How do you notice the badass guy in your gym?

The guy who does not talk much, only busy with the work.

He gives a clear message to outside “I’m busy with killing it”.

The attitude speaks for itself.

People can’t even dare to talk to him because deep deep inside they know the truth. But they cannot hold their eyes away from him either.

They secretly watch him and try to understand what’s special with this guy.

He definitely respects the workout by being there a hundred percent.

He lives and feels every second of it.

It is like an artist performing on the stage.

How does he achieve it?

Does he activate a Beast Mode or something?

There is no Beast Mode, my friend.

You either beast or not.

If you are a beast, then your mode is automatically beast.

All you need to do is turning into a beast.

Becoming a beast is all about mindset.

If you change your mind, the body must follow.

How will you turn into a beast?

I am going to explain it today.

We are going to cover up everything about how to have a great workout session.

Get excited, my man…

You are about to turn into a BEAST.

1) Respect The Moment

When I was at college, we used to go working out one of my roommates.

He did not have any lifting experience, so I was trying to help him.

Right before a set, I soon realized that his focus was not there. He was not willing to push his limits and his energy was very low.

We were doing the training, but his mind was absolutely not here.

I asked him, “What are you thinking of?” And the answer was, “I have a lot of exams, I can’t stop thinking of them”

I replied “C’mon, it won’t help you thinking of them right now. You need to focus on your set”

He was not there.

His body was at the gym, but his mind was wandering around idly.

That is a trap most people fall into.

Talking a lot between sets, playing with the cell phone, thinking of all the bullshit stuff…

The gym is a war room. If you treat it with respect, you get the rewards, otherwise, you become a fool.

Why the hell are you there? Ask this question to yourself first. If you don’t know why you are there, you are just wasting your time.

If you want to talk to your friend, go to a cafe and drink tea together.

If you have concerns about your exam, go fucking study them.

Weak people do not have a clear purpose about why they even came to the gym. They are not aware of how important is that set for their growth.

You build everything by sets and reps.


For me, the gym was my active meditation.

Of course, I had problems and issues like anyone else. But, it did not affect my attitude in the gym.

The gym was a place where I forgot everything and focus on one thing.

Pick that shit up!

It requires your 100% focus and attention. Lifting weights actually teach you how to control your mind.

It’s the time where you forgot all the bullshit and get in the zone.

Transcend completely and don’t give a shit about temporary pain. That’s what transforms you, where you prove your mind you can do what seems impossible.

What do you think Kobe Bryant was thinking of in those final moments? Was he thinking of any bullshit problem? Or was he focused on a killer mamba mindset?

The answer is so damn obvious.

Actually what my friend lived through was a general problem. We talked about this later on and he told that his mind is always generating new ideas when he tries to focus on working.

Animals only live in the moment. However, the human mind plays tricks with you all the time.

The mind does it by showing a past or future event like happening right now. The person thinks that it is real and feels all the negative emotions.

This is sabotaging the moment.

If you think clearly, all we have is “right now”. We decide right now, we can act right now.

There is no yesterday or tomorrow, we just make them up. They are not real.

Whatever we do, we can only do it right now.

If the mind is screening a disaster scenario, it is not a real thing. It is just the assumption of the mind.

We can never truly guess the future like an oracle. Our responsibility is to “take action right now” to make our future better.

“There are no shortcuts, everything is reps reps reps.”

-Arnold Schwarzenegger

A great physique is an accumulation of lots of reps&sets which are done at that moment. This is a high-level gym lesson only a few people could pass.

When you pass this level, all kinds of jewelry unfolds.

The gym gives you real rewards unlike those abstract and illusional grades of college lectures.

This will be a skill where you can use anywhere & anytime.

Practical Tips To Get In The Zone

Do meditation every day: Sit in a place with no distraction. Close your eyes. Breath deep and feel your breath each time when you inhale and exhale. Listen to your mind and what it is saying. Be the observer of it. Do not judge it and fight with it. Just observe it from the outside. Be aware that it is not you. You will fill with joy when you achieve the moment where there is no talk in your mind. Don’t ask me how. You will just feel it.

Put a dot on a wall and look at it for 5 minutes: Think of nothing but that wall and dot. The only thing you have in this world is that wall and dot. If you get lost in the thoughts of your mind, don’t worry. Just get your concentration back and continue your work.

Let it go: Know that you are perfect, feel relaxed and calm. Let life becomes a game for you. When you know that you have everything and you are enough, you feel valuable. You don’t need to impress anyone, you don’t need anything external. So, you can get rid of what is holding you back. You become free to enjoy the moment.

2) There Is No Tomorrow

The scene Apollo Creed shocked the Rocky is always in front of my eyes. (Click here to watch it.)

Rocky does not give his best in his workout and Apollo senses his low-energy.

Creed: C’mon Rock, what’s the matter with you?

Rock: Tomorrow, tomorrow…

Creed: There is no tomorrow!

Think about that guys. If you don’t do it today, what makes you think of that you are going to do tomorrow?

People live in a dream life that their future self is going to do everything perfectly.

Right now they prefer to eat ice cream, donuts, candies and watch the game of their team. But their future self absolutely won’t do these, right? The future self will work his ass off, train hard and be disciplined.

That’s called living in a dream world.

If you live with dreams, the reality will kick your ass.

If you are at the gym, you will do the workout as it’s your last day.

What do you think champions did all the time?

Michael Jordan treated every damn training session like it is a final game. That’s why when everyone’s hands were shaking, he was the coolest one on the court.

He was prepared for the final moments by playing them thousands of times in training sessions.

You only earn your confidence by doing the work.

If a man;

  • Does not live in the moment
  • Procrastinates all the important tasks
  • Dreaming about the something magical happens to save his ass

It is no surprise that he walks like a zombie without confidence.

Today matters, every day counts.

Wake the fuck up!

3) Music Works

The amount of credibility given by Command Glory;

  • 0% alcohol,
  • 0% drugs,
  • 0% porn,
  • 100% music.

Let the music fuel your motivation tank when it is time to workout.

The workout does not start when you entered the gym. It already started hours ago, when you made the decision to go.

Most of the work is done when you only showed up in the gym. The rest is making your spirit ready for the work.

Music sets the tone of the soul. When used correctly, it is a great supporter.

You can’t see a lifter does a PR with a smiley face. The aggressiveness is a necessity to push your limits.

Great music will always increase your motivation. Listen to the music that fits your spiritual needs at the right time. Do not listen to the “love story” before going to the gym.

Hell, never listen to the love story. But, if you are going to the gym, you are going to war. Listen to the kinds of music that contain aggressiveness.

Of course, let your mind, body, and soul feel that.

My pieces of advice;

  • Only listen to the music that hypes you up
  • Listen to it only before working out. (in the workout you need your laser focus)
  • Watch videos that hype you up. A video can kick your ass into gear while you were about to go out and buy a bottle of whiskey.

4) You Are The Workout

There is a difference between doing the workout and actually being the workout.

It is the meaning that you found in the training. If you can find the meaning, you see beyond the weights and moves.

You see the evolution of your character and soul. That makes your mind, body, and soul working together.

That’s what makes you do beautiful art. You feel it in your every little cell.

If you think that we are only physical beings, you have been fooled.

We have much more than the physical layer.

Why do you work out?

Ask this to yourself. When you find the answer, ask why one more time, one more time and one more time…

Until you find the real reason why you workout.

Look, your workout buddy cannot be your core motivation. There must be a fire inside that drives you forward all the time. You cannot be pushed by your environment all the time.

Do this and earn your self-reliance.

Find that reason to bring out the killer attitude, the aggressiveness.

Not just mind-muscle or mind-body, deeper deeper in your core…

When you are connected like that you make progress, you make gains.

You break through boundaries and plateaus because you are so connected.

The workout reflects your character and soul. It reveals who you are…

Don’t ever forget that.

5) Oxygen Baby

We need oxygen to generate energy, to continue living and doing whatever we do better.

That means you have to breathe better. Breathing is vital. Whenever you experience low-energy levels, immediately check your breathing patterns.

You can not kill a workout with a shitty breathing pattern.

I highly recommend these two before your every workout:

1- Take a cold shower
2- Do 10-15 minutes cardio warm-up

These two will get your heart rate up and prepare your body to do the heavy work.

Your blood circulation will increase and your lungs will yield more oxygen. That means you will make more gains, my man.

Alright, I showed you the methods.

Now, it’s your turn.

Get in the zone for a lifetime.

Build the right mindset and be unstoppable.

Catch me in the next article.