Happiness is an overrated and misunderstood concept by the majority.

You only need these three for a happy life.

  • Strong and intimate relationships
  • Freedom
  • Health

Having a great family and friends, freedom and a healthy lifestyle will automatically result in happiness and joy in life.

Why people are unhappy?

They hate their jobs. They have no idea how to build strong relationships and they don’t care about their health.

It is so obvious, isn’t it?

Most people try to compensate for what they lost by focusing on one area more than others. How?

They become obsessed with health and they spend too much time in the gym. They exaggerate animal love, they end up petting more animals than having close friendships.

Most people focus too much on work and they disregard their health completely.

Life gets easier when we can find a balance in everything.

Here are some new ways to perceive happiness for you.

Enjoy, my friend.

1) Never Chase Happiness

What you chase always runs away from you.

If happiness becomes your obsession, life restricts your access to it.

Modern life dictates people to go after happiness. Why do they do that? They have to make you feel unsatisfied, not enough, unfulfilled.

Eventually, you feel inadequate and do something about it.

Why would anybody want you to chase happiness? Easy, to sell you something. If you think something is wrong with yourself, they can sell you anything.

The magic pills, the unbelievable cure solutions in 5 minutes.

The consumer buys, buys, buys…

What? You still don’t feel happy? Okay, buy this one.

You have to go to school, be good to your teachers even if they screw up your future. You have to pass those tests, go to a big university, graduate from well-known departments.

Enough? No, you have to be a slave until you are 70 working for somebody else to consume your all soul. While doing this, you can dream of having expensive cars, big houses, a luxury lifestyle.

The moment you are born, everything is designed to kill your spirit and soul.

You are the only hope for yourself…

Do not let it die by giving away all your power.

What happens if you feel complete? When you don’t need an outside source to change your happiness levels? You feel integrated deep inside and don’t chase happiness from outside sources?

You become happy, they lose money.

Do not play this game. The rules of the game are already designed.

There are two rules; 1-they win, 2-you lose.

Create your own game.

2) Master Your Own Destiny

Moron people consider destiny as the easiest way to escape from a responsible life. “Oh, it is destiny. Let destiny decides”

We are all responsible for our actions.

Destiny means that God knows what is going to happen. But, knowledge of God is different than a human being. God’s knowledge does not depend on time.

You can be broke, but with an immediate decision, you can be a billionaire through hard work. God knew that you would do that, but still, it is you who achieved that.

Whatever you call destiny, is also self-created.

Only losers use destiny as an excuse for not taking responsibility for their actions.

The Day I Took Control of My Destiny

It was the day that I quit my job and stopped college education.

One day, a regular day, I just got out of the work. I was walking in the middle of the big buildings which seems like a foreigner to me.

Istanbul, the concrete jungle, a corporate 9-5 job…

None of these were feeding my soul. I was walking on my way to the bus station. I felt lost, “what the hell I was doing?”

Whose life was am I living? Who do I try to satisfy with these decisions? You hate the school, you hate the job but still keep going in the same direction.

Everything seemed so illogical suddenly…

I felt irritatingly disturbed the way of living my life. I decided to end this bullshit and quit my job tomorrow. It was not as easy as I thought.

My heart was beating like bum bum and I was so damn excited. I managed to work up my courage and told my boss that I quit.

He was very surprised. The first reaction was, “Are you crazy? What are you going to do?”

He was a good man. He asked these because he wanted to make sure I am in safe.

I said, “I don’t know, I will find a way. I am going back to Izmir (my hometown) right now”.

Him: “School? You still have lots of lessons to graduate”

Me: I know, they can wait.”

Him: “But, you have to make a plan first”

Me: “I trust my gut instinct”

Him: “Okay okay alright, but listen to me at least, I am experienced”

Me: “Okay I’m listening”

Him: “Your age is increasing, you will need to earn money. Maybe, you will marry and have a family. The time passes so quickly. Don’t regret it after you made this decision. When you graduated from school, it can be too late for a corporate ladder.”

Then he gave me 2 days to think about it, but I was sure that I am quitting.

In these two days, I packed my stuff, emptied the house and bought my ticket. Then I went to the office the last time.

Him: “So, you are really doing this right?”

Me: “Yes, thank you for everything”

We shook each other’s hands. Then I said bye to all my colleagues at the office. There was a different feeling in their eyes.

It was a mixture of a lot of feelings, but it was the first time I saw someone’s eyes like that…

They spoke silently like: “We will miss you. I wish I could do the same as you do.”

They wished the best for me. Then I put my headphone, opened the song from Manowar – Die For Metal.

The lyrics: “Quit my job this morning said forever, I would hold my head up high”. Can you guess how high I was after all of these?

This was the top moment of my life that I truly felt alive.

I was more alive than ever.

It was the same road that I walked like a zombie. Now, I walked like a master of my destiny.

When you took control of your destiny, you find true happiness, my friend.

One of my friends came to visit and say goodbye to me. He said, “You know, I am really jealous of you right now”.

I said, “The jealousy is an indicator that you are not satisfied with your own life…”

Making our own decisions is the first thing that makes us “us”.

There is no right or wrong. You are free to make your own way. Don’t let anybody take this away from you.

Never wait for the approval.

3) Be Grateful

Humankind is ungrateful.

They don’t care at all what they are gifted with. They always chase to get more.

Greed gives birth to all misery.

More, more, more and more…

Buy one more, get bored and buy one more tomorrow…

To be grateful for what you have given? Who does that? We need MORE!

If you can not be happy with what you have, never expect to be happy.

You could be born in an African tribe where they chopped the kids’ head every single day. Maybe you would be born with a disabled body?

Every morning can have great reasons to make you energized.

  • You wake up. Great, you are still alive. Yeah, it seems very normal to be alive, but you could also be dead.
  • Check your family members. Oh everyone is fine. Great!

Happiness is hidden in the way you perceive things.

If your leg is broken right now, you immediately would reach a high consciousness about how important your leg is.

Nothing had to be given to you. No one owned you anything. Rather than focus on what you want to get, try appreciating what you have first.

It is a huge mindset shift that will change everything.

4) Give More

Do you know something? Share it.

Do you have a lot of food? Share it.

Give it, my friend. Give it and let the other people have it some, too. What are you gonna do with keeping everything for yourself?

Are you going to take them to the grave?

No one could make it, even the richest one. Do not let the earthly illusions make you blind. We won’t be here forever.

The death is certain and it is closer than you think.

Earn a good death by giving, influencing, sharing more and more.

What do I do by writing this? I share my insight with the whole world for free…

Even just one person who reads this get inspired, I am happy. If I can touch a soul with my words, I am the happiest ever.

Human beings need each other. Some are born with gifts so that they share with others. Your power is your responsibility to make others stronger.

Do not waste it.

5) Build Something

Every day, keep yourself busy with building something.

Build a garden, build a house, build a library, build a website…

There is an immense feeling of satisfaction when you see something growing. Especially if it is done by you. It is like watching your kid growing up.

Lifting weights give you satisfaction because you build your body. Building a great family gives you satisfaction because you see great relationships growing.

You are in this world to build beautiful things…

The effort of a human is sacred. The greatest of all is to build a great legacy before you leave this planet earth.

6) Follow Your Heart

Follow your heart, because it never lies. More than that, it never stops whispering in your ear.

This is the only way for following your bliss.

It might seem so stupid right now. Your decisions might be judged by small minds. They can call you crazy and stupid.

Would a bird stop singing if you call it crazy? The bird would not give a damn about your idea. It is a bird and its duty is to sing.

Your duty is following your own bliss in this world.

God doesn’t waste time creating nobody, you are somebody.

7) Expect Nothing

Expectations are the source of sadness.

The only way to have great emotional stability is self-reliance.

No one owes you any favor. If you do any favor, don’t do it without expecting any return.

If people help you, okay that’s great. But, know that they don’t have to.

Expectations are the way of giving away your power. If you need to expect something, expect yourself to be great.

8) Spend Time With Yourself

Your head must be clear to act.

Too much noise, too many people, too much stuff…

These all cause the distraction. Do not let modern life distractions put a separation between you and your soul. They only cause numbness in the brain.

Be detached from all the external sources and stay true to yourself. You must frequently spend some time alone to reconsider everything.

Walk alone in the forest with only nature and you.

The happiest people on the earth are the ones who love to spend time with themselves.

Do not be afraid to ask the right questions. You will eventually find the answers.

9) Choose Right People

Show me your friend and I will show your future.

People around you will eventually affect you. If they have a positive vibe, you feel positive and vice-versa.

Well, how will you choose them?

Simple. Is your friendship beneficial for both of you? Does this friendship make both of you a better person?

All friendships are based on some kind of interest. There is no shame in that.

Average people have average relationships. They just need someone to tell them “you are good” regardless of what they do. They need social acceptance.

Don’t build friendships based on social norms.

If your friend is:

  • not happy for your success, let it go.
  • making you feel worse on purpose, let it go.
  • only talking to you for personal interest, let it go.

Find the ones who are supportive and caring. Who makes constructive criticism on you and feels truly happy with your success.

People show their real faces in tough times. You see the truth of your friendships when you go through some hardship.

You need people you can rely on.

Life is like climbing a mountain and you can’t make it all on your own. If nobody is supporting you, you eventually fall down and it is harder to get back up.

10) You Must Fight

You cannot always be happy in life.

There are ups and downs, there are other emotions for a reason. We are born for hard times.

Otherwise, the guy who jerks off 10 times a day would be the happiest person ever.

After every hardship, there is a relief.

This is the rule of life. Negatives and positives go together like Ying and Yang. If you have never been sad, you would never taste happiness.

Only fairy tales tell you that you will always be happy. In real life, you have to feel the pain in order to be happy.

You should have guessed that the first time they smacked your ass when you are born.

The hard times are great indicators of a big success. You are going to fight, that is why we are sent on this earth. There is no victory without some blood.

11) Do Things You Love

Always do the things that you love and fuck the rest. At least aim to do that.

Ditch people you don’t like, ditch the work you don’t find meaningful…

“But, but I have school, payments, family, kids blah blah. How am I going to do that?”

First, it is your responsibility to live that way. You have built it. Everything is our fault in this life.

Second, you must find out and focus on what you love. What’s the thing that you love? No, I am not asking for eating chips and drink coke while watching a sitcom show.

You have to go deeper than that.

People easily tell what they don’t love, but they can’t describe what they exactly love.

If you can’t explain it, you can’t visualize it and you can’t have it.

See that in your mind first, then it will become a reality.

One of the best ways to find out what you love is by observing yourself. What do you do when you procrastinate? We usually do the things we love when we procrastinate.

We are in a century where 10 years old kids make millions by playing video games. Do not underestimate the power of your interests.

The real fulfillment comes when your life becomes one.

Your work and lifestyle have to fit together. Because you will find joy by working more and making a contribution.

If you really think that you will become happy by being lazy, that’s delusion. You will get bored after 4 days of no-work. Everything will seem meaningless and your soul will start to degrade.

You can only keep the fire alive by working, my friend.

12) Enjoy The Process

People think they will be only happy when they reached a certain goal.

Modern life keeps pumping success events as an ultimate goal. You see an athlete make a huge contract, a one-night success story…

They never talk about the process.

Those people did not have it by a single event. They worked relentlessly until they achieve it, you only see the fruits of it.

It’s actually the transformation process what makes it enjoyable.

You may have a certain physique goal in your mind. Let’s say it will take 1 year to achieve that. You don’t have to be unhappy for one year. It’s just fine being who you are right now.

What makes you feel happy is the small progressions that you start noticing when you become consistent. These tiny progressions build who you become as a person.

13) Detoxicate Your Soul

If you have done something bad, admit it. The toxic inside you has to come out. Otherwise, it will bother you forever.

If you have done something wrong, confess.

Do not act as it has never happened. The only way to surpass this is to confess.

This requires being honest to yourself 100%. I don’t mean regret, regret is another toxic emotion.

I mean killing the delusional perfect identity who never makes mistakes, briefly your ego.

We are programmed to do mistakes in our software design as human beings. Make mistakes fast and correct them faster.

14) Take Care Of Your Body

Take care of your body and it will take care of you. Always treat your body like a temple.

Exercise properly and eat good food. Your body is given to you for a reason. You do not have to show ingratitude just because it is given you for free.

Your body has its own requirements such as to move and to be nourished regularly.

You need a high-hormonal profile to achieve emotional stability and a fit person will always have a better hormonal profile.

It will affect your mood and energy positively.

15) Conquer Fears

Fearlessness is a better concept than happiness. It is a way to reach our true selves without external limitations.

Fear limits us from who we want to become as a person. The more fears you have, the more limited you are.

Freedom requires conquering your fears. That’s why it is our inner instinct to get rid of our fears.

Do you remember the natural high the last time you overcome a fear? It happens for a reason and that was an indication of transformation.

You are not the same person anymore.

Negative energy dissolves and the positive one arises naturally. Always keep facing and conquering them.

16) Never Give Up

Giving up is too boring.

A person who gives up misses the all fun part of life. Perseverance is the ultimate virtue of a strong man.

Whenever you feel like you give up, punch yourself and keep fighting.

You don’t wanna miss the fun part, do you?

17) Be Patient

Patience is the ultimate key to happiness, but true patience requires maturity. A patient man knows good things take time.

The hardships are happening for a reason. They make beautiful times meaningful.

The bad events cannot break the emotional stability of a patient man because he knows his time will come.

Every flower blooms in its own time. You are not in a race with other people. Take your time and make your preparation well.

When your time comes, watch them call you “lucky”…

18) Travel

What is the easiest way to gain life experience? It is traveling.

You see new people, new cultures, spontaneous events.

Traveling changes your perception because you get out of your own little world and observe other lives.

When you travel:

  • It helps you to understand the core of humanity. (you make new friends from all cultures)
  • The adventures you lived are great memories to tell. (new experiences replenish your soul)
  • You become a person who actually lived something.
  • You become interesting.

The best ideas come to mind when traveling because you are in motion. Your mind cannot be idle when you are in motion.

So, save some money and do more traveling, and get in motion.

19) Care More

Treat all the people with extra care.

We are in a world where people skip friendships like they skip a Youtube video. They end relationships like they are closing a web page.

If anyone asks for your help, give you all support regardless of who they are. The more soul you touch, the happier you will become.

We became so obsessed with ourselves, the toxic selfishness is on the rise. We are separated from each other by politics, race, and ethnic disagreements.

The world needs more caring people.

Care who you meet newly, care animals you see on the streets, care about your environment. Everything is in life integrated and we are part of it.

Don’t make me cry, so you can laugh.

20) Move More

Motion creates emotion.

To go into motion, you gotta move first. Mostly, just moving is enough to feel better. Even taking a small walk can create magic sometimes.

Move your body, shake your body, dance, do whatever…

Let all the discomfort and the trauma in your body dissolves.

Do not restrict your body from certain angles, let it be free. When is the time moving will become impossible for all of us?

When we are dead.

When we still have the chance, we gotta keep the fire alive by moving.

21) Just Change It

Just make changes in your daily routine.

Change what you eat, where you eat, how you eat…

Change where you wake up and sleep. Change how you treat people.

It does not have to be a huge change, small changes can create wonders. If your life gets too monotonous, you somehow feel it.

And that’s a good indicator of you need a new adventure.