Anyone would appreciate being more productive.

We all have busy lives and tons of work to do.

Why would anyone deny handling more tasks during the day?

However, there is something people don’t know.

They fall into the trap of becoming busy.

Busyness does not mean you are more productive.

There is continuous urge in people’s head like “I have to be constantly busy, otherwise I am wasting my time”.

What are you busy with? That is the question.

You can easily waste your entire life by being busy if you do the wrong work.

I had a girlfriend in college who was sick of being busy.

She was always taking too many classes, working in a part-time job, and trying to please everyone by saying “yes” to all invitations.

She was literally freaked out whenever she had some free time. I had a clear chance to observe this mental sickness. It was like her all body was itching when she takes anything slow.

Is constantly being busy a solid way to achieve your ideal goal? No, because it puts you in an autopilot.

It is like you are driving the car but can’t control where it goes.

Those people are wasting their precious life energy like wasting gasoline.

Most people run between meetings, phone calls, preparing documents all day long. Although they work like a horse a whole day, they still feel terrible. They eventually say:

“So what? Do I really do something meaningful?”

It is in us.

We are only motivated to do the things we find any value in it.

Most people do not find any value in their jobs.

When they realize the emptiness between what they do and what they actually find valuable, they feel lost. That feeling will never go away until they find their bliss.

The indoctrination starts by society as:

  • Go to school
  • Work your ass off to pass tests
  • Graduate and find a job that will enslave you for the rest of your life

Just follow this formula, everybody praises you and says “Well done!”. They will tell you that you are successful.

Following the formula will make sure nobody hates you, most people will appreciate your choice of slavery.

You will feel the fake “safety” by the influence of fake people.

If you say “I’ve got a job!” on your FB page, you get 539 likes and 51 comments.

If you say “I started my own business” you get 3 likes 1 comment.

They secretly want to tell you that you are stupid because you chase your dreams.

They are actually right, why? Because you have to be a moron to achieve success. You cannot make it by being wise because all the advice you hear is wrong.

Whatever they tell you about life is always wrong. They were poisoned by the same dogmas.

You keep grinding by climbing the illusional success ladder one by one. One day, you realize the ladder rests on a wrong wall.

This article will challenge your perception of being productive.

Face it now rather than remembering it in your death bed.

1) Time Management Is An Illusion

No one can manage time. We can only manage our life energy.

The time will pass in its own rhythm. The only thing we can do with time is using it wisely by investing.

People who try to manage time will always suck at being productive because you get immediately get stressed when you focus on time.

Looking at a clock always feels terrible and it prevents one doing a creative work because of the extra stress.

The extra stress they put on their shoulders will restrict their life energy.

They usually look at the clock and remind themselves “Oh, it is passing so fast. I must be quicker.”

It is like trying to calm down by shouting more.

The time will pass anyway. We are only responsible for making use of it wisely. Strangely, people love wasting their time by focusing on things they have zero control over and time is just one of them.

2) Have Your Own Values

Making the right decisions is a by-product of having your own values.

When I tell this to people, they usually respond to me back “But, I don’t know”.

There is a great secret to know, come closer…


I am sick of people trying to get advice on the subjects before they even spent enough time thinking on it. How can anyone know this better than you?

Do you want some advice? Good, but they are there in you if you just ask yourself…

Everything will fall in place when you are aware of your core values.

You will be the happiest when you do the things you love. It is a bliss to work for something you find meaning in it. (even if you don’t make too much money out of it.)

Your job, your relationships, your hobbies, etc. That is valid for everything.

When you work for something you love, you spread positive energy. You attract positive people into your life. You get married to a person you love and have a great family.

It all starts with valuing yourself more than anything else. Selfishness is an inevitable fact of human nature.

If you can reach full selfishness, you can give the best of you. If you focus solely on giving the best of you, you boil away.

People can’t say no because they don’t know what’s really important. They don’t know the real value of their time…

Rich people know it very well, they choose to invest their money rather than their time (aka. make the money work for you). You can earn money back but time never comes back.

Let’s make a quick test.

You have 86,400 $ for today. Somebody just came and suddenly stole your 10$ from your pocket. Would you spend 80,000 Dollars to get it back?

What a silly question, isn’t it? Surprisingly, it shows a fact. Some are willing to spend more than that.

The dollars are representing seconds.

We have a 10 second of a negative moment with someone, then we let it ruin our whole day by constantly thinking of it.

Actually, seconds worth more than dollars. Did you lose some dollars? Work and earn later, no problem. Did you lose time? Say bye to your precious time, because nothing can bring it back.

3) Find Your Why

This is the fastest way to increase your productivity level in whatever endeavor you choose.

Business, relationship, training, diet…

It does not matter which field you want to conquer. If you find the real reason why you should do it, everything will be much easier.

Anyone can become busy, but very few are actually aware of why they should be busy. They might know something on the surface level, but we need something more than that.

When you find it out, the fun part starts. You do the things beyond the physical level, with all your spirit and soul.

Sounds great, but how you will do it, right?

In school, they only taught us the “how”. How to solve a math problem, how to find the distance between x and y, how to be a doctor etc…

Because if you ask why enough, you might find the truth…

You better keep yourself busy with black and white how questions. You will ask yourself again and again until you reach the real reason. That will trigger the inner drive.

You will wake up one day and you are already productive and willing to put in the work. No external motivation needed.

Those motivational quotes and videos will seem like a joke to you.

They will seem like a bunch of kids tries to suppress their symptoms by watching them relentlessly. They need that external drive because they lack it inside.

Real guys have real motivations that are found out by them.

If you need the motivation to do a task, you should solve a deeper problem. You either should not do that task or you should find out why you need to do it.

4) Rise Early

“Early to bed and early to rise makes and man healthy, wealthy and wise” – Benjamin Franklin

The hours in a day are limited. We have to get up early to make the best of it.

The days are what shapes our future. If you get up early, the day suddenly becomes longer and we gain the edge to work more.

Do not wait to be productive if you get up late in the afternoon.

Circadian rhythm gives you the badass high hormonal profile. If you set your lifestyle according to the sun, that will give you the extra power.

It is beating a dead horse to fight against nature. When there was no electricity, our ancestors rested in the dark. Our bodies are programmed to work in a synchronized way with the sun.

We work in the light, rest in the dark. We are evolved that way.

The early morning is a perfect time to get the job done because there is no distraction. Nobody will call you, talk to you, ask for your help, so you can work with a laser focus.

You get the job done before the day starts for normal people in silence. While everyone is drinking their coffee, preparing their breakfast, and wondering what the day is gonna provide for them…

Your day already provided something for you.

This will give you the extra edge.

Note: This advice is for the early birds. Some people find it more effective to work at night. If you are one of those people, arrange your timeline according to that.

5) Have A Schedule

The purpose of a schedule is not doing everything like a robot.

Most people think that a schedule will limit their freedom. It would limit if you prioritize your what’s on your schedule rather than your priorities.

The schedule helps you to prioritize your daily tasks. What happens if you don’t prioritize? You simply get lost in the middle of tons of tasks.

Having a schedule gives you the responsibility mindset to get you disciplined. So, you have a clear vision of what to focus on in certain parts of the day.

The most common mistake done in a schedule is making it too strict. Don’t make it too strict like a robot will do it.

You are a human being and it’s your right to be free. Have some flexibility in your schedule.

Bad example:

  • 5.00: Get up
  • 5.10: Go to the toilet
  • 5.12: Brush your teeth
  • 5.15: Drink water

Good example:

  • 5.00 Get up
  • 5.00-6.00 Morning Ritual Time
  • 6.00-8.00 Reading and personal investment Time
  • 8.00-9.00 Exercise
  • 9.00-10.00 Breakfast Time

See the difference?

And of course every day will not be the same. Your circumstances might change, but it is always better to have some sort of template in your head.

If anything new pops out during the day, you can make small arrangements according to your priorities.

If you had no time early in the morning, you might make your readings at the bus. Maybe you lack sleeps some days, then you might need a power nap in the afternoon.

The schedule will make you feel responsible in that time frame, so you can say “No” easily because you will know what you sacrifice if you say “Yes”.

A great way to cut out all the bullshit.

6) Have Goals With A Deadline

We need a certain set of goals to push us further every day.

If we have no goals, we go nowhere, it’s simple as that.

If you tell me that you don’t set any goal, I can guess your life.

Your goals must have a deadline, otherwise, you will very often find yourself wasting time.

We need a reminder for us. When you remember, you are more likely to work your ass off to make it happen.

Do not set the deadline too soon or too late. The best time period is around 6 months to 1 year depending on the workload. Use that goal as a motivator to push yourself harder every day.

If you slack off, that will decrease the chance of achieving your goal. The fear of failure will serve as a motivator in the process. On the other hand, if you give your best, you will know you are more likely to achieve it.

Your goals are going to be like a dog barking and chasing you behind.

Most people are too scared to set goals, do not be scared to set goals. They fear because if they’d succeed, that would revive the hard worker inside them and they would want to work more.

If you are afraid of setting a goal, you are afraid of achieving it.

Remember that, it is not your current personality who will achieve the goal; it is who you become through the process.

Easy, set a goal, work your ass off every day, and evolve in the process.

7) Have Less

Throw away the garbage stuff that you don’t use in the room because they will only create a distraction for you.

The atmosphere must be filled with fresh air. You can’t feel the positive vibes in a room full of unnecessary stuff.

Also, cut off the bullshit tasks that give you nothing in return.

Do less to get more.

Have fewer tasks, but do them in a perfect manner.

You have to maintain your focus to reach high productivity levels. If you have a lot of tasks to do, you will try to do multitasking.

Multitasking is the worst thing you can ever do. It eliminates all of your focus and creative energy. There is no possibility to create beautiful art with multitasking.

Multitasking is only okay if you are going to do no-brain works.

Other than that…

Save your mighty focus.

Have the eagle-eye vision and attack like a lion.

8) Preserve Your Will Power

Will power is like a battery, the more you use it, the less you have it.

Have you ever noticed the most successful people always wear the same clothes?

They wear the same clothes, eat similar meals at the same place, work at the same office every day to maximize their productivity.

What is the reason behind it? There is a strange secret they found out without being aware of it.

It preserves your will power.

Whenever you make a decision, the charge of the will power battery decreases.

We have only limited willpower in the day and these people created an automatic system for unimportant selections.

They preserved their will power to maximize their creativity in their work. So, they could deal with hard problems easier.

How do you drain your willpower?

Whenever you need to make a choice by your will and the most obvious example is social media. Especially when scrolling, you see a lot of options.

Which video will you watch, which picture you will look at, whose story you are going to comment on or pass?

You are constantly making some decisions and this drains your willpower battery. When it comes to doing creative work, you feel tired and drained.

5 main rules to save your willpower energy:

  • Never use social media again. (If not, use it only for specific reasons)
  • Wear similar clothes every day.
  • Have similar meals every day.
  • Do not watch TV
  • Have a stable work space

9) Plan Your Day One Night Before

It does not have to be a crazy detailed plan.

Just remind yourself what you want to achieve at the end of the day.

If the tasks are clear in your mind, you can act on them. This is important to stay focused during the day.

You know there will be a lot of time stealing calls, invitations, distractions. You gotta be prepared beforehand to keep yourself away from bullshit stuff.

10) Sleep More

People love taking substances to boost energy levels.

They drink coffee, tea, energy drinks to become more productive in their day. These products can only hide the fact that you are tired.

We are in the illusion of losing time when we take a rest. When you sleep, it feels like you are losing your precious time.

Then, truth slaps us in the face.


Good sleep is such a crucial part of a healthy life.

Lack of sleep results in bad decision making, a decrease in productivity levels, fatigue, weak immune system, and more…

Do not be afraid of taking a nap either. Nap is more effective than coffee to boost your energy levels.

11) Use Fasting

Fasting means you don’t get any calories from food or beverages (0 calorie beverages are okay like water, black coffee, tea).

Why do you do that? Because when you eat, you add some workload to your body for digestion.

When you fast, your cognitive abilities work better. You think with a more clear mind.

You know the after-lunch slump. It happens when office workers have ingested their lunch and have no energy left. When their body is so busy with digestion, all they wanna do is sleep.

A full lion wants to rest, he only becomes angry and goes hunting when he needs the food. Be a hungry lion, eat your meal after you are done with your work.

12) Preserve Your Semen

Unless you want to have a kid, preserve your semen at all costs. Especially if you are building a business and you need that extra edge.

If you are a 9-5 worker who only does black and white work, you can spread as much you like.

The semen is such a creative vital force of nature. It is a potential baby. You might create a new life with that energy.

It is such a waste to let it go by an addiction to masturbation, porn or sex. You obviously become more productive when you do semen retention.

Alright, enough for the day.

Use these 12 ass kicking methods to become highly productive.

Be awake and kick some ass.

I will catch you in the next article.