Why do they call you visionary?

Because you think, smell, see and do what others can’t.

You achieve what others can’t even dare to dream.

The story is always the same. Nobody believes in you at first, you work and prove them they are wrong.

Until you come with solid proofs people don’t need to believe in you.

They are not you and you are not them. You are smart.

They are just, normal people…

They don’t have your eyes, so how can you expect them to see the same view?

No leader came up with the idea as “I will become the leader”.

The conditions forced them to be so.

The leader just followed his way and people followed because they instinctively know his path was worth it.

What are the separations between an average guy and a visionary leader?

Let’s have a look at them.

  • Have No Fear of Failure

Failure is not a word in the dictionary, it is nothing more than feedback.

Fear kills more dreams than failure does.

You must have a thick face to say “so, what?” each time the life slapped you.

The average person is scared to death of failing in front of others. His blown-up ego drives him in a way of making a lifetime slave rather than a free visionary life.

What others think of himself plays such a crucial role, so he can’t even make time for thinking about his goals.

What if they learn he failed? No, no this cannot happen. He must play the role of prince charming.

If he fails, that is such a disaster that he can’t even handle. He melts under the tension of criticism of others so easily.

The visionary does not even give a damn about what is going on outside. People can think, say, and do whatever they want; that is their problem.

He becomes one with his own realm of identity.

It is always his thoughts that matter most, not the other way around. If he fails, it is no big deal. He is tough enough to get up and continue to fight.

The pain of regret always overrides the pain of not going after what you really want. He knows we all have one shot in this life.

  • Have A Mind Sharp Like A Razor

The world and time never sleep. You are either sharpening your blade or it becomes blunt.

If you are not going forward, you are going backward.

He takes care of his prize possession “mind” all the time with the utmost care.

There is no permission to numbing substances that inhibits mental faculties.

He needs his mind more than anything.

When you go off the rails once, you lose momentum. The momentum is a strong asset that is built by enormous time and energy.

Common sense often leads to misery and he needs to question everything starting from the bottom. You cannot build your house on sand.

Your values must be determined by the truth, not by the illusions. Superstitious beliefs are the game of the average mind.

New trends, media, politics, news…

The average mind loves playing with the toys of masterminds even they have zero control over them. Visionary focuses on what he can have a real effect.

That is why he constantly thinks, imagines, reads and writes to form new ideas. This is the way of making friends with his best asset “mind”.

  • Have Extraordinary Goals

The average people set goals they already know they can achieve. Again, fear of failure comes into play.

Visionary always dares to achieve more.

He loves the appearance of fear like an indicator of upcoming success.

Fear is a fact but being scared is a choice.

He treats fear like a north star showing him his ultimate destination.

They say “Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star.” And he says “Aim for the sun. If you miss, you may hit the moon.”

He always sets extraordinary goals to be driven by fear. His goals are like pointing fingers rather than a “to-do list”.

That is the only way for him to grind all day and finish the day having no energy left. At the end of the day, he barely can speak like an autistic as a result of pushing his ultimate limits.

On the other hand, the average person let his precious energy drains by trivial events. He wastes a ton of energy until he starts important tasks. When he finally starts, he wonders where the all-mighty energy is gone.

The average is addicted to the words “good enough” that lead to selling himself short. He cannot push himself beyond his limited beliefs.

He never embraces chaos and uncertainty as visionary does. His way is already laid out, a safe and guaranteed path which actually is a lie.

  • Fear of Living An Ordinary Life

Everybody has fears because that is a part of being a human.

It is the ingredient of those fears determine whether you are visionary or average.

The visionary uses fear as a motivation source. If the fear is complete non-sense, he faces it directly to overcome.

He let fear exist only if it serves him in a good manner.

“The worst thing I can be is the same as everybody else. I hate that.”

-Arnold Schwarzenegger

Average people have average fears like anybody else. You talk random people on the street, they are all the same.

The visionary knows he has to go out of the status quo. He has to break the rules. He cannot be the cute boy who listens to what everyone says.

The truth is always beyond what they tell you and it keeps changing.

He knows that the foundation of the society we live in is fragile and its rules meant to change constantly.

Every visionary leader was alienated, hated, criticized by small minds. The visionary knows that it is human nature.

If you don’t live with their dogmas, they hate you. Even if you tell the truth, that does not matter because they don’t seek the truth.

The average only seeks other people who accept their dogmas.

The visionary does not hustle against the law of nature.

He accepts and learns to deal with them, even if it requires facing up to becoming a lone wolf until finding his real teammates.

  • Get Out Of Physical Entity

Visionary values what is not seen rather than the obvious. He knows the limits of a human is beyond the physical world.

His spiritual side overrides his physical being. He has never attached to the material or any stuff. They are like toys to make his life better.

The average is too attached to the world and that prevents them from seeing the real treasures.

Visionary values his body, but he knows there is beyond that. The body is a manifestation of his soul and mindset. Even if he would live in a different body, it would be still him.

Everything you see and touch was just an idea in a visionary’s mind. Every great invention was a joke for the average once.

The average does not believe if there is no solid proof given.

He does not believe war until an army is pounding at the door and his family’s life threatened.

Visionary is wise enough to seize danger when a barrel of gun emerged at the edge of the door. His aura is full of positive charge as a result of doing good work for the universe.

And this radiating aura keeps other people in their own boundaries.

  • Perseverance Is The Game

After visionary finally achieved success, the average immediately starts labeling.

The average falls in love with labeling and putting things in sequential order. Remember, the average hates chaos and the unknown.

He starts to call him “visionary” now, out of the league of normal people. That is how the average keeps himself happy.

There must be some secret sausage behind the success.

Visionary is surprised at how people only focus on the final products. Nobody cares how he got there. Nobody talks about his 999 failures before his 1 success.

It was his perseverance that kept him on the road failure after failure.

He never taught about giving up at all because he knew he had to play the game. As a game character, he died 999 times but respawned 1000 times.

He kept playing, playing, and playing until he learns the rules of the game of life. The first rule was: “It is not over until you win”.

The average is so scared to play the game.

You never see him on the stage, but behind the stage, he never stops criticizing. When he sees “what he could have done”, criticizing is his only cure for alleviating the pain of his lost soul.

That is what he thinks is far from the truth.

  • Take A Tour On Timeline

The main focus of average is always right now.

He only sees what happened right now. He neither bothers to take a lesson from the past nor plans on the future.

The past still hurts him and the future frightens him. While his mind is struggling both, he actually misses the present moment.

When he wants something, it must manifest right now quickly. Patience is not a word in his dictionary.

Visionary knows good things will take time. He uses his brain efficiently to make a travel in the timeline.

The events of the past make sense when he connected the dots. He has hope for the future because he is working for it with a clear vision.

  • Use Unexpected Sources

The visionary knows the mainstream media is a theatre where a bunch of clowns play.

His source of inspiration comes from unexpected places. It could be a silly movie or a video game.

Anything can be a source of inspiration because it is his creativity that put weird things together and forms the beauty. He loves choosing unexpected sources because that looks cooler.

When people cannot guess the source, that creates tiny magic in their eyes. He does not copy or steal, he just gets inspired by other visionaries.

The trends and unimportant information take up too much space in the brain of average. To form new ideas, your mind needs an empty space to start.

When the beauty hides in detail, his focus is not there to catch it.

  • Be Ahead Of Your Time

There is one sure way of being ahead of time.


When you can use and invest this time wisely, you start living beyond the present moment.

You see a visionary resting under a tree because visionary planted the tree 10 years ago. He planted and start living with hope because investing is the source of hope.

The average always wonders why he feels so hopeless and empty inside while living for the weekend and momentary pleasures.

A little bit of joy now, who cares about the rest? The chemical bonds triumph over his future goals.

He forms a delusional identity in the future that will do the necessary work. When the future comes, he still find himself acting in the same self-sabotaging way.

  • Chase Small Wins

The average always looks for a short way, a quick formula, a secret to winning. He is unaware of the truth, which is…

The success comes with the accumulation of small victories day by day.

The average lives in a linear world where the visionary is in exponential one. (domino effect) He knows that every single domino matters a lot in the process of growth.

The victories may seem pointless in the short term but create the magic in the long term.

The visionary knows that every day the war is repeated. The resistance will knock on his door until the day he dies.

He is aware if he slacks a day off, the rest will follow in rapid succession. If he is awake, he is fighting.

  • Have A Cause

You don’t have a vision just because you want it. Vision is the reflection of your world-view.

How do you want to see the world?

The average focuses on negativity and keeps complaining about it. The visionary understands the problem and looks for a way to solve it.

Having a vision requires being proactive. Since the real problems are always a tall order, you need a strong why to endure.

The visionary questions every piece of his belief to have a solid foundation. While the average loves believing as everything will be a bed of roses, the visionary is busy with preparation.

He knows the bad day will eventually come. When it comes, he has to stand strong solid like a rock. He finds his cause and reminds himself in hard times.

The average may have a cause, but it is always shallow because he never goes deep within.

After reading this, you should have a clear vision of where you are which is necessary to reach where you want to go.

Where are you and where will you go?

A clear answer for two of these might give you a clear vision.

Will you answer?