Nobody wants to see you tough.

Everyone wants a weakling who can take advantage of it.

We actually cannot know how tough we are unless we face any challenge.

Toughness is a choice.

You might choose to live in comfort and safety as a weakling.

Or you push yourself to the limit to be a tough one.

I invite you to do the second in this blog.

Being tough is fun, anything else is boring.

People chase conformity sedulously but comfort kills the soul.

The best day in your life is not the day you wake up late in the afternoon, ate fast food all day while playing video games and searching on the web.

The day you remember is the time you faced and triumphed a hard challenge.

Nobody respects a lazy fat slob who lies down all day at home.

Everybody respects the hard worker who produces more value.

Now, it is time for you to learn how to be tough.

This list has been made to kick some ass with these 50 items.

1) Ask Yourself First

Do not seek the answers outside.

You already have a perfect compass inside that will guide you.

Make sure you ask the questions yourself first.

Find the answers within.

Weak people show despair because they always seek authority.

They are willing to give away their power.

How can you be tough if you ask trivial questions all the time?

You can ask for advice but never forget that the answers are already within you.

2) Do Not Play The Victim

Take responsibility for your every action.

Stop complaining and blaming other people for results.

Your life is exactly as you desire.

You made the choices and connected the dots.

Nobody put a gun in your head.

Make your own choices and live with the consequences whether they are glorious or not.

3) Have A Vision

Before starting any project or work, have a broad vision in your mind.

You do not have to have a command of every single detail but there has to be something you see.

This vision will motivate you and keep you on the right path.

It will attract what you need and help you accomplish your goals.

4) Never Say Tomorrow

There is no past or future, there is only now.

You cannot change the past and cannot know the future.

We only have total control in right now.

Nobody will ever say “I won’t do the work”.

We often say “I will do it tomorrow”.

Why? Because that is a better lie for procrastination.

We never say “We won’t see each other”.

We use “We should see each other one day.” instead.

Tomorrow is an illusion and one day is not on the calendar.

Tomorrow will be right now just one day later.

Do the work right now and reach salvation.

5) Never Chase Trends

Always new trends pop out in popular culture.

An amazing food, the perfect exercise, the best way of …

The trends come and go.

They steal the time, money and energy of the lower class.

They have been created by masterminds who want to keep slaves busy with bullshit stuff.

Be awake and hold on to the classics.

Always use time-tested and proven methods in your work.

6) Always Master The Basics

Always learn the basics first and make sure you learned them well before moving on.

You cannot build your home on sand.

A strong foundation is the key to build anything meaningful.

7) Accept Your Selfishness

We are all selfish whether we accept or not.

Our actions stem from selfish needs.

Accept your selfishness and be real.

One must live for oneself because that is the only way.

Not your family, not your significant other, not your friends…

YOU always come first.

8) Always Give Your Best

In any work you embark on, always give your 100 percent.

If you won’t give your all, do not attempt to start at all.

It might be cleaning your room, doing your work out, starting your business…

Always and always aim to do the best.

Half measure work is for the losers.

You must become integrated with your mind, body, and soul.

9) Do Not Overthink

Thinking too much kills creativity.

When it comes to action, thinking creates extra resistance.

You start asking questions and delay the action process.

You don’t have to be perfect to start, yet you must start to reach perfection.

Don’t worry, you will get the answers on your journey.

Just be bold and take the action.

Do not let the analysis paralysis get in your way.

10) Delay Your Entertainment

Having fun is cool.

Life would be such a burden without a little bit of entertainment.

However, there is a time and a place for everything.

Be the best killer in killing time and be the best player in playing time.

Entertainment is fine after you completed the work of your day.

11) Disregard Small Topics

We have limited energy and will power.

Spending time on trivial issues drains the will power.

You have to save your energy for the topics that actually matter.

Do not put yourself in a situation where you have to choose a small topic.

Let the small people discuss it.

12) Always Compete

Be competitive in all aspects of life.

A true warrior would never fear to accept any competition.

Keep your blade sharp for the time you need it.

Competition is healthy if it serves a greater purpose.

Compete with your buddy in the gym, at work or the beach while you run.

Just like Apollo Creed did for the Rocky.

This is a great way to push past your limits.

13) Think Long Term Results

Instant gratification is the enemy of success.

In every decision you make, consider the long term results.

Develop an investor mindset and kill your consumer habits.

Let today serves for your future rather than being a burden for you.

14) Choose Your Teammates Wisely

Humans are social and we are wired to live together.

In a good surrounding, we can make each other better.

Under a bad situation, we harm each other.

If you do not be careful who you hang out with, eventually you become one of them.

Be very selective about your teammates.

Make sure they want the best for you.

15) Avoid Multitasking

Have you ever heard of the power of focus?

Multitasking decrease the efficiency of your work.

Focus one thing at a time, get it done and move onto the next one.

When you accumulate your whole energy for a single subject, you have a more chance to finish it.

“What about jugglers? What if I want to juggle multiple balls in my life?”

When you juggle 6 balls, you don’t focus on 6 balls. You actually focus on all of them one by one.

When you handle one, you move onto juggling the other one.

It is the same in life. Do not move onto the other topics without finishing the first one.

16) Make Everything Part Of You

Do not quote or repeat the words of other people.

You have to internalize and make things part of you.

Did you read a book? Cool, try to explain it with your own words.

Did you study math? Cool, try to explain it to other people.

It will only be authentic when you are able to use your own words and methods.

You can totally understand and internalize things when you accept them as a part of you.

Make books, movies, and studies part of you rather than just memorizing them.

17) Cut Big Issues Into Small Pieces

Even huge problems can be divided into tiny pieces.

Focus on advancing one step at a time.

Get big by thinking small.

Maybe you won’t succeed immediately but absolutely and definitely.

18) See Failure As An Experience

Destroy the word “failure” from your dictionary.

Replace it with “experience”.

There is no single person who has done it in the first trial.

Perfection is an illusion, real perfection is hidden behind the millions of mistakes.

Do mistakes fast and correct them faster.

19) Family Is Always #1

This one is obvious and probably everyone knows it but it has to take its place.

You can have millions or billions but the most important thing is family.

Always keep your family healthy and good.

Apart from that, you might have your private life.

You can have your girlfriend, money, fame, big houses, expensive cars, an incredible lifestyle…

However, your family is the only one to support you both for good and bad moments.

20) Take Care Of Your Body

You can be much more but your body is what represents you.

It is the #1 instrument in your life.

If you take care of it well, you feel blessed. If you don’t, you become cursed. 

Treat your body like a temple.

Eat real food, exercise regularly and drink plenty of water.

If you had a Ferrari, would you fill its tank with low-quality gas?

Or would you let it rot without running it for months?

Would you trade your one arm for a Ferrari?

21) Learn Martial Arts

Learning martial arts requires being tough in its nature.

It is no surprise that most SEO’s and successful businessmen have a martial arts background.

Because martial arts build a solid foundation.

You learn:

  • How to defend yourself
  • How to live a healthy lifestyle
  • Great morals and values
  • Self-respect
  • To be disciplined
  • To be aggressive and still at the right time

And much more…

22) Write Your Goals

You can talk about your goals all day, you can think about them, too.

Things only get serious when you write your goals.

The magic is behind the pen and paper.


When you see your goal on paper, you can focus on it.

You can visualize and sense it in your mind.

You become one with it.

There are already millions of stuff in your mind.

Let your mind relax a little bit by writing your goals on paper.

23) Say No

The secret is behind the things you haven’t done.

Saying yes actually saying no at the same time.

“I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying no to 1000 things.”

-Steve Jobs

When you say yes for the things out of your dreams, you say no to your dreams.

You train for a fight and you want to win.  Your friends calling you out for drinking and partying at night but you gotta rest.

Saying yes means saying no to winning the fight.

Your girlfriend wants to have sex with you but you must harness your sexual energy for the fight.

Saying no to your GF means saying yes to winning the fight.

Just get used to saying no.

24) Talk Less

When you talk, you don’t think.

You can immediately understand the smartest one in a room.

Just observe who talks the least.

Smart people express themselves with a minimum amount of words.

When you start talking less, people hang on your every word.

If people label you as yappy, they start ignoring your words.

25) Be Alone By Choice

There are two types of loneliness:

  1. By choice
  2. By obligation

Being alone by obligation is sad and depressing.

It is like you have great things but you have no one to share.

On the other side, being alone by choice is a bliss.

You must spend time with yourself in order to understand yourself.

26) Leave Home

Home is beautiful, home is great, home is sweet…

However, home is comfortable and you don’t grow in comfort.

The sooner you leave home the better for you.

How does the adventure start in movies?

The hero leaves the homeland.

Leave home and let the bitterness of the world touches you.

27) Fast Regularly

Fasting makes one tough. Yes, indeed it does.

No food, no water, no sex, no anger…

When everything is gone, who is left?

Just you.

You vs You.

A pure chance for self-mastery.

You are one on one with your animal instincts.

28) Cook Your Own Food

Buy and cook your own food.

Have total control of the ingredients you put in your body.

Cooking also makes you self-sufficient as an individual.

29) Take Risks

Taking no risk is the biggest risk you can take.

If you want to build something from scratch, you gotta take many risks.

It is a skill that you need to master.

Let the danger be your fuel.

In time, you learn how to be smart at taking them.

30) Shoshin

Shoshin is the beginner mindset.

It is the stage where you suck but learn the most at the same time.

We tend to do things that we master. However, we don’t learn much in the mastery stage.

The resistance of the challenge is always at the top in the beginning.

When you are sure that you mastered one thing, find another thing that you suck.

Dedicate yourself to the Shoshin philosophy and be a lifetime learner.

31) Cut The Addictions

Addictions prevent you from being the best version of yourself.

It is your duty to start a war against all of them. C’mon, you cannot let them weaken you.

Tough people conquer their addictions.

Drugs, alcohol, cigarette, sex, sugar, chips, fast food, coke…

Whatever it is, just cut it out.

You either win or they win over you, there is no other option.

32) Always Move Forward

You gotta be like a shark.

“Oh, I don’t know my direction in life… I am just lost”

Bullshit, everyone has a direction in life which is “forward”.

Look, you don’t have to know everything but you know something.

Improving yourself every day should be your life mission.

It does not matter what you have right now, just improve.

33) Accept Pain

Do not freak out when pain says hello to you.

Pain is the natural feedback of life.

It is the sign of you are still alive and ready to grow.

Just like when they spank babies in their ass and wait for them to cry.

Life wants to test you if you are ready for growth.

34) Accept Who You Are

Know who you are first, then become a better person.

I believe accepting is always the most difficult part.

If you don’t accept you are at point A, you will never go to point B.

Just be real and objective about your situation.

Look at the mirror. Are you skinny? Are you fat?

Do not say that “Oh, I am good anyways. I will lose/gain weight blah blah.”

No one cares about what you are going to do.

These phrases make you feel good about yourself.

If you accept the problem, you can work on it and solve it.

35) Do Not React, Respond.

A reaction is generally quick, without much thought, tense and aggressive. It contains an emotional trigger. 

A response comes from an understanding, calmness and thought out process.

You never advance in solving a problem by reacting, it can only get worse.

Responding requires being able to see the motivation behind the actions.

When somebody talks bad about us, we tend to react and defend ourselves. They want us to do a mistake and we exactly do that.

If somebody presents you a gift and you do not accept it, who does that belong to?

Seek and find the real motivation behind people’s action and act accordingly.

36) Do What Scares You

You should do the thing what scares you the most.

An easy guaranteed path and an unknown path…

Always go with the second one.

First, there is no such thing as “guaranteed” in life.

That is a big lie, nothing is guaranteed in life.

The resistance visits you as fear when you are about to evolve.

The treasure you seek is never going to be behind the easy doors.

37) Run

Running makes you tough.

It is one of the best things you can do for you.

Anytime I feel stressed, down and demotivated I go running.

Running has uplift and positive effect on our physiology.

It is an excellent way to strengthen your mind and heart by providing better blood circulation throughout the body.

Short, middle, long-distance…

It does not matter. Just get outside and run.

38) Take Cold Shower

Cold showers are definitely toughening you up.

You always feel better after taking them.

Cold showers give you a better

  • Night sleep
  • Body fat percentage
  • Blood circulation
  • Recovery process
  • Hair and skin
  • Fertility rate
  • Testosterone levels
  • Mental clarity and mood.
  • Immunity system

If these benefits would put in a pill, the pharmaceutical industry would price it 1 million dollars at least.

Yet, it is completely free.

Becoming tough is cheaper than being a weakling.

39) Cold Approach

Cold approach is the best method for overcoming social anxiety.

It is a way of gaining your social freedom back.

You flirt with women in your inner circle with the warm approach.

If you go outside and flirt with random girls, that is called a cold approach.

Cold approach is liberating as hell.

All denials, rejections, and insults from random people make your skin thicker.

The positive dialogues boost your confidence level up.

Your social skill suddenly skyrockets.

More than that, you stop giving a fuck what other people think of you in this process.

You discover who you really are.

40) Write

Everyone should write.

Whether it is a journal, personal website, blog, forum, etc.

Writing makes you aware of your thought process and develops your analytical thinking skills.

It is though to put into words what you really think of.

However, reading your old words is an unbelievable experience to see how much you’ve changed.

41) Be Vulnerable

Tough people do not care about giving a tough image all the time.

Showing your weaknesses is a sign of strength.

If you can become vulnerable in front of a crowd, that is a great proof of how tough you are.

You give a very clear message of “none of you can hurt me”.

Weak people always try to cover their weaknesses, tough people accept both their strength and weaknesses as a part of them.

42) Respect Sleep

You can never be tough with a weak sleep schedule.

To be sharp, charismatic and complete from all angles, your hormones have to support you.

A good night sleep regulates those charismatic hormones.

So, make sleep your priority by going to bed early.

43) Remember Death

Every day, remember that you won’t be alive forever.

This might be your last day.

Nothing can be too important.

There is no point in making issues worse by overthinking.

Let things fall apart and let yourself to live your life.

44) Do Not Solely Rely On Emotions

Emotions can cut two ways: they either support you or work against you.

Feeling good is not an indicator that you should do that thing.

Your mind should be the only tool you use in your decisions.

45) Learn & Teach

We are as strong as how much we make others strong.

So, learning and teaching it to others must be the endless process of our lives.

Both support each other. You gotta learn to teach others and you learn by teaching others.

We can never stop doing any of them.

46) Be Clear

Always be clear in your action and words.

If you want something, do not ponder and say “Well, I thought that maybe we can talk about X and blah blah.(Then 5 minutes later spills the beans)”

Always be straight to the point and cut the timewasting talks.

You make your and others’ life easier in this way.

People appreciate honesty and clarity more than a loudmouth.

47) Do Not Have Any Expectation

If you have zero expectation nothing can hurt you.

No one owes you anything.

People can love or hate you and it is not your business what they are doing.

You just have to be busy with being you.

Their decision is up to them.

48) Triumph Over Your Ego

Never let your ego get in your way. Always keep yourself humble.

Humility is a great virtue.

Do not let your success change who you are as a person.

Always remember where you come from.

49) Do Not Follow Crowd

When everyone chooses a path, stop and think.

Do not act based on the choices of other people.

The truth has nothing to do with the numbers of its followers.

Most people have nothing with the truth.

50) Never Give Up

The only difference between a winner and loser, the first one found the strength within and tried it again.

Remember, it is not over until you get it.

If you have the perseverance and the determination, you always find that inner strength to keep going.

Success is a long marathon, and you must show up every single day regardless of the results.