You want to achieve something?

If not, why the hell are you living at all?

When you ask a regular person “Why do you get up every single morning?”, you don’t get any specific answer.

They just go through life in a walking daze without any goal in their minds.

What you think, you become.

What does happen if you think about nothing?

Tragedy happens.

You witness to the reality of nothing happened.

What is more thrilling than seeing yourself in the exact same spot after 5 years?

We deeply know that if we haven’t gone any further, then we have gone backward.

Results are everything

Not in the short run, but in the long run, they are everything.

You are always going to be judged by your results. Nobody will care about your hard work, dedication, sacrifices. They will look at one thing, “Have you done it or not?”

The world runs on results.

If you have the problem of getting results, you are fucked. Topic does not matter, it can be about money, business, fitness, etc.

Everything a human can see is a RESULT.

Dreams, ideas, theories are okay but they never give fulfillment. You can talk about them, have fun with them, make a story about them; but they don’t pay your dues. They can never feed your stomach.

We have a little problem. Life became too easy nowadays. You can just plug yourself into a 9-5 job and you can make a living.

It was not like that thousands of years ago. Back then, we needed a certain skill set to survive.

What would happen if you had no results in wild nature?

Think of you could not reach shelter, water, and food for a long time. What happens if you can’t find any of these?

Yeah, you’d die because the situation was “create results or die”.

We have the genes of generating results. Why would we?

Look, you are here, reading this article because your ancestors could deliver results. Otherwise, they would vanish in the natural selection process.

We have limited access to our talents because of the age we live in.

What are we going to do? We will find the ways to get it back and here I am giving you the recipe.

1- Write It Down

Everybody might have dreams and goals but how many people actually write them down?

Writing down your goals helps you to start concentrating and focusing on the activities that bring you closer to your goal, and you start making better decisions.

Everything becomes more serious and tangible when you write.

You reach a higher level of clarity about your goals and dreams.

Act of writing it down ignites the subconscious mind which is far more powerful dimension than our conscious.

Words are not just some marks on a piece of paper. They form images in our minds. When I tell you “Don’t think about monkey”, a monkey appears in your mind.

That is why writing highly increases the chance of creating new opportunities that can’t be seen if you would just think.

According to research, you become 42% more likely to achieve your goals and dreams, simply by writing them down on a regular basis.

Because if you solely think, you only use the right hemisphere of your brain, which is the imaginative center. But, when you actually sit and write it down, you also trigger the neurons in the power of your logic-based left hemisphere.

Ambiguity makes sure you end up nowhere.

What you need is a definite plan of action that’ll take you from point A to point B. Write, be specific, get real and you will eventually get it.

2- Burn The Bridges

Let me tell you how the human brain works.

What we all need to know is “we must keep going” with a particular course of action, or a decision, that is not revocable.

Burn the bridges behind,

so you have no chance but moving forward.

You only know what you are capable of when you have no other option but to succeed. Your true power comes to light in life or death situations.

Every hero has gone through the same cycle. They bit the bullet, accepted “call to action”, took take the leap of faith.

It was not a hobby or luxury for them, they simply had to do it.

When you tell your success plan to average people, they ask you “What if you can’t achieve? What’s your back up plan?”.

If you have a backup plan, you make your own way to fail.

When you assertively tell them “Nope, this will work”, they got stunned for 3 seconds by thinking “How can he be so sure himself?”

Plan B makes you comfortable and keep you back from your best. You can chill and sleep well at night with more options, but you never have the taste of fighting like if your life depended on it. That is why you need a point of no return.

This is the difference between a slub and a go-getter. If you have a chance to looking back in doubt, you will never trust enough to look forward with hope.

Winners focus on the lights of success while losers are too busy with the darkness of failure. And, you eventually get what you focus on.

3- Don’t Focus On Your Goals

Set your goals, but remember that it is your actions that’ll give you the results.

You must be detached from the outcomes because they are totally out of your control. There is no sense worrying about the things you have no control over.

You’ll never climb a mountain looking at the top.

If you want to win in life, just focus on what’s important now.

You have the right to perform your actions, but you are not entitled to the fruits of the actions. When you become too attached, you miss the chance of falling in love with the process. You miss the joy of what is happening right now.

When you focus on your goals, you unavoidably want them as fast as possible, which means doing the work without joy with lots of cramming and eventually quitting.

Making good behaviors enjoyable is the key to a good life.

4- Get Disciplined

Discipline sounds harsh, ugly, and bad because it’s been told so for many years.

Discipline means freedom because it helps you to get results. How can something make you free and be bad at the same time?

People don’t like the word “discipline” because they don’t know what it actually means.

They remember the discipline when they were a child as people them what to do. Those were the tools that discipline you but given by others, not yourself.

If you don’t have discipline, you don’t deserve to dream.

Rebelling and doing the opposite is not freedom. You cannot be free by doing whatever you want all the time. The only way to truly be free is to arrange your actions in a way that actually serves your purpose.

Contrarily, if you’re lazy and do not follow your own set of rules, you are basically admitting to your own enslavement.

Following through what you said by dedication and commitment is the ultimate way of honoring yourself to become truly free.

5- Set Small Goals

You need a goal, but make sure the distance from the goal won’t crush you.

Well, shouldn’t we aim high at all then?

Nope, let me explain. You can aim high, but you better break the goal down into parts, so that you can move toward the goal and you have a reasonably high probability of success.

Make your next step attainable, but you also have to make the next step challenging enough to push yourself.

Incremental improvement is unstoppable.

We aim to get the ball rolling by creating momentum. Chase daily incremental improvements, and be a little bit better than you were yesterday.

6- Always Remember Your Goals

To get results, you need a sharp laser focus because when you get loose and lose momentum, you end up forgetting your goals.

There is too much distraction right now. People, smartphones, social media, school, work, etc. Anything can throw you off the track easily if you are not well-prepared.

How will you stay on track? By always remembering your goals.

You have a chance to achieve only if they are on your mind. If you remember, there is a high chance that you will stick to them.

What is the best method to remember?


The best method is affirmations.

Write affirmations as you are the person you wish to be and read them aloud as often as you can (Especially when you wake up and go to bed).

By constant repetition method, you can transform your life.

Believe and trust yourself in your words, don’t just go through them.

7- Deserve It

In life, we don’t have to get what we want, wish, or desire…

But we always end up with what we deserve.

Act as you deserve.

The world reflects what you believe about yourself.

If your thoughts about yourself are like:

  • I don’t deserve this at all.
  • Why would those people like me anyway?
  • Who am I to have that?
  • Why would anyone trust me?

Guess what? Your inner world shows up in the outer world. People simply mirror back your internal belief systems.

You must develop a great internal dialogue to get what you want in the real world.

Ask the questions that bother you and decrease your self-confidence. Find the answers within and work on making improvements by taking action.

You must find the weak parts and strengthen them by investing in yourself.

8- Know When To Break

It is not the hours of how much you are working, but it is the productivity of those ours.

You should know when to recharge your brain to be fully engaged in your activities.

Mostly there’s always a better way to do things, but we can’t see them when we’re too busy. We don’t even think we have the time to find it, so we keep going like we always have.

This creates a vicious cycle that puts us in prison.

9- Think In Long Terms

A great physique, a profitable business, an amazing relationship…

I don’t know about your goals, but I know one fact. Anything significant will take years to achieve.

People get excited about reaching their goals but they forgot the power in long term planning and consistency. Anything you pursue will give its fruits in the long term.

“Most people fail because they overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten”

-Bill Gates

Coming up with a brilliant idea is easy. Starting is easier.

The most difficult part is sticking to it and keeping your faith alive along the long road because you don’t know when you will get the results.

Think of it as climbing a mountain. You might dare to climb a high mountain but you must know it is impossible to take one step and be at the top.

You don’t know how long it’ll take to reach the top because all you see is the challenges and obstacles. However, you know one thing, as long as you keep moving, you know eventually you’ll get there.

“Success is a very lonely road. You’re not gonna see too many friends. It’s only you with your shadow. Once you get there, many people will love you, also many people will hate you. Because your success is a huge spotlight, shining on their failures”.

-Greg Plitt

10- Keep Toxic People Away

When you hang out with losers (even for the fun), they spread their toxic ideas to you. You can’t prevent that because of the mirror neurons we all have.

What is friendship anyway?

If those people do not share a similar vision with you, why the hell are you with them? To take your mind off reality? You need your mind “ON” all the time. It is the most valuable asset of yours.

Failure is infectious.

You don’t produce anything valuable with those shitty people. You come together to consume all day for your emotional needs. That has a lot of negative consequences.

They inject their poor belief by blabbering about bullshit stuff all the time. Then, you find yourself in trouble with the same problems.

Be very picky with the people you hang out.

What you need is a comradeship, the people who are on the same wavelength as you, so you walk in the same road and support each other all the time.

11- Keep Your Mouth Shut

If you are good at something, you tell others; but if you are great, they tell you.

It’s what you do in the dark that puts you in the light.

So, there is a wisdom behind the famous saying “Less talk more action”. When you talk about it, you just trick your brain into the delusion of you are doing the work.

If you decided to do something and you immediately tell others about it, there is a good chance that you won’t do it because telling someone makes you feel like half of the job is done.

Work hard in the silence and

let the results do the speaking for you.

Talking is seeking validation on a subconscious level as a declaration of you have doubts about your goal. Doubts can easily trigger fear and you eventually end up giving your power away.

The issue gets worse if you have a shitty inner circle. Most people are not willing to be supportive but rather they are judgemental.

People who don’t understand your goals will laugh at your goals. They will do anything to shoot them down. So, keep your mouth shut and just keep at it. You will succeed and let everyone wonder how you did it.

12- Don’t Rely On Motivation

Motivation only helps you to get up and maybe to walk a few steps, that is all.

The positive emotions can empower you for a while but what will happen later? When the time gets tough, you’ll get tired and those positive emotions will be gone.

You’ll find yourself alone in the middle of the negativity jungle.

Emotions are temporary, results are permanent.

You can’t get permanent results with temporary resources.

Look at the clothes you wear, the computer and the cell phone you use. Just look at anyone who serves you, for example, bus drivers, cashiers, cooks in the restaurants, etc. What would happen if they only worked when they are motivated?

13- Kiss The Frog

What are you avoiding? Which task does seem the most intimidating? That is the task you should be doing the first, preferably right in the early morning.

Be honest and do not escape because when you procrastinate, you only delay the process of getting shit done.

Nothing is more empowering and uplifting than seeing the results.

Writing this article was the hardest task of my day. I must confess that I was about to delay it just before sitting on the computer.

Working out, reading books, meeting with a friend, working on other tasks, going shopping, etc, these need to be done as well throughout the day, but I knew they were not as rewarding as writing this piece.

The hardest part is just accepting it and starting. You should prioritize whatever’s going to bring you the biggest return

If you don’t kiss the frog, you accept failure because nothing can bring the time back to reverse the damage done. Even if you successfully completed the rest of your tasks, you’ll feel artificially accomplished and your soul will feel it.

14- Put A Deadline

I know deadlines can be stressful, create anxiety and panic, etc. There are millions of reasons to hate deadlines but here’s the reason why you should love them.

If there is a deadline, that means you are still in the game.

When you choose your deadline strategically, they can be a source of inspiration and excitement. They remind you of the goals you set out and help you to find the meaning behind the work you do. You know the consequences of doing the task and vice versa.

If there is no deadline, you can easily fuck around and get nothing done at the end of the day. So, put deadlines that’ll give you a reasonable amount of time to accomplish your goal.

15- Focus On Your Productivity

Why are we working anyway? To achieve our goals, right? We don’t work to work more, we want the end products.

We might want to create a product, deliver a service, complete a difficult task, etc. If our productivity levels go down, we start wasting our time. At that point, there is no meaning to push it harder.

Never chase fatigue, chase performance.

We need to optimize the time we put in our work. Just take a break, let yourself rest and come back stronger.

BONUS: Stop Worrying

When the worry visits you, remember worrying is not your job. Defeat it at all costs before it kills you.

Don’t worry.
You don’t know enough to worry.
Who the hell do you think you are that you should worry?!
That’s god truth.
Worry is praying to the devil.
Worry is betting against yourself.
Worry is preposterous!

-Terence McKenna

Your job is to move forward and to keep it going no matter what.

You can do mistakes, you might fail and these are necessary to learn. Worry paralyzes you and it stops you going forward. You are dead if you don’t move, so be careful.