Nobody speaks of these harsh truths of life, everyone lives as they are not there.

But they are there…

You need to know them.

Some learn it the hard way, some can learn it by reading the experience of others.

If you cannot learn by the reading experience of others, you learn by the pain.

But you are here, that means you are smart and you are willing to learn.

Why do you need to learn the harsh truths of life?

Because you gotta be prepared before the disaster happens.

Wars are always won beforehand. Fights are won before they are ever fought.

You must gain the mindset of a winner.

The harsh truths of life are your armor which will protect you.

Because the truth always set you free.

Life is already hard enough, you don’t need illusions.


1- You Can’t Be Everything

Your mama lied to you.

We can become something, but definitely not everything.

There is no way to become the best football, basketball and golf player at the same time.

We can only become great at one thing.

That’s why we need to give our focus to what’s important to us.

If you have the genetics of Michael Jordan, you can’t waste it pursuing to become counter strike world champion.

M.J tried to chase becoming great at baseball, but one of his coaches showed him the right way.

Because he did not have the hands of a baseball player, he was blessed with amazing athletic talents. He was tall and even his hands were huge for his size.

Just because you love something does not guarantee you will succeed.

If you are really meant to do that thing, you will enjoy doing it. Why? Because it will be easier for you to excel in that specific field.

The sooner you pick your expertise, the better for you. So, you don’t jump around and waste time.

You can’t become an artist by spending your 50 hours in an office job. Becoming a craftsman need dedication, hard work, and consistency.

2- Talent Beats Hard work

Talent always wins this battle.

You have to have “it” to be beyond good.

If you are not talented at something, you will have an uphill battle.

But wait, I work hard!

Guess what? Others work hard, too.

Hard work is meaningful only if you have the talent.

If something does not come natural to you, do not ever chase it.

Your mission is not to make life hard for yourself.

You will take the leverage by focusing on your strengths.

There are already other people who you can delegate for what you are not good at.

Michael Jordan says the only thing he did for his vertical jump was playing basketball and cycling… (Watch it here)

Some guys work hard in the gym for years and barely touch the rim.

How can you compete with that talent?

If your body composition is small and your bones are thin, you better don’t chase being a strong man or a powerlifter.

The practice will be important only if you have the talent…

The key is finding out what the universe blessed us with.

If you don’t know yet, don’t worry. Keep searching and digging. We often tend to ignore the obvious.

We assume what comes natural to us is also natural for others, too.

3- Hard Work Can Beat Talent

Hard work beat talent when talent fails to work hard.

Talent gives you the edge as long as you work hard consistently.

You have to work every day no matter who you are.

To be at the top level is not a coincidence, it is the hours you put into your work.

You don’t work because you have to, work must be a part of you.

4- Your Mom Does Not Love You Unconditionally

Your mom is the first female model you met.

She loved you, cared about you and made a lot of sacrifices when you are growing up.

Did she do that just because you are you? She did because her hormones gave the order.

What if Adolf Hitler was her child instead of you? Would not she make the same sacrifices again?

So, your character has zero effect on her love. She loved you because you were her child.

There are also social pressures as “oh you are going to be a great mom, moms love their kids”, etc.

Also, in pregnancy, the estrogen levels are at peak and when the mom sees her child for the first time, the chemical bonds are created very strongly.

Well, I am not saying that moms are bad, dads are great.

I am just telling the fact which is mothers are programmed to love their kid.

This is important because young males take their moms as their female model in their mind.

Women do not love anyone unconditionally. There is always some interest in every relationship.

Dirty fact: When the mom breastfeeds the baby the first time, she tastes the highest orgasm in her lifetime. After this, her husband cannot satisfy her.

5- Nobody Cares You

Nobody cares what’s going on inside you.

They might pretend as they care but at the end of the day, they only care about themselves.

Even your parents will put themselves first before you.

What matters the most is always results, not the effort.

For society, your label and status determine your value, not your character.

People will always think like “How can this guy help me?”.

They will see the end product and judge you with that. Your efforts and struggles are just there for you.

You will be judged by the results in this world.

The core of human is selfish and ungrateful.

Have you ever stayed unemployed for a long time?

I have. Your phone just stays silent. No one calls or texts you. You stop seeing 80% of people in your circle of friends.

Very very few people are actually friends with you because of your character.

6- You Are Not Special

We are born, we live and we die. Everyone goes in the same cycle.

When we were kids, they bombard us with the message “You are so special”.

However, this is a big fucking lie. Just being you will never make you special.

What makes you special for others is what you can give for them.

Do you provide a good service or help?

Only your good deeds can make a difference.

Successful people are not born special, but they have done special things.

7- Friendships Are Based On Some Sort of Interest

People need each other to continue living and friendships are created based on self-interest.

That’s not an evil thing, this is just how it is.

The best scenario is supporting each other on the same road as comradeship.

Because only the people who walk the same road will understand you.

8- Most People Will Love You More If You Fail

People just support you until some point.

When you start to be better than them, that is too much.

The ego of people doesn’t allow others to become more successful than them.

When you start to change, they will try to see your old version.

What happened to the old Joe man? Why does not he hang out with us anymore?

When you ask anyone whether you follow your dreams or not, they will say “Heck yeah! Absolutely go for it 100%.”

But when you actually start following your dreams, they will ironically do everything to stop you.

9- Everbody Gets What They Deserve

The karma is real.

You reap what you saw.

All of your sins and wrong decisions will make you pay it in this world.

Everybody wants change, nobody wants to change.

When it comes to wishing, all people love that part.

However, only a few of them actually put in the time and effort to deserve it.

Everybody wants to be a champion until it is time to do the work of a champion.

Everything has a price in this world, nothing is for free.

Do you want something? Forget about wanting, just prepare yourself to pay the price.

Are you worth it?

10- You Have To Stand Alone

Success is a marathon where you mostly walk the road alone.

You have to prepare your mind for being ostracized by others.

Do you think people will love it when you don’t follow the orders and go beyond their limits?

Fuck no, they will hate you.

You will show them their weakness and they will be jealous of you.

Very few of them will be inspired.

Where everywhere is dark, it is your job to see your own light.

Everyone will tell you how dark is the road, you will say: “No, I see the light!”

Your vision must be on another level, so you see what others can’t see.

Also, your faith in yourself will give you the power to stand alone.

11- You Will Face Resistance

When you decided to go in your own way, there will be always resistance.

If there is no resistance, there is no growth.

You gain the strength by overcoming struggles, not by avoiding them.

Resistance is your enemy and your enemy can be a great teacher.

We have the battle every day against our dear enemy “resistance”.

You can’t see or smell resistance but you can only feel its existence.

You feel it when you start a new project, a new diet, a new workout regimen.

If you open a fun video in the middle of your work, resistance does not appear.

It will give you a free pass for anything to waste your time.

The more you surrender to resistance, the harder for you to gain your freedom back.

The work sets your soul free, but resistance wants to see you as a slave.

12- There Is No Happy Ending

The stories, movies, books… They all impose us “there must be a happy ending.”

Nope, the truth is our bodies are rotting every second. There will be a time that we are done with this world.

Happiness is highly overrated. We are not only in this world to chase happiness.

Animals are super happy, can they achieve anything?

It is a lie that we always need to feel happy.

There are many emotions that we will experience through our journeys.

Progress, progress, progress…

Life is about evolving and becoming better each day.

You are here for that reason, so we have no problem.

13- There Is No Perfection

Humans are programmed to do mistakes.

There is no logic in trying to be a perfect creature. Just learn to be happy with your mistakes, because that is what makes you unique.

You are perfect with your mistakes.

Always looking for the perfect option is a great way to waste your time.

An average plan implemented today is greater than a perfect plan implemented next year.

You don’t say start your dream project because it is not perfect, yet. You don’t say hi to that beautiful girl because you are not perfect, yet.

It is YOU that put these limitations on yourself that holds you back.

Make mistakes fast, correct them faster.

14- There Is Only Now

No yesterday, no tomorrow…

There is only now and it is passing by tick tock…

Most people either in living in the past or in the future, very few of them know the value of this moment.

The past and future is a delusion. The only reality is what is happening right now.

If your mind goes to past events, that triggers the regret because you remember the bad memories.

If the mind projects a future disaster scenario, it creates fear and anxiety.

However, right now you don’t have to feel those negative emotions.

Right now you are building your future with every action you take.

15- Most Women Hate Men

Most women do not want to see strong men.

The female subconscious started working against masculinity very long time ago.

Men always had more power as leaders, commanders, warriors…

Women did not have the power they have today. So, how did they rise?

They used sneaky methods to manipulate men and they still do. They used sex, love, and innocence to create illusions.

Just analyze today’s men. Their subconscious is in a mess with the lie of females.

They were raised by their mom while their dad was not aware of anything. Playing house games at home is not a good replacement for hunting with your dad.

Women prefer weak men they can easily manipulate and make them serve for their interest.

They will never share their secrets with you and they will do anything to suppress your masculine treats.

16- There Will Be No Miracle

Most people live in a dream where a superhero will come and save them from misery.

The miracles are created by working hard.

You get lucky only by working hard to prepare yourself for the moments.

“Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity”


If you don’t push it hard, life will never give you the chances.

You work your ass off and create your own chances.

Successful people always took the charge and did the work.

Don’t learn this in your death bed.

17- Jealousy Is a Hidden Killer

If you ever feel jealous of someone, that’s a great indicator that your path is wrong.

A person feels only jealous if something is wrong with his life.

Jealousy stems from comparing yourself to others and this is a disease.

It kills all the beauty you might live because it will lead you to misery inside.

Never compare yourself with anyone. Get inspired by people and their great work.

18- Only Sacrifice Matters

You have to give up something to get something.

To earn something, you have to lose something. There is no other way.

You don’t lose when you lose something, you can only lose when you give up.

You wanna buy something? You sacrifice your money for it. Are you going to build a business? You sacrifice your time and energy.

Your sacrifices will show how bad you want something.

You will see people who say they want everything.

Are they speaking the truth? Just look for what they sacrifice for their cause.

19- A Little Extra

You always have a little extra in you.

Maybe the last rep you do in an exercise, or your struggle on your business or school.

Whatever it is, that little extra decides whether you win or lose.

Whenever you think you are done and you feel no hope at all, that’s where you need to show your character.

Because that’s where 99% of the people quit.

The strong ones will always make it to the end.

20- Listen To God

God put a unique soul within each of us.

There is a pearl of brilliant wisdom lies in you and it won’t stop whispering in your ear.

Your inner hero, your uniqueness, your call in this life.

There is an amazing compass inside you that is put from the moment of birth.

Evil people try their best to take it away from you.

Unless you become a lion and roar, they will never stop attacking.

You have to learn to listen to it and let it guide you in your life.

When you show that you respect and value your uniqueness, it will manifest its beauty in your life.

Life always gives some clues to you about what to do.

You just need to learn to read the language of life.

It will keep giving you the same tests until you are wise enough to pass them.