This is my last semester in college and oh boy! It was such a long ride.

It took me 7 years to get a degree (one year for English prep school). In this journey, I’ve experienced many ups and downs.

  • I’ve failed in lots of classes (ironically I’ve also got lots of AAs).
  • I froze my education for 2 semesters and turned back to my homeland.
  • I sold tickets for the parties, worked for a software company, worked in a gay bar (it was a surprise), took many classes from Spanish to Yoga.

Why did I choose to go to a University?

I did not know what else I could possibly do. We pay no money for the college in Turkey, so there was no risk of debt either. The regular education schedule for every kid was the same.

Why did I choose to study at Bosphorus University?

It was the best in Turkey, also I wanted to leave my town and start living in a huge metropole like Istanbul. Thanks to God, according to my exam result I was eligible to enter my department.

I know it can be very difficult to make a decision in this stage of life, that’s why I thought it would be a great idea to share my experiences with people who want to know more about a college education.

So, let me share with you my “10 things I wish I knew before I started college”.

1- College Is Up To You

College might be a scam, a waste of time, or an absolute necessity for your goals. The determining factor is…

What is your goal?

We all have different stories, different backgrounds and we are all walking different paths in life.

College is a scam unless it’s the only pathway into your profession. If you want to be a lawyer, dentist, or an operating surgeon; you have no option but to go to college.

However, the education given in universities is complete garbage. You have to learn outdated trash just to pass the tests. 99% of the stuff you learn will provide you nothing in real life.

Just because an institution calls itself a university doesn’t mean it is providing you a proper education.

It is a place where moron professors deliver the same old content over and over again like a ruminant. If you expect college to offer you a decent education, you’ll experience a huge disappointment.

Just look how miserably people are seeking help on the forums, comment sections, social media. If the education system works well, why are they lost?

You can learn more on Youtube than you can learn at college. Most universities share their courses online for free. The internet made the information available for the whole world.

Sure there’s a lot of retards on the internet, but that’s why God gave us discernment skills.

I have gone to college because I did not know if there was another option. All my life, I always followed the rules laid out for me.

That’s the problem for the majority. Before kids know what they want out of life, they are forced to make such a hard decision even if they are not ready.

You can’t know what’s best for you until you try it out and learn at first hand.

For me, the college was both a huge waste and a great investment of time. I call it waste because I had to study for long hours for the class that I give zero damn and I call it investment because I gained lots of experiences.

College is mostly a place to discover yourself because you just can’t be mature enough to know it all at the age of 18. I discovered what I want in life by going through many trials and errors.

Most people go to college because they believe it’s a proven pathway to a decent job and a better future.

That is a fairy tale.

You see most college grads are in debt and living paycheque to paycheque while most successful business owners either dropouts or have built their fortune in a field outside of their degree.

A university degree or a high GPA does not guarantee a brighter future for you. If life was that easy, you wouldn’t see all these people whining on every platform.

What are you going to do with that degree? That is the question. Your degree by itself is just a piece of paper.

Your value in the business world is identified with your skillset. People will only want to work with you if you can deliver a service that is going to solve their problem.

Also, your character means everything. Nobody wants to work with a douche bag even if you provide the best service on the planet.

So, in every decision you make in life there is one component you should never miss and that is…

Who you will become as a person.

2- Choose People Wisely

You will find yourself in the middle of a new huge network in college.

Roommates, classmates, teammates, coursemates, etc…

People find it more beneficial to socialize with everyone, that’s why they are excited and welcoming on the first days of college.

It’s always cool to know more about other people and sharpening your social skills. However, it’s also better to keep a fair distance for precaution because most people are trash.

You are who you hang out with.

Great friendships can make you greater while wrong choices might cost you a waste of time, money, energy. You must limit the number of people that you want to spend your precious time with.

Quality always trumps quantity. That’s why you should analyze people first. Just look at their life and learn to be a great observer.

Ditch everyone who is a:

  • Smoking addict
  • Weed junkie
  • Alcohol addict
  • Member of hook up culture

You can’t establish a healthy bond with people who can easily harm themselves. If they are willing to commit self-harm, imagine what more can they do to you.

ONE is a great number.

Even if you find one good friend that’s a success story because a lot of people usually end up having zero deep relationships throughout their college experience.

3- Learn to Say No

This is perhaps the hardest yet most important thing that you need to do in college.

Bear this in your mind, you always come first. Your dreams and goals must be your priority.

Don’t sacrifice them for other people because once you graduate college you won’t even see 98% of those people again.

People tend to compromise rather than let their friendships go. Let it go fast because it’s going to happen anyways!

If a person asks you to help them at your expense frequently and doesn’t reciprocate your favor, you must say no to them.

That will ensure that they do not take advantage of your generosity in the future, and you will feel more at ease internally since you are acting according to your values and goals.

You don’t have to sacrifice anything for people have no place in your life 4 years later.

They are just random friendships because you are forced to see them every day, and they rarely last when you are no longer forced to see them.

4- Learn A New Language

Learning a new language is one of the best ways to sharpening your mind.

It is the perfect workout for the brain.

In college, you can lay the groundwork for a new language easily in 4 years. It is a highly beneficial investment for whatever endeavor you jump into.

5- Discipline Yourself

Discipline is the ultimate skill to achieve anything you want in life.

The sooner you learn, the better for you because you are going to use this skill in whatever you do in life. Building a physique, successful business, meaningful friendships…

In college, you’ll have lots of free time but young blood is always wasteful when the issue is about time…

All that free time you’re going to be given is a curse if you treat it like the weekend. Remember, you will be far more ahead if you appreciate and invest this time in your future.

The scenario is always the same. Ignoring daily work brings a huge disaster. Schedule everything well, so you have no anxiety and pain before the finals.

Two hours of daily work can easily save your ass. Seriously, two hours is more than enough.

If you do that from the first day of the term to the end you will not have to cram at the end of the semester.

6- Develop A Plan

Do not just go with the flow.

Most people assume everything will fall in place and they only live for the moment. They have nothing in their mind for their future.

So, what do they end up with? Nothing, of course.

When you have nothing in your mind, it’s easy to muck around with less pressure and responsibility…

However, people find themselves in a hurry when the time comes to graduation. You need to develop a plan for your college period by setting specific goals that you want to hit.

Goal setting is a powerful tool when it comes to creating your ideal future by motivating yourself to turn your vision of the future into reality.

Even if you don’t complete college with the same goals you had going in, that’s fine. Just be working towards something. Your focus will keep you away from distraction.

7- Experiment More Stuff

When you are really young, you don’t know shit about shit.

Maybe you have all the energy in the world but what you lack is experience. College is an amazing place for self-discovery.

There will be a lot of social networks for your all kinds of interests. It is the perfect time to gain experience in different fields to find out what you like.

What is the thing that you always wanted but never tried out? Break dancing, cooking, swimming, mountain climbing, playing an instrument?

It’s crazy how people disregard their curiosity and end up graduating by just passing some bullshit tests. Don’t just focus on maintaining your grades and graduating as soon as possible.

They are important but hey! You probably will never have this luxury again in your lifetime. You don’t need to be scared to fail because you are still young and don’t have 3 kids to feed.

Take this chance and focus on gaining more experiences. The more experiment you make, the better you will know yourself and make better decisions for your life.

Also, it’s better to see work-life before you graduate. For me, I’ve experienced the corporate world, being a software developer, etc. After my experiences, I decided these kinds of jobs just don’t fit me.

It’s cool to have an opinion by listening to others but you often need first hand experience to make a final decision.

8- Care About Your Grades

Look, I know you hear all drop out success stories but those people are an exception.

People only talk about the success stories while there are millions of failures. The chances are one in a billion that you are the founder of next Facebook.

If you are not currently working on a solid plan, you can’t let your grades fall because you don’t know what you are going to decide in the future.

Yes, your grades don’t define you but do not use this mantra as an excuse for failure. Even if you hate your lectures, they are still your responsibilities if you have nothing else to do.

You have to put some effort into your work, or you’ll have to repeat a course and pay for it again.

9- Ask Questions

You will see everybody hesitating to ask questions in class and that is the stupidest thing you can do.

It is not possible to be a weirdo for asking questions and no one is going to care enough to judge you for it.

Asking a question can make you stupid for 10 seconds but staying quite will make you stupid for a lifetime.

Take the smart risk and don’t let the instructor move onto another subject before you comprehend it.

10- Nothing Is Guaranteed

Before you start this journey, you must accept that nothing is guaranteed.

Do not consider college as a safe and comfortable path. Just because you paid for a class or got high grades does not mean you will be successful.

Self-education is a lifelong activity which means you will have to learn and implement new things for your whole life.

Bonus: Study Out Of Town

You should leave your home as soon as possible to be able to stand on your own feet.

Home is comfortable and lovely but it keeps you in the comfort zone. All family members are keeping you away from the person you can be.

When you spend all your time together, they keep telling you who you are. Being far away from family is a liberating experience even it can be scary for the first time.

When you are somewhere new, your brain works a lot for adaptation.

That will always keep you alive and fresh.