excuse to slack off. You still have to put in hours of work to your business.

Save enough to live well for a decent time and shift your 100% of your focus into your main work later on.

Bonus #2: Avoid Wealth Killer Traps

People sell their future and kill their way of wealth without being aware of it.

Here are the popular ways of doing that:

  • Debt
  • Early marriage
  • Having kids
  • Mortgage credit

You can’t build wealth with a lot of burden on your shoulders. Make sure you’re free like a bird until you build your wealth system.

I am not saying these are all wrong but they are wrong at this stage. Wait for the right time for everything. Early-flowering always will harm you in the long term.