Can you be real?

Regardless of any situation, can you speak the truth?

If not, don’t worry.

You are reading this blog for a reason.

You are in the pursuit of something just like me.

Otherwise, our paths would not cross.

Do you think everyone can reach this website?

Don’t make me laugh, many people love trivial stuff more.

The authenticity comes from being real.

It is the ability to speak of truth no matter what.

Just like Mel Gibson screamed as “Freeeedom!” as his last word in Braveheart.

Even fear of death could not shot his mouth.

That is power.

Nowadays, the truth is not popular.

Everybody loves political correctness.

You make nobody upset, you get no hate… Perfectly safe.

Is safety good? Not always.

You can not grow if you stay in the safe zone 24/7.

There is no way to be authentic in this way.

Think of a bird. What does a bird do? It flies and sings.

You can say anything you want, the bird will do what it needs to do.

Unless you cut its beak, it will keep singing.

Unless you put it in a cage, it will keep flying.

Humans are different because we have the will.

It is up to you to push your limits every single day to reach your maximum potential.

Or you can choose to lay down on your bed eating chips and watch TV…

And that will kill your soul because we all have the responsibility of being a human.

Such a big responsibility… And it is a burden on our shoulders.

And your story will be written whether you can carry it or not.

You want to carry it? I believe you do.

Otherwise, you would not be here reading my words.

Let me share the 20 ways of being real.

1) Do Not Lie

Stop lying forever.

Do not lie to yourself, do not lie to your loved ones, do not ever lie to anyone…

Be the most honest person you ever know.

The worst truth is better than the most beautiful lie.

Are you fat? Do not say “Oh, I am going to eat less blah blah…”

No one cares about what you are going to do. You are fat, accept it.

Are you afraid of talking to women? Accept it.

Are you skinny? God damn accept it.

Are you broke? Do not live as you will earn money in the future.


Accept, accept, accept!

First, you must accept it.

Face who you are first, then become a better person.

Lies will always make you live in a dream world.

Then reality comes afterward…

Lies weaken the relationships because it breaks the trust.

Even white lies? Yes.

No one likes to be fooled.

Everyone wants someone who they can trust.

When you break it once, it will never be the same.

Only the truth will give you the ultimate sense of pride.

2) Do Not Watch TV

Most problems would be solved if people stopped watching TV.

The TV changes the perception of reality very easily.

They control what they will deliver.

It spreads negativity, fear, violence because you can control the masses via emotions.

The news is always negative because that’s what takes attention.

They only care about rating numbers, so they deliver cruelty, violence, death and more…

Send your TV to the trash and that will be the best investment for you.

Look at this graphic.

The first TV broadcast was in 1926. Of course, it took some time to see the effects of it.

It became popular and started to have a place in houses in the 1950-1960s.

The extramarital affair has become normal because that was what people watch on TV.

Young women thought they would be more “free” if they had sex whenever they want.

Young men thought they would be dominant if they sleep with more women.

What is the result? A very spike at the rate of unwed childbearing.

That means most kids grew up without the foundation of a good family.

Family is everything.

If you have a bad family background, you can have all the problems in the world.

3) Quit Social Media

Life is better when you don’t use social media.

Social media is highly addictive. Likes & comments trigger the dopamine reward system.

It is not the real world.

People only share stuff that makes them look cool & perfect.

Why would you ever need to know what they do?

Why would you ever need to share what you do?

Are you lonely? Just scroll down and stalk others.

That would solve the solution, right?

Nope, this only makes you more lonely.

Social media puts a distance between you and other people.

It makes you live in a virtual world.

I realized I was less happy anytime I use social media.

The story always began like this: “Alright, I am in a great mood. Oh, there is a new notification! Let’s check it out.”

Did you look at it? You are done.

Then I find myself in the social media jungle for 10 minutes and suddenly realize that my mood decreased. Wait what happened?

I was caught in a social media trap. Just 10 minutes ago I was in a great mood and happy.

I did not plan to watch a stupid video or click on someone else’s profile.

You click one thing and other things pop out. It never stops.

Just quit it and keep your serenity.

4) Watch Less

Movies and series are great but watching them too much is a problem.

One of my friends told me:

It feels great to have weekends free. I plan to do some stuff for my personal growth. Then, Saturday morning I open up my favorite series right after having breakfast. I find myself watching episodes all day. My weekends end very quickly and I regret how I wasted all my time.

This happened to me as well.

I used to love watching movies and series.

If I loved one, I could end a season in just one day.

After I accepted my addiction, I went cold turkey.

When everyone around me was talking about Game of Thrones, I was not even watching it. (still did not watch it)

It was the only solution for me to get over this addiction.

I used movies and series to fulfill the emptiness of my life. They were dragging me into another world.

That world was not REAL.

Instead of taking responsibility for my life, I was more concerned with what was going to happen to a virtual character.

How silly was that?

Look, that does not make movies/series bad.

That was completely my misusage.

If you are doing great work all day and you just wanted to spend your night with an hour of your favorite series, that’s absolutely fine.

I just know that I was not able to that.

And I know most people can’t do it either.

That’s why I recommend you to stop it until you take control.

5) Get Lost

Go to a place where you haven’t been before and get lost.

This is something that I regularly do and I think it has a magical effect.

Even if we don’t realize, we live our lives in a vicious circle.

We mostly go to the same place, hang out with the same people, eat at the same place.

We have to get out of the loop first, so we can think outside the box.

When you get lost, you gain the ability to review your life objectively.

Why? Because you look at yourself from a different perspective.

You see a different culture, a different life, a different language…

When you see different things, you can think different.

6) Talk To Yourself

Don’t be afraid to talk to yourself.


  • Things get too complicated
  • You are too bored
  • Everything seems negative


Just stop the world and listen to the voice inside.

Don’t worry, you are not crazy.

We all have an inner voice that keeps talking. It is normal to talk to yourself.

But they call it crazy??? Fuck them.

You listened to what they said for your whole life, where did you end up?

Just listen to your inner voice.

Is it talking positively or negatively?

Are the words true or false?

Once you master it, you will start mastering your life.

7) Talk To Old People

Age does not mean everything but it means something.

Old people have experience.

You can always learn new things from old people.

They’ve seen deaths, births, government reshuffles, more historic events…

Not all old people have to be smart, but they have seen something.

When they tell you the story, you can make your own judgments.

They can give you new ideas to work on.

Their stories can enlighten your path.

At the end of the day, you can’t find all the answers from one person.

You are the one who will figure them out.

8) Spend Time With Kids

Kids are closer to the core than we are…

They have a system that has not been modified yet.

They also have a stronger life force. You never see a kid who is sick of life.

They get up early in the morning and find new things to learn all the time.

Just let them shine and teach you something.

For example, we know that kids learn very fast but how do they do this?

Have you ever been exposed to the endless questions of a kid? You probably have.

On average, kids under four ask an average of 73 questions per day. (source)

They have an interior curiosity for everything.

They instinctively know that “knowledge is power”.

In order to grow, they ask and learn.

They play games all the time. Yes, games are fun but they also teach you many things.

You must be in the moment to play a game.

More than that, you have to use your cognitive and physical skills to beat your opponent.

Spend time with kids and that will keep your inner kid alive as well.

9) Do Not Believe Easily

Well, people lie.

Common sense generally leads us to false beliefs.

We have opinions on the issues that we never thought about.

How could we have them?

The society, culture, and environment raised us in that way.

We had to be part of the system. So, they installed a general software.

There are useful things in the software but there are also false beliefs.

If you believe everything easily, you will never surpass the status quo.

They can say martial arts are dangerous just because they don’t want you to learn self-defense.

They can say lifting weights make you shorter just to see you weak.

On the other hand, they might speak the truth as well.

How will you know which is the truth?

You will use your mind and question everything before you believe it.

10) Exercise

Exercising regularly is a must both for your mind and body.

The human body is designed to move.

When you don’t give what it needs, the system does not work properly.

Just don’t move for a while and observe how the whole system of your body collapses.

When I did not exercise for a while, life seems full of obstacles.

I can not think clearly. Everything becomes foggy.

It feels like there is a smoke cloud around my head.

Exercising let my body to get rid of all the toxins by sweating.

After a workout, life becomes much much better.

It increases my mood, mental clarity, and hormonal levels.

I feel ready to attack whatever I want to conquer.

Treat your body as a temple and let it help you to succeed in all areas of life.

11) Spend Time In Nature

We are the kids of mother nature.

We don’t belong to a cubical or a classroom.

Nature is our real home.

Fresh oxygen for your lungs, aesthetic beauty for your eyes, perfect smells of flowers for your nose…

Nature never lies to you or try to manipulate you.

If something is wrong with you, you get the feedback.

And she does that to teach you something.

Camping, hunting, hiking are great ways to stay connected with nature.

Those will reset your system and keep you sharp.

We must gain the immunity of mature nature.

So, that will keep us away from the illusions of the modern world.

12) Leave Home

Home is where we find safety. It is always great to have a nice home.

However, you must be willing to leave your sweet home.

Life happens outside of your comfort zone.

You can’t learn everything by living with your parents.

You must witness the toughness, cruelty, and difficulty of life.

The challenges are where the growth lies.

The home can only prepare you for life but it can not teach you.

You will learn by going out and experiencing first hand.

Will you stay hungry? Yes.

Will you live in dirty places? Yes.

Will there be times where you have no money in your pocket? Yes.

But, the journey will be yours.

Everything will be added to your experience bank.

You will have real stories to tell.

If you know, this is the real treasure.

13) Read History

Modern people just live in today.

We just live as the world only has existed for 10 years.

Rather than watching what happened yesterday in the news, why don’t we look at what happened in the last 10000 years?

When you learn history, you are rarely surprised.

The events in life just repeat itself.

You gain a great perspective to interpret everything correctly.

It basically helps you to understand life better.

When something fake pops out, you immediately realize it.

This is a cool

14) Ask Why

“Why” is the most powerful question you can ask.

When you ask it, you come closer to the truth.

It is the first step in the realization process.

The education system always teaches us about “How”.

If you keep your attention on the “how”, you won’t bother to ask “why”.

It is good to learn “how”, but the best is hidden behind the “why”.

And… Good is the enemy of the best.

They just want you to settle for good.

You will always hear “That’s good”, “Oh yeah, that’s good enough”.

15) Learn Through Experience

Watching an educational video is good.

Reading a book is cool.

Listening to a podcast is nice.

All of them means shit if you don’t take action.

Real learning happens by doing.

People confuse theoretical knowledge by taking action.

They watch videos, read books and they think that will do the work by itself.

Do you want to learn how to build a house?

You better actually build one instead of reading 1000 pages of books.

Do you want to learn how to play tennis?

Find a partner and start playing.

This is the way.

Some information can not be taught through words.

Yes, I say this as a blog owner.

Take action and learn through experience.

16) Don’t Watch Porn

Porn is the sexual way of lying to yourself.

You know they are actors and you are not even the one who plays the role.

Then why do you watch it? Because it gives you pleasure.

Actually, there is more than that.

It stems from a lack of emotional bonding and a need for appreciation from other sex.

The brain cannot know the difference between real and virtual.

When you watch porn, you trick your subconscious as you have a great sex life.

It turns into addiction because you can get it easily and it is highly rewarding.

Then you lose all the precious sexual drive in return of NOTHING.

Is this a profitable trade?

What happens in real life?

Females don’t seem attractive to you anymore.

You can get better ones instantly with one click right?

No, no, no.

This is just killing your real-life gains.

Whenever you watch porn, you accept being a loser.


17) Don’t Play Video Games

Playing video games is an easy way of escaping.

Escaping from what? Your life.

If you play moderately, that’s alright.

However, most people can’t.

I could not do it, so I went cold turkey years go.

Because video games are so damn addictive.

Virtual characters, virtual friendships and hundreds of hours spent for NOTHING.

It can be very late when you wake up.

Video games put you in a deep sleep.

You can be very a happy sleeping man, but you eventually wake up.


Reality hurts when you wake up, my friend.

18) Write

Writing is relieving.

We all have thousands of shits going on our heads.

It is much better to see them on paper.

You can deal with them easily when you see them.

The days that I don’t write feel like torture.

Writing definitely increases intelligence in general.

From analytical thinking to the self-actualization process, there are many gems in writing.

Right now I am writing and when I am done, I will feel completely free.

I love this feeling.

When you read what you write years later, you witness how much you changed.

You have a solid proof for your growth.

This blog will be a proof for me, but the blog is not a must.

You can keep a journal, write on forums or other websites.

19) Travel More

I love traveling because it puts you into action mode automatically.

Every day becomes different and worth remembering.

The more you see, the more you experience life and the more you change.

If you never left your town, you can still live a happy life but you never have a broad vision.

Every culture is a mixture of a little bit of good and bad.

You can take away the good part and implement it in your life.

This is how you improve yourself.

When I’m in a bad mood, I just move.

Changing your location has magical effects.

Your soul needs to freshen up.

You can walk, take a bus, drive or whatever.

Just let your eyes record new images for your brain.

20) Keep It Going

Whatever you do, just don’t stop.

For the sake of god, do not ever stop.

Life requires speed.

When you are in motion, everything will be smoother.

When in doubt, just take action.

You will never have “enough” energy to start.

It is a paradox that you will never be able to solve.

All bad feelings, hesitations, depressions will find you when you stop.

Every success story has the same truth behind it.

It is consistently taking action until seeing the results.

Remember, if you stop; you are dead.