It takes balls to become a lion.

You gotta face being ostracized by everyone.

You gotta be able to say fuck you most of the time.

It is not easy, I admit.

I blame no one for being a sheep. Not everyone has to make it.

Few people become master, most stay as a slave.

The world needs sheep, too.

Somebody has to take orders and follow those orders.

I am very glad that most people don’t follow their dreams.

Those people are my lovely, precious gifts from the creator.

They don’t read blogs like this to make themselves better like you.

They are so busy with:

  • being manipulated by smarter minds.
  • looking at successful people and envy them like hyenas.
  • grinding their teeth when a Ferrari goes near them.
  • only criticizing others who produce positive work.

These people will never become a lion.

I warn you, my friend.

This road is not for everyone. You can go and live your life as you wish.

Other than that, here is the way to become a LION amongst sheep, if you want to know…


1- Do The Opposite

99% of people are sheep. So, how could you trust the opinions of them?

They might believe what they do and say is right. However, that does not make it right… It is a tough pill to swallow, but you cannot become a lion by always doing what you are told.

You cannot be the cute boy and the lion at the same time. You either follow the rules of sheep or break all the rules to become a lion…

Be always suspicious about what you hear. Common sense does not have to make sense all the time.

Go against common sense by doing the opposite like a stupid. Let them label you as stupid…

They will say to you:

  • “Go to college” – Don’t fucking go to college
  • “Get in a debt” – Never fucking get in debt.
  • “Marry a woman” – Never marry a woman just for the sake of marriage.
  • “Work for a 9-5 job until 70” – Do not waste your life as a slave.
  • “Cold is bad” – Expose yourself to cold showers every day.
  • “Go to the doctor” – Be your own doctor.
  • “Take this pill to get well” – Never use drugs, find a natural way.

Thus and so…

Look the plan is already laid out before you were even born. They make you a slave and consume all your life energy until 68 years of age. Then you retire and live your life for 2 years and fucking die.

What if you would do the opposite?

You discover that you become a lion and get into the world of lions. They lose and you win. The world starts offering you a whole range of opportunities.

But wait, do they need winners or losers? If you still don’t know the answer, I hope you will one day.

You are just so naive if you believe they want the good for you… Even your closest ones, your family and friends can be your greatest enemies.

That is why you have to be awake all the time. Everyone can be a possible threat to pull you down.

2- Be Deaf To Criticisms

Losers always criticize…

They fear the potential of who you can be… They feel the despair deep inside and they think all they do is to pull you to their downhole.

Pathetic, right?

I would not believe that if I never witnessed this. However, we can never be blind to the truth. Some evil people just want you to see fail.

When you do great work, they will immediately start criticizing you. You must understand those critiques come from envy.

They see your light, your potential, and what you can achieve and they attack. Be deaf to all those criticisms.

You walk in the road of success. If you stop and try to shut down every dog that barks, you cannot walk properly.

When I started lifting weights, I got lots of criticisms from small minds. They told me that I work out too much and my muscles are going to disappear. They told me lifting weights will injure me.

When my muscles started to develop more, they accused me of using steroids. What did I do? I laughed and teased with all of them. So, you should do my friend.

How can you give the best answer?

Just live a great life and never care what they said. That will be the biggest burden for them.

3- Make Your Own Way

Never wait for approval for your actions.

You are a free man and you should always act in that way. People will always crave for following such a lion leader who always says “Fuck you, this is my way”

There are already enough sheep who always do what they are told, don’t be one of them.

Making your own way is a gift that is given to everyone from the creator. Most are willing to sell it very short… Are you?

Do you have balls to make your own decisions?

It is a lie that successful people always made the right decisions. It is a lie that you will never do mistakes. Successful people do not always make the right decisions, they make their decisions right.

Nothing can save you if you sell your soul…

The peace of following your heart is indispensable.

4- Mean What You Say

The sheep always talk a lot like biddy old ladies.

They speak, speak, speak but when it is time to take action, they don’t. They never do the thing.

Actions always speak louder than words. However, sheep always get into the delusion of talking. Too much talking gives sheep the delusion of they are doing the work.

They trick their minds by talking… What does a lion do?

The lions do the thing and let the sheep discuss it. Let the others talk behind… What are the consequences of talking too much?

People start to ignore your words. The value of your words decreases… Because you don’t mean them.

A lion means what he says by following through the action. That’s the key to self-esteem and becoming a self-reliant one.

You gain your confidence by doing the work, not vice versa.

Sheep wait for a miracle to happen and they find the amazing energy to do the work. The lion starts doing and gains his own energy…

That is why people care when a lion speaks…

Everyone knows a lion is going to follow through his words.

5- Be Fit Physically

A lion must be a leader from all perspectives.

You can be amazing mentally, but it is your body that represents you. A strong and fit lion always does a better job.

You cannot tolerate physical weakness. A lion cannot stand such a pathetic situation for himself. He has to look at the mirror and see his sexiness.

Losers always find some bullshit excuses not to exercise. If a person cannot spend an hour to exercise his body, that means s/he is not living like a human.

Of course, a dead zombie will be more inclined to not moving his ass.

A lion is always busy with exercising, killing, and hunting.

He knows being physically fit helps him in all aspects of life such as high testosterone levels, confidence, and being more masculine in general.

Sheep live in a delusion of like “We train our brains, they train their muscles”.

That’s a self-defense mechanism of not taking the responsibility of their life. You can train your brain and muscles at the same time…

If their brain actually would work, they could see this easily…

Mind and body always go together… A strong body is a result of a strong mind. And a lion knows that very well.

6- Fuck The Easy Path

You know how they say, easy come easy go.

No one made the great by doing the easy work. Sheep want safety, they don’t wanna bother doing the hard work.

Lions crave for hard work because that’s what makes the difference.

You don’t hear the story of a legend who did everything very easily. You always hear the hard times and how he overcomes them.

The strength comes from overcoming the struggles life throws at you.

The society will always tell you to choose the safe and easy path. Your mommy will always tell you to live safe.

Let me define the badass.

The badass is the guy who lived the worst-case scenario but still says: “So, what?”

Like Muhammed Ali was being beaten up by George Foremen and he keeps whispering in George’s ear… “Is that all you got George?”

That is the strength. Getting back up again and again until you are the winner…

You can choose the easy way, and feel good for a while. But you can never taste the victory of a badass warrior who made it the hard way.

What would you think of a guy who was given Porsche by his dad when he was 16? Is that a help for the kid? That kid will never taste the feeling of earning his own damn car.

A lion should stay hungry rather than someone else hunt and gives him the food. Nobody will respect that kid, because respect can only be earned.

People will respect the man who lived and experienced it. They will always respect more a millionaire who has done it from scratch.

Parents who try to make it perfect for their kids are harming them. They don’t allow to kid to grow from toughness… They take this chance away from them.

7- Be A Lifetime Learner

Life requires learning until you die. If you don’t spend most of your day reading and learning, you are wasting your time.

Read, read, read rest some and read fucking more.

Don’t just read, also apply. Learning requires doing.

Don’t be like the guy who always talks behind the scenes. Be the lion who jumps onto the stage and actually plays it.

Play the fucking game of life.

8- Be Selfish

What does a lion do after hunting? He eats it first then let the others eat later.

There is nothing wrong with being selfish. Do not deny your true nature.

You cannot make anyone happy by being sad. There is no way to share your money if you are broke.

You cannot even give others without being selfish.

Burn this into your mind.

You are a lion and you must do what a lion does. People can run with you or they can run away from you.

It’s not your parents, friends, girlfriend or whatever… YOU COME FIRST. Everyone is the center of their own universe.

You are the most precious creature on earth. You have to keep yourself satisfied first.

Women want you to be selfish. The alpha lion is selfish and female lions are happy to serve him. The nice guys always lick the ass of females but they are only their orbits.

Real women will always want a man who thinks of himself first.

Nice guys are liars, they are not real. They hide their personality and their needs. Those sheep think if they reveal their true self, everyone will hate them.

Lions are completely okay with being themselves.

9- Express Your Feelings

It is absolutely okay to express yourself.

Expressing yourself is your right and it is your responsibility. That means you can scream, you can yell, you can shout, you can cry, you can fuck…

They always told that men don’t cry. A BIG FUCKING LIE.

What happens someone does not let the emotions come out? It causes trauma in them. Emotions have to come out one way or another.

That’s why you need to express yourself.

The school taught people to limit their uniqueness.

They told you to shut up and be quiet in a class. Maybe your parents get mad at you because you played some games in the house.

It is totally okay moving around, making noises and being weird. IT IS FINE. Never be sorry for expressing your soul. If you are happy, angry, sad or excited just show it.

Always accept and express your emotions as a unique part of your soul.

10- Show Your Teeth

When the time comes a lion must show his teeth to his enemies.

You must show hyenas that you are the boss with your roar. When people break your personal boundaries, it is time to take out the sword.

You have to be scary because fear is a form of manipulation. Fools do not have the mind to understand the danger without seeing solid proof.

Without hard power, you cannot have soft power. Your kindness and goodwill will never be an intimidating factor because fear is always more powerful than gratitude.

People can take the risk of losing their gratitude for their self-interest but fear stays permanent. Just talk the language they understand.


11- A Greater Purpose

Morons do the things for shitty purposes. Lions always have great motivations behind their actions.

They know their “why” very well and that keeps them solid in their way of life.

Pick up artists talk to women just to get in their pants. Lions talk to beautiful women to reach their ultimate potential.

Morons do weightlifting just to impress girls. Lions lift to increase their overall well-being.

Sheep go to their job just to earn money. Lions get the job done to influence others’ lives in a better way.

That is why lions are always more grounded.

12- Choose A Great Environment

We are social creatures who live within social groups and if you are not careful about what kind of group you are in… You eventually become one of the members of that group.

If the group is full of sheep, they make you one of them.

You can be a lion inside without knowing it for a lifetime because everyone has told you that you are sheep for your lifetime…

On the other hand, a great environment with a pack of lions can turn your whole life the other way around.

Be careful, my friend.

13- Earn The Death

To earn death, one must live first.

Living requires taking risks, playing with danger, making mistakes, and scraping your knees… More than that it requires being bold enough to just being you.

People who live too safely do not love life… They don’t let life touch them… They hide when it is raining.

They act cowardly and they betray their potential. The truth is we are dead already… The day we are born, we guaranteed our death.

What we can only do is to deserve a great death. And it is only possible with living a great life belong you ourselves.

To do that, it is our responsibility to mine the fertile veins of creativity that God placed deep inside each of us.

14- Kill Your Ego

The ego is a brain-created idea of who you are.

People think that they know who they are… What they consider as their personality is their ego.

Who are you?

When you ask this question people generally give this answer “I am my thoughts”.

You are not your thoughts, you are producing those thoughts. You are the observer of those thoughts.

If you believe that you are your thoughts, what will happen if they are negative and self-sabotaging?

You and your environment can plant the seeds of both negative and positive thoughts, you are the result of the ones you choose.

Most people are surrounded by a fake identity created by negative thoughts of their ego. Their ego is the ultimate self-limitation.

That is why the ego must die for the true self to be born. The growth is only possible when you kill the ego.

Do you know why most people would rather die than change? Because their ego wants them to stay the same…

Kill your ego and go beyond the thoughts imposed on you.

15- You Will Stand Alone

In the road of success, you will be alone most of the time.

You just need to be perfectly fine staying alone. You have to prove yourself that you are enough.

Before the exploration of truth, it is your belief that will keep you on the road.

Do you think everyone will love you when you break the rules? Do you think they will love you when you show them how pity their life is?

Fuck no.

Most people will hate you. Your old friends will alienate you. Small minds are going to be jealous of you…

However, you will keep doing the right thing. You will fight and keep your fire alive in hard times…

When you succeeded, they will ask for your support later on.

A story of a lion…