People always confuse freedom with irresponsibility.

Freedom is not about doing what you want, it is about being capable of making the right decision.

It requires being detached from anything else but the truth. You gotta be detached from short time pleasures and emotional reliefs.

It’s all about the mind.

Strong mind brings freedom

If your mind is strong, you don’t become a slave of your emotions.

Let’s say you want to get jacked. For this purpose, you have to train consistently 3-5 times a week for 2 years. You need to eat healthy food and rest properly, too.

But you want to stay in bed, eat chips and chocolates. I know that because I wanted the same. If I let my animal instincts direct me, I lose my way very easily.

There are two options in this situation. You can…

  1. Hit the gym and train your body.
  2. Stay at home and eat chips while watching Netflix.

You want the second one so bad.

Which selection would bring you freedom?

Hitting the gym and having the amazing effects of working out? Or the short term pleasure of being lazy and eating shitty food? The first one of course.

Right after the workout, you feel the natural high of making the right decision. No one wants to be a fat, sluggish, lazy moron.

When you make the second choice, your soul will be trapped after it.

Freedom comes after you paid the price

Everything has a price in this life, so does freedom.

Do not tell me what you want, tell me what you give up. Tell me about your short term losses, because with every choice you take the chance of losing something.

What do you sacrifice? You must sacrifice pawns.

Addictions Make You A Slave

Addictions are the way of suppressing the emptiness in their souls.

Fat people eat too much to compensate for their emotional satisfaction. Porn addicts fill the lack of a partner with a strong bond.

Addictions also stop you from thinking.

When you watch porn, what do you think? When you eat too much sugar, what do you think? What about when you smoke pot? Or when you are eating chips and watching some bullshit stuff on TV?

You don’t think while doing any of those.

Because they are the perfect ways of escaping reality.

Why do they let you watch porn free? Why do they let you watch TV? Or you have access to tons of sugary food for a very cheap price?

So, you reach them easily and live in a dream world.

They all want you to consume more and more, so they earn more… They wash your brain with ads, so they could get into your subconscious.

There is only one thing you can do…


Wake the fuck up! Before it is too late…

Fight and take your freedom back.

Open your eyes, the doors are wide open. But they will not be forever… When they were shut, there is no turning back.

The pain you always escaped will be nothing near the pain of regret. Until it finally down upon you, the nightmares will make you sweat.

What happens if you wake up?

You won’t be in the past or the future. Every second will be the best moment of your life. You will live in now knowing that even one second will never come back again.

Mondays will be the best day because you will be doing the work of your life. You will realize your work is the reflection of your soul.

Life is a mindset game

Your actions determine the results you will get.

Every action has a result. What you do right now creates the person you will become ten years from now.

You either discipline yourself to achieve your dreams.

Or die as a slave…

Discipline Equals Freedom.

You understand right now, right? Disciplined people actually love themselves…

Morons judge them as supposing they were suffering for no reason.

There is no better glory than suffering for a greater cause.

You must chase that battle cry.

And you will FAIL.

If you don’t, you are not trying hard enough…

I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I have failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.

— Michael Jordan

When you look at the life of inspirational people, you see lots of failures. We have been lied to about failure.

These people are not successful because they always did the right thing. They made it because they kept pushing no matter what. They have learned from previous mistakes.

Never Be Afraid To Fail

I was charged with giving a lecture in a high school during my internship. We were coding a basic program.

I did not make good preparation, so while coding I made some mistakes.

None of the students believed that I did a mistake. I corrected it and kept on coding.

One of them said: “But, my dear teacher you never do any mistake? How can this happen?”

I laughed my ass off but tried to explain that I am only human after all. Later, the supervisor criticized me for making that mistake.

She said that I lost the trust of students by doing that mistake. After the lecture, students came to me and said “We wish that you were our teachers, we have learned so much easier with you”.

Then suddenly everything clicked.

They were giving the wrong image to the kids all the time.

Whenever they make a mistake, they feel bad about themselves.

The teachers are making preparations for hours and giving the lectures as smooth as possible. That is not a realistic approach, especially in coding you make thousands of mistakes.

Do the mistake fast, correct it faster.

How rapidly do you realize the mistake? This is what determines your intelligence.

But with current mindset, students always feel guilty when they make any mistake.

The teachers never make any mistake in front of students…

For their 1 hour class, they make preparation for weeks. They do their all mistakes in that preparation phase behind the scenes. More than that, they give the same lecture millions of times… So, they master in their presentation, too.

Do you know that Thomas Edison failed 1,000 times when he invented the light bulb?

When a reporter asked, “How did it feel to fail 1,000 times?” Edison replied, “I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.”

I welcome failure.

I welcome frustration.

Yet more, I can even welcome catastrophy.

There is no way to make a rainbow without a little rain.

The Moment Of Freedom

I had a project delivery in college. It required lots of work and I barely slept for a week. I had no other choice but discipline myself, so did I.

I felt the stress constantly and it was such a painful process. After the delivery, I felt free like a bird. It was a very heavy weight on my shoulders, but I feel eased immediately after I got rid of it.

That’s a very brief moment that you feel the freedom.

You only feel it when you pay the price.

I will be free as a bird when I click the publish button.

We are all blessed with something. Some have more, some have less.

Looking at other people and comparing yourself is a waste of time. And… My time is precious.

We are as free as we give back to others.

You have a body, you must exercise and feed it with proper nutrients. If you don’t, you feel the misery.

Whatever you have, you must pay in terms of it.

You have more knowledge? Share it with others. Money? Use it in a way that other people benefit, too. What do I do right now? I am writing.

Writing is just a tool that I use to convey my message. It could be videos, podcasts, seminars etc. The form may differ but the purpose is always the same.

Writing was my destiny

I can see it right now by connecting the dots backward.

My life conditions prepared me to write and share.

I’m not a native English speaker. It was some weird events that made me learn English.

In high school, I was more into foreigner girls. So, to pick them up I was pushing my limits to learn. I was talking to foreigners and getting their messenger addresses. Then we were chatting via the internet.

I was also addicted to playing video games and they were all English. In order to understand the script, I was looking up the words in the dictionary.

My college required high-level academic English. I even spent 1 year just to pass the English proficiency exam. Even then, the writing was coming naturally to me rather than reading and listening.

My Strange Memory…

It was the first year of elementary school. One day, the teacher gave a writing homework.

At night, I barely focused on it and delivered the day after. The teacher was shocked. She asked my parents whether they helped me. They said: “No, it was all him”. It was true, nobody helped me.

She took the paper and brought me to 2nd grades and read the paper aloud in class. After that she said: “Look, a 1st grade could write this. You guys still can’t write properly.”

The kids were paralyzed. Some of them were feeling bad, the others were looking at me with a smile. One girl said: “You really wrote this? It was really good”.

Life dragged me into writing.

When I get into the flow, the words are just spilling.

If I don’t write, I feel like shit. The day becomes torture. If I write, I feel freedom. Freedom lies behind the work of your life. When you do it, the doors just open up.

There are things that I am terrible at doing. I suck at singing, cooking, cleaning, showing empathy, multitasking, etc.

We are not equal and we will never be.


Do not focus on your weaknesses, focus on your strengths.

Your strengths will give you leverage in life. Our environment always pointed out our weaknesses. Nobody was eager to praise our strengths. Even if you have done an amazing art, nobody would give a damn.

They rather show our strength as a weakness. This is how they suppress individuals and make them ordinary.

If you are born physically weak (I.e: Ectomorph body type with thin bones), guess what? Do not try to be a professional strongman or a powerlifter. The chance of your success in that area apparently is very low.

Why? Because there are naturally strong people (Endomorphs). Their musculature and bone density is much higher. They are born stronger.

If you are tall, try playing basketball rather than soccer. If you suck at math, fuck it. Not everyone has to be a crazy scientist.

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.

You know what is the craziest part?

We Are Blind

When we are good at something, we think everyone has it.

What comes easy to you becomes your norm.

Learn to be objective to yourself.

And… It is one of the most difficult things in the world.

Everyone loves seeking advice from other people.


Why? Because you lived life, not them. They have never been in the position of you. That is why nobody can know what is best for you.

If you are going to make wrong decisions, they must belong to you. Making your own decision is the foundation of being human in the first place…

Other people can only give you a general overview. Yeah, they can have similar experiences. You can listen to them and get their opinions.

If your inner circle does not see you as a threat, you are in the way of living an ordinary life.

If you ask them for life advice, their ego will limit you. They will do it unintentionally. The families generally want their kids to live as they wish.

The friends never want you to change. Why? Because you don’t want someone better than you. Very simple answer, right? It is against their EGO.

You don’t need to ask for life advice to anyone. There is a compass inside you that is already set perfectly. You already know the answers…

You will get them when you ask yourself.

Know Thyself

This ancient Greek aphorism speaks of truth.

Some people think they can discover their passion by only sitting and thinking about it. Some magic will happen and they will reach the ultimate truth.

If you were a chicken, this method would work to lay some eggs.

Are you crazy? It is all about experimenting with new stuff. You go and try out new things.

Try, fail, try, fail, try, fail… million times.

Then you look back and connect the dots.

How did I become a gym addict?

One day, I went to the gym and curled 5 pounds of dumbbells. I loved it. The feeling got me on the first day. Would it ever be possible if I read 100 books about exercising but never went to the gym?

Can you know what war is if you have never been in it? Yes, you can a little bit by reading.

Can you know as much as a war veteran? Impossible, because that guy has lived it.

To reach your maximum potential, you have to know yourself. You must know what you love and hate, what you suck at and great at… Otherwise, you only sabotage yourself.

Your soul is dying every day.

Tomorrow you will wake up and you’re 60.

I bet you will not want to be in your fucking 9-5 job.

Living for the weekend, struggling to pay the bills, having nothing to be passionate for…

That day has come, it’s there.

I am more than happy when anyone says to me you changed. THANK YOU, that’s all I work for.


Let’s face it, it is damn scary.

Damn, but the fun part is always behind the danger.

You don’t wanna accept that you have the potential. It is scary being at the top and getting all the hate.

It is scarier to revive your long-buried talents.

You are scared to work. If you start working, your inner hero will wake up and you will want to work more… You will gain the aura of all the lazy motherfuckers when they sleep.

No one will do it for you. You do or you die. It is your life, my friend.

You are a butterfly and going to die tomorrow.

Your wings have a time limit.

You will hug the soil completely naked…

Do you know what is the biggest regret of people in death bed? The most common answer: “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me”

The path you were too scared to choose hurts more than anything. What if? If there would be one chance to have your youth back, ha?

That courage is there, it is part of you. Hence, people just are looking for it somewhere else.


You don’t need to sail, travel 147 countries, read 1500 books…

It is there…

Will you take it?

Tick tock…