Jeff Cavaliere, the owner of the biggest fitness channel on YouTube “AthleanX”, recently disappointed his fans with the fake weights he used.

Here are some of the videos (they will all start at the related time):

If you have ever lifted weights, you easily realize the absurdity in the bar path. Jeff doesn’t even struggle at the peak of the movements and he does them like it’s the icing on the cake.

The bar doesn’t even bend at all and it doesn’t bounce off the ground in the deadlift footages. He also has 135 lbs curling videos where he doesn’t even grind while he has footages struggling with 95 lbs.

Look at the best bench press numbers recoreded in IPF (2015) in 40-49 ages divison.

So, the average bench press is around 340 lbs.

Jeff reps it out 315 like it’s nothing, his max should be more than 350. Does this sound logical to you?

Some AthleanX fanboys still too naive to believe that he wouldn’t use fake weights. They don’t want to believe this scam since Jeff is their idol. I understand them, people hate to be fooled.

Nobody likes betrayal.

Who would accept the reality of wasted years of listening to the advice of fraud? it’s easier to convincing someone else. Of course, they’re going to defend him. 

People need to be a fanboy, they need a guru, they need to believe that someone is above others. They don’t want to grow up, be adults, and see the reality by questioning everything properly.

The whole YouTube industry is running around fooling people. Just write “buy fake weights” on google and you will see the same plates he is using on his videos.

Pic: Fake Weights Jeff Used

Apart from exposing his fakery, he also covered Indian actor Aamir Khan’s huge 5-month transformation at age 52 by claiming it was all natural with a straight face just to get more views and an interview with the actor.

Such a transformation would be impossible over 3+ years never mind 5 months without performance enhancers.

You Can’t Defend Fakery

I still see some fitness YouTubers try to defend his fake plate usage.

“But Jeff did never claimed to lift X amount of weights, so you can’t say he’s faking!” 

If you have 45-pound plates on the bar, you claim that you are lifting that weight. What’s the reason of adding virtual weights to the bar at all? He’s lying because he wants to look stronger than he is.

If you are an influencer with 10 million subscribers, you have responsibilities to the people who are following you. You can’t play with the perceived reality of 10+ million people.

Can you guess what kind of comments he has under his fake weight videos?

“not gonna lie Jeff, I did not think you were a 500+ lb deadlifter. i’m assuming you’re under 180 body weight and that’s a hell of a lift. very impressive strength man” – 1.8 K Likes!

“Deadlifting nearly 500lbs with incredible form and no weight belt, knee support, or wrist straps. A rare sight indeed in any gym, especially considering he’s not just dropping the weight from the top. Excellent video and excellent application of thought to getting a safe and effective workout. Thanks Jeff, you da man!” 2.5 K likes!

“I would say Jeff is at the absolute elite level of what is possible without steroids. He has rinsed every last bit of potential out of his body.” Almost 500 Likes!

“Did you just rip up 5 plates with good form for 2 easy reps!? Considering you weigh – what 180lbs – not bad at all! I didn’t realise how strong you were Jeff!!” 500+ Likes!

Can you guess how many people are deceived?

“What’s wrong with it?”, they say to defend Jeff.


People are so willing to trade away their integrity for a few followers or to kiss the ass of their biggest YouTuber in the hopes of favoritism.

After such an unrealistic standards are set by fitness authorities, people start to question their physical fitness and capabilities.

They think their results are not enough. They believe it’s possible to stay lean year round as a natural without being weak as fuck.

This is ironically the guy who tells you to leave your ego at the door. You can’t advocate against “ego lifting” and then manipulate your numbers to look good online.

Why Did Jeff Used Fake Weights?

It’s all about the self-image he sells to his customers.

If people believe he can be shredded and strong as hell, they will believe he knows what he’s preaching. The more people fall into this fakery, the more he will sell his stuff.

Aka more money, status and fame.

This is pretty lame but this is the game of YouTube.

98% Of The Fitness Youtubers Use Drugs!

Why do they do that? Because they are making a lot of money from it. You can’t have a place in the middle of the drug-enhanced industry while everybody is gearing up.

Natural lifters look like a joke compared to steroid users.

Natural lifters don’t even look like they lift when they shirt on unless they have a 15+ body fat percentage.

If you want the reality of bodybuilding, here is it.

Bodybuilding = 90% drugs + 5% diet + 5% training

If you are serving for the fitness industry, people are highly sensitive to the visual image you have. If you can’t attract people and you can’t make money out of it.

That’s it.

You know how they think?

Their logic is: “People believe what they want to believe anyway! Just use it.”

Even if you are natural, people will claim that you are using drugs anyway. So, let it be. When you use drugs, at least you take advantage of having a better influence.

You look leaner, stronger, and more aesthetic. You can sell programs easily because people want to look like you. You can also find sponsorships and all kinds of support if you are unrealistically ripped and big.

All the Instagram celebrities, Hollywood Actors, Youtube Influencers are using drugs but they are not telling it to you.

What happens as a result?

A wrong perception of reality penetrates into bones and people start living in a dream world.

People start exercising with huge expectations that they can never fill. They buy all the programs and products that give them nothing close to what they see in return.

What happens later? They lose their self-confidence because they think there must be something wrong with them. They believe they must be genetically ungifted or something.

The Comedy of “To look like an athlete, train like an athlete”

The entire “train like an athlete” aspect contains huge dishonesty in itself. 

Jeff Cavalier promotes some sort of pseudo power-building/bro bodybuilding(training for aesthetics while still managing to lift high numbers) mixed with calisthenics. 

Real athletes don’t train or look like Jeff!

You won’t see bodies like Jeff Cavalier in the worlds of real athletes.

You know that if he’s faking about weights very easily, he can easily be a fake natty. Show me a natural athlete who has veins popping out from all over his body. You can’t because there is none.

Look, these people are marketing clowns of social media. They are not real athletes, get it?

Real athletes differ in two variable forms in general.

If the athletes are into strength sports (strongman, heavyweight division of wrestling and boxing, shot put etc.), they are a hell of a strong but fat at the same time.

You know why? Because body fat increases your performance dramatically. That is why back in the old days natural bodybuilders were either “cutting” or “bulking”. These terms did not come out of blue.

     Pic: Strong Man Brian Shaw and Heavyweight Boxer Anthony Joshua

You can’t have it both unless you are an absolute newbie.

On the other hand, if the athletes need to be explosive as hell (sprinting, basketball, soccer etc.) then they will be weak with a pretty low body fat percentage (6 to 8 percent).

   Pic: Nba Superstar Lebron James and Famous Sprinter Usain Bolt

AthleanX was a dishonest channel even from the beginning

Jeff deliberately tried to confuse people with too much information by also scaring them with the prospect of injuries if they don’t “train right” so that they get paralyzed with self-doubt and run to buy his programs.

Afterall these shocking headlines and marginal information, he must be the only one who can navigate through all these confusing and conflicting information, right?

People looked up to AthleanX for years without seeing Jeff’s desire to increase his self-image for shallow and dishonest financial reasons. Of course, the exposure of the truth will make people feel repulsed of his content.

It’s not fair to forget all the content he produced so far, but this is not a small mistake. Although he produced a lot of high-quality content especially on mobility and injury prevention, his audience can’t help but feel tremendously disappointed after such betrayal.

Was it worth to chase such an illogical ambition get in the way of your career?

People make mistakes.

As long as Jeff makes a sincere confession and apologize for all the non-sense, he can clear this dirt. He should be 100% transparent by addressing the situation in a grown manner.

He’s already the #1 fitness icon on YouTube and people never gave a damn about the weight he lifted.

Will he lose credibility?

Absolutely, but you must pay the price of your wrongdoing in some way.

It’s all up to Jeff’s decision anymore.