They often say life is a marathon, not a sprint and they are right because in life, we have to run every day…

Even if you are the best sprinter in the world, you only sprint 2 times a week.

“But, Vince I can do more! I might be tired but I push myself…”

Yeah, I know you are a tough boy but if you can do more than that they are not called sprints because you can’t give your 100 percent effort.

If you’re going hard every day you’re not really going hard every day.

The best sprinters have 2 sprint sessions a week because they know the human body.


You can work so hard in the wrong way and you only lose time and energy.

However, you can create wonders by working little by using your miracle mind.

“You throw a bucket of water on a rock and it doesn’t do anything. You let a drop of water fall onto a rock every day, it creates a hole in that rock.”

Consistency beats intensity every single time.

I used to believe in killing myself in the gym room and always pushing my limits. I religiously believed that was the best option for growth.

My muscles were extremely sore the next day, sometimes I could barely walk. I was thinking like “Yeah! This is a sign of growth!”.

That was actually foolish.

If your CNS (Central Nervous System) is fired up more than necessary, it takes away your power for the next day. DOMS (Delayed on Muscle Soreness) is not the sign of growth, it is the sign of working your body more than necessary.

If your CNS is fired up more than necessary, it takes away your power for the next day. It is your body speaking to you as “Let me rest”.

We exercise to increase our life quality, not vice versa. 

If your body can’t work optimally the next day, you clearly did something wrong.

Yes, you should never be sore.

Even if you are a newbie who just started working out, soreness is not an option. If you worked out according to your fitness level, you never have soreness.

What did change my mind?

I joined a martial art gym for the first time in my life in İzmir, Turkey. The coach had European and World Championships in several disciplines, he was very experienced.

I started to observe how he was training and we sometimes had small chats. 

There was one thing that absolutely shocked me at first. He was never pushing himself to the limit in his workouts.

I was thinking like “How the hell did he manage to win those championships with this relaxed attitude in his training?”

Damn, I was working harder than this guy, this must be a joke.

There must be something I did not know about this guy and his style. This triggered my curiousity and I started having small conversations with him.

Once I asked him how many times a week he was training and he told me “Every day, from morning until night.”

The training was his life.

He mainly had 2 training sessions, one in the morning and the other one in the evening. Between those, he was doing an active recovery, mainly light sparring sessions by teaching his students.

Later he told me “You know I can’t do it like you because I have to fight every day. If I always push my limits 100% every day, my body gets crushed the following day.”

Just imagine that you trained for a skill almost every day for 20+ years, how that would be?

It was not the intensity of the training sessions that made him the champion, it was his consistency.

I had a flash of inspiration after this…

Why the heck did I push myself ruthlessly in every training session? It was not smart at all.

Most gym-goers were often sick, injured, and unhealthy because they treated the gym as space apart.

I always criticized this attitude but apparently I was also training foolishly.

They were living a sluggish day sitting on a chair for 10+ hours, but when they entered the gym, they wanted to push the limits of their bodies. Most idiots do not even bother to warm up.

Our bodies were not designed to work out 3 times a week 40 minutes a day… We are born to move and jump around.

Later, I realized how compartmentalized our lives were.

Compartmentalization Kills The Beauty

School, work, family, gym, X, Y, Z… They were all compartmentalized in themselves.

In school, it has 1st grade, 2nd grade, college, high school, etc.  In work, it has X, Y, Z departments. If you are a modern slave, you barely see your family at nights, maybe at weekends.

The people you met in school, you only see them in class. You have business friendships anymore.

I was the happiest at my childhood and I understand why when I connected the dots backward.

My life was one and it was not compartmentalized yet.

It was the same friends I have that we play soccer on the street and go to school with. We were visiting our home’s and our moms were making delicious food for us.

Our families knew each other and they used to have a close relationship as well. If something was wrong, we had no google to search it, the first thing we did was asking for help from each other.

All of these factors made life more enjoyable. We had no bullshit life crisis as “what I am going to do with my life”.

Wanna learn more? Find a way to have fun.

We all knew exactly what to do, to have fun. It might be playing games, watching a cartoon, meet new people, eating ice cream, whatever.

Having fun is how you learn and grow the best and our intuition knew that very well. Playing games were fun because they kept our body and mind sharp. We moved, explored and learned a lot by following our intuition every single day.

My martial art teacher was doing the same, his life was one.

His friends were the same guys he practiced in the gym and his friends were his family. He was actually playing a game by fighting. Sparring with different people in particular ways led him to learn new skillsets.

That was actually what I chased in the gym all the time. I was trying to learn new movements and skills. Lifting weights and having PRs are necessary but they are not fun.

I can never imagine Muhammad Ali, Kobe Bryant, Usain Bolt when they were chasing a deadlift or squat PRs. They were all obsessed with developing a real skill set that will improve their game.

Later, I reconsidered my strategy in Command Glory.

I always knew that I must write every single day with no excuse to be consistent. Yes, consistency was key to success. But I missed one important piece of the puzzle.

I was too focused on publishing rather than having quality. Why? Because I wanted to go up in the search engines and to have more people reading Command Glory.

That is why I was sprinting rather than having fun and enjoying the process. That would work but sometimes I was pushing my limits too much and it was causing me to feel extra stress.

It was affecting the quality of my articles as well. If I am not in the zone, writing becomes such a burden.

Why would I even write if I don’t enjoy it at all?

I used to play tennis with a 50 years old doctor. We were just practicing by making some shots to warm up and it was very enjoyable.

Later, we decided to have a match.

My mood suddenly changed and I got tensed. He immediately realized and said: “Look, we enjoyed a lot in practice but your shots suddenly changed when we started the actual match. If you enjoy the game, the other side enjoys it as well. Just be relax.”

So, if I enjoy when I write, the readers will enjoy it as well…

Even the undisputed UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov is having fun when he is smashing his opponents on the arena, you can tell from his face.

You remember the turtle and rabbit story?

“Once upon a time a Turtle and a Rabbit had an argument about who was faster. Soon finished the race, emerging as the undisputed champ. The rabbit woke up and realized that he’d lost the race.”

The moral of the story is that slow and steady wins the race.

I want the results fast and quick, so I published very frequently almost every other day. Right now, I clearly see that it is not all about publishing frequency.

Let’s explain it in terms of working out again.

For example, you have 3 intense training sessions in a week. If everything goes perfect, you complete 52×3 = 156 total training sessions in a year.

If you worked out every day instead, the number would be 365 training sessions which are 200+ more than that.

In ten years, it becomes 2000+ training sessions.

The volume always overrides the frequency in the long run. 

This is how you gain the “Farmer Strength” just like how they carry heavy shit every single day.

If you want the mastery or the optimal growth, you must make it part of your life.

“Oh, but my life is like that, I have to do blah blah…”

I did not ask you to complain. It is a tough pill to swallow but we are the first blameworthy person of what is happening to us.

If your life is not the exactly as you wish, it is your fault because you made the decisions that puts you in that final phase.

Do you smoke a cigarette? If you do, it is because you allow it. You become fat only if you allow unhealthy food to your diet.

There is something strange with humans in general. We face problems but we choose to compromise rather than solving them.

Why? Because it is more convenient to get used to our problems compared to the effort we will give to solve them. Even they cost us terrible results, we choose to be completely blind to them.

You have a girlfriend and you put up with her bad behavior rather than seeing the obvious how bitch she is.

You have a shitty job but you make yourself believe that you need the money, so you don’t quit it.

You might have a shitty lifestyle but you tell yourself bullshit lies because it takes too much amount of energy to change it.

The change requires facing the truth and it is often very painful. Our instincts drive us away from the pain and make us chase the pleasure all the time, just like animals.

Animals are programmed and they can never disobey the law of nature. However, we can go beyond the law of nature, that is why we are called humans.

Look at the civilizations and how we evolved through the history of time. We are more than animals, that is why we could embrace pain for better long term results.

It is our ultimate power.

I wish I could tell you the otherwise but…

Without pain, there is no growth. 

Your character can’t evolve without overcoming hardships. 

Everything has a price on this earth. Nothing is for free. Even your muscles can’t grow without beating the resistance unless you use anabolic steroids.

You might say “Fine, I’ll use them” like millions of morons do.

I’ve said it, you don’t read properly.

Everything has a price.

If you don’t know the price, do not accept the reward. Accept only if you could afford it. When you use anabolic steroids, you’re cashing cheques that your body can’t cash later.

We are in the age of super speed and it eventually became our enemy. 

Was it possible to write a letter to the wrong person back then? Right now, you can send a very private text message to someone you don’t even know. 

Nobody remembers the phone numbers, you can make mistakes while typing the numbers or selecting the person from the phone list.

We are bombarded by tons of information every single day. It seems amazing first because human-beings strive for new information. We are born curious and to give a meaning to what is happening around us.

You might reach 1000 times more information than your ancestors could reach in their whole life. Our brains are not wired to process this amount of huge information.

So, what do our brains have to do in this situation?

It evolves in a way to get rid of them as soon as possible because it knows there are tons of new ones are coming on the way.

That leads us to forget the valuable knowledge that our ancestors worked so hard to attain.

A few weeks ago, a couple of kids invited me to play football with them. I was just passing by but I could not offend them and we played about half an hour.

3 hours later, I came across to them again and intended to say “hi” to them. They gave me a weird look and said: “Oh, we know you from somewhere but we can’t remember…”

That blew my mind.

Are you crazy? It has been just 3 hours, how can you forget that? 

We skip people as skipping a stupid video.

People forget names, addresses, important events… It is the result of being exposed to online material too much. We can’t even let the monsters do not interrupt our sleep.

Especially the situation is worse for the youngsters because they are born into this generation. The brain of a Z generation member is so full of new stuff and it has to dispose of everything very quickly.

This principle applies to people and relationships, they treat them disposable, too.

This is why they’ll never be able to form deep relationships in their life. What will come afterward? Depression, anxiety, identity crisis…

Nowadays, everything must be fast, in an instant with ease. Nobody talks about the real virtues such as patience, work ethic, dedication, discipline, etc.

You never heard of these in commercials, why?

Because, people don’t like to hear the truth. You can’t sell them anything if they don’t like your words.

They believe their lives will change in one day by applying a simple formula they randomly found on the internet. They believe they’ll have an amazing six-pack by following a 5-minute routine.

They start and they quit at the first obstacle they face.

After 3 days in their brand new job, they complain as “Well, I have zero contribution to the world…”. Disregarding how newbie they are, they dare to have a mission of “changing the world”.

They buy a new gym membership for 2 years (they believe they got a huge discount), and after the first week, they see no results and stop going there.

They change their job, partner, friends, diet, workout program, etc, but the results never change. High expectations head them to a fall and they eventually want to quit.

They believe if they had a different job, the problem would be solved immediately. Maybe they should have chosen a different major in their college, right?

You only waste more time trying to find the answers in there.

Good things take time.

Hello? Did you read it?

If you say this to Millenials, they look at your face like a dumb monkey, “What the hell is he talking about? I reach everything fast and quick.”

Real world does not work like that, my friend.

When you plant the seed, you must wait for seasons to reap the harvest. It always takes TIME and ENERGY.

There is no perfect job, relationship, workout program, you just build it by working consistently.

If you are not the best at what you do right now, you won’t be better when you change it.

It is not what you do, it is how you treat what you do. When you keep the bar high, people have no chance but respect you because your work ethic shows your character.

You don’t find the excellence in one day, you build it and everything takes it place later on.

If you could earn great things easily, why would they call them great? If you get it easily, you lose it easily.

If it took you one day to achieve it, you could also lose it in one day. You would never want that, would you?

The core of human-beings is ungrateful. If you’d have it easy, you would never appreciate that.

That is why nobody respects a kid who inherited the wealth of his family and had a sports car when he was 16 but everybody respects the guy who made it from scratch.

You expect everything supposed to be given to you easily? You always choose the easy way? Do you run away when you see the first obstacle?

Then, you are a doomed weak motherfucker and you made it for yourself. Hardships are the goldmines that the strong and smart ones chase all the time.

They know the reward will be high as much as its difficulty.

Due to the facts of life, we must be strong and unbreakable. 

The storm comes and weak ones complain as “We did not know that coming boo-hoo”.

We have no time to complain, we see it is coming, it is almost there. Life won’t ask your permission to tear you down.

To not let that happen, keep reading Command Glory and stay strong, my friend.